First Ultrasound

Today, we finally got to see our little baby on ultrasound! It was amazing to get confirmation that there is indeed life growing inside me. A place local to us, Sneak-A-Peek Ultrasounds, offers packages at different stages and we chose to go at 8 weeks for what they call their “Little Bean Package”. We got heartbeat confirmation and got to see the little bean moving around. It was even moving its little arms and wiggling a little bit. Brandy, the ultrasound tech, told us I’m actually measuring a little ahead, about 4 days further along than my current due date. She even swapped over to the 3D ultrasound and let us see the baby for a minute there. It was so insane! We love this baby so much already. So on to the pictures!


Baby’s heartbeat was pretty high – 182, much too high to relate to any gender predictions. She said it doesn’t drop into a the normal heartbeat until closer to 12 weeks.


And Baby Hillin in 3D! You’re looking at the head up high, and the right arm kind of covering the side of it’s face.



2 thoughts on “First Ultrasound

  1. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I’m just so excited for you both. AND, I don’t care what the gender is , as long as we get a sweet healthy baby. LOVE YOU BOTH ( oops) ALL 3 !!!!!

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