About a week before we found out we were expecting, a co-worker and his wife found out they were pregnant also. So when Nolan and I found out, everyone at work was so excited for both of our families. A couple of weeks later, another guy at work and his wife found out they were having one too! So three work babies all due within a few weeks of each other.

I found out today that one of the couples lost their baby last week. I can’t even begin to imagine the heartbreak they are experiencing and it makes me want to rub my belly and tell our little blueberry to hang in there, stay put, and grow, grow, grow! My thoughts and prayers are with them as they go through this tough time. I hope they eventually find a way to complete their family.

So I decided to make note of some things I may complain about but turn them into something to be thankful for.

– Morning sickness has been rough, mostly because its all day sickness and I can puke at any time. But I’m thankful for these rounds of nausea because I’ve read its a sign of a healthy pregnancy.

– Waking up often to pee. But I’m thankful that my sweet husband switched sides with me so that it’s easier for me to get up several times a night.

– Being completely exhausted. But I’m thankful that my body is doing what it needs to hopefully be growing all the necessary body parts in there.

– My work schedule. I have to be at work ridiculously early. I’m thankful that they ‘re allowing me as much maternity leave as I’d like and that I have a job that provides affordable health care.

This first trimester has been far from a walk in the park so far but hopefully its all part of a good process, and in the end we get a healthy bundle of joy. To all you other mommas having a tough time right now, we all need to hang in there and try to find the silver lining in all the gagging and puking. To all the mommas having experienced a loss, my heart breaks for you and I wish for peace in your own heart.

Hope everyone is having a good week. We’re halfway to the weekend!


One thought on “Thankful

  1. Sorry to hear of your friend’s loss, but i do believe , when this happens, something just wasn’t right. They are young and things will turn around for them and they will build a healthy family. As for you, my sweet pea, all the things that are happening to you are PERFECTLY normal. All the puking, peeing and being tired will be a faded memory once you get a hold of your ” little blueberry”. Be patient and enjoy every step of this journey. my prayers are with you and Nolan. I know all will go well and you, honey, will GROW BIG!!! Not too big, just a little big. LOVE YOU BOTH BUNCHES!!!!!!

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