Surprise! We’re expecting!

We found out we were expecting our first bundle of joy April 28, 2014. Five home pregnancy tests and blood work to confirm, it’s official! We’re due January 11, 2015.

The next part was telling my sweet husband, Nolan. We live in southeast Texas, so as much of a fashion nightmare it may be, he wears Crocs. Camouflage Crocs, at that. Well earlier that morning (before the positive tests), I almost fell down our steps because I tripped over them. During the day, I’d mentioned me almost breaking my neck and to please not leave them in front of the door like that. [drama queen] Well when the first test was positive, I immediately went back to Wal-Mart and bought the tiniest baby Crocs I could find. I set them by the front door and waited. I was about to go insane waiting on him to get home!

When he got home, I mentioned him leaving his Crocs in front of the door again, and he glanced at where they normally are.

Nolan: “Who’s Crocs are those?” (complete with a suspicious side eye)
Me: “Who’s do you think they are?”
Nolan: “I don’t know, what does that mean?”
Me: “We’re having a baby!”
Nolan: “Are you sure??”

I told him after 2 tests, I was pretty positive. I think he was in pure shock the first few minutes!

Then came the fun part of telling our families. Nolan was dying to tell someone the very first day, so when his sister came over so that we could do our daily walking, we told her. She was extremely excited!

Then we told Nolan’s parent’s. We tried to get our nephew, Tyner, to tell them but he wasn’t in the cooperating mood that day. I think he knew it was a big deal and was embarrassed!

Then came the rest of his family, so we decided to give his grandparents something letting them know their THIRD great grandbaby is on the way!


We had plans to see my mom on the following week, so I got her a Brighton charm for her bracelet. This will be her first grandchild!


We visited my grandparents the next day with a gift for them too. This will be their first great grandchild! (I’m the first grandchild on that side.)


We also had plans to attend my dad’s birthday party/family reunion type thing on the next weekend, so we waited until then to tell him and my step mom. He has been asking for a grandchild from me for an extremely long time!

And finally, I normally spend Mother’s Day weekend with my mom at her mom’s house, but because of the birthday party for my dad, I was obligated to stay here. So I sent a present with my mom for her to open and had them Skype us while she opened it! Shout-out to my awesome Nanny!


So there you have it! We are over the moon excited and so are our families!


2 thoughts on “Surprise! We’re expecting!

  1. From your awesome nanny, I cannot express how excited I am for you, Nolan and all of us. Of ALL the Mother’s Day gifts I have received, this is by far the BEST ONE!!!! You and Nolan have a very exciting journey ahead of you and when you first hold that “little peanut” in your arms, you will immediately feel a love and a bond like NO OTHER. We are so very happy for you both and I’m looking forward to keeping up with you as you go through this journey. So, please keep me updated and THANK YOU for my “GIFT” HUGS AND KISSES!! Love You!!!!

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