Baby Hillin | 17 Weeks

17 Weeks

How Far Along: 17 Weeks

Baby is the size of a(n): onion.. also I read that our measurements are measuring head to rump now. So she’s an onion with arms and legs!

Gender Predictions: It’s a girl!

Weight Gain: 14 lbs… but starting to feel pretty large.

Maternity Clothes: yup! I was able to wear a pair of really low rise non maternity jeans a few days ago and it was incredibly uncomfortable, so strictly maternity pants it is.

Stretch Marks: None yet. Checking for them all the time. Any time I lay weird on my shirt and it leaves a line I’m like, “Oh no! Is that a stretch mark??”

Belly Button In or Out: Still hanging in there. CRAZY shallow now.

Wedding Rings On or Off: On

Sleep: Ech… I get up to pee so often. I thought this was supposed to get better in the second trimester?? Maybe it’s because at my last appointment the doctor said she’s most likely hanging out on top of my bladder, judging from some weird symptoms I’m having.

Best Moment This Week: I hit up the resale shop in a nearby town and scored 4 onesies that look brand new to me for $8.

Miss Anything: gahhh.. sleeping through the night! That’s about it though. I’m trying to enjoy it more now that I’m not miserably sick all the time.

Movement: Sooo much movement… I love it! Still nothing significant from the outside yet, though.

Cravings: Mexican food still… and frozen fruit. Yum!

Symptoms: nausea seems to be headed out, having some weird pains in my bladder area which makes the doctor think she may be hanging out on my bladder, still so tired all the time, but overall actually feeling just “better”.

Noteworthy Moments: Nothing too crazy this week. I’ve nailed down a theme that isn’t a theme for her nursery and picked out a crib. I’ve decided I want a white Jenny Lind crib.. or Jenny Lind style crib. Brand new, they aren’t too expensive but I see them all the time used for sale and I’m totally okay with a used one, but I haven’t found one close and cheap yet. So if anyone knows of one for sale, let me know! Also, as soon as I finish this blog I get to tackle our laundry room which is actually the size of a bedroom and acts as a large closet. Our house is old and we completely remodeled it when we bought it, but the layout is straaaange. It’s only 800 square feet and they put like 3 bedrooms in it and the laundry room was basically non existent… I mean the dryer hookup was in the living room. Weird. So anyway, we made one room our bedroom, the weird middle bedroom into a “dressing room” that has a closet for my clothes, my dresser, a makeup table, and our gun safe (what can I say… we’re true southerners). So when we found out we’re having a baby in this house, which wasn’t the plan (we’re getting ready to build, but not quite ready yet), we had to rearrange the plan. So we’re combining the laundry room and the dressing room stuff into one room and the dressing room will become Whitlee’s room. But I need to cull quite a bit of stuff from the laundry room and move some of it to the shop, well shed, etc. And the gun safe… let’s just say that was the source of my first hormonal break down. Something along the lines of an ugly cry and “our baby can not have a gun safe in her room.” By the way, its bolted through the floor and is massive. *side eye* Nolan swears he will move it in plenty of time as long as I put something in it’s place to cover the bolt holes.

Disclaimer – we’re definitely Southern (not to be confused with hillbilly), and we do have a lot of firearms, but they stay locked up in the gun safe away from children or accidentally going off. Also, the reason it’s bolted through the floor of our entire house, is because around the time we got it, there were some local burglaries with people stealing guns and ENTIRE gun safes. Like loading it up and then busting it open when they got to their destination to see what goods they got with it. Crazy hillbillies…



Things I Want to Remember

In my About Me it says I have a fear of just not remembering everything I possibly can and I love this blog because I’ve already forgotten a few things from the beginning of this pregnancy..and I love getting to go back and read about them. So as I sit here soaking up some air conditioning on this 90+ degree weather day, feeling a little emotional… I’m making note of a few things I never want to forget.

  • the way those tiny baby Whitlee flutters feel before the big kicks begin.
  • the way it’s like she knows when I start to worry a little because she hasn’t moved in a while and I’ll start to feel her wiggle in there.
  • when Nolan sits with his hand on my belly while we watch tv just waiting to feel her for the first time.
  • how I go into the dining room and just stare at the clothes we’ve already bought for her.. (thats where I keep them for now)
  • reading everything and anything I can for what to expect during labor and birth because I’m a planner by nature and I feel like I need some kind of education on this before it happens. I’m not really into going at it blind.
  • getting teared up while reading birth stories, watching birth announcement videos, and watching anything on tv meant to evoke emotional response. I’m a big wimp these days!
  • planning our life with the idea in mind that “at that time, Whitlee will be X old”.
  • how much I absolutely adore my husband. I mean call me crazy, but I really really like him. And love him even more! He’s going to be so much fun with a baby!

17 Week update coming soon!

Baby Hillin | 16 Weeks

16 Weeks

(P.S. I do still fix my hair sometimes and wear makeup.. but it’s rare. I get up for work way too early.)

How Far Along: 16 Weeks – Yes, you read that correctly. We skipped week 15, because my doctor finally changed my due date! If you remember back, baby girl was measuring big at my first and second ultrasound, and kept it up at the third ultrasound. So after my doctor’s visit on Monday of this week (July 21), she informed me she is changing me to being due January 4th. So my weeks still change on Sunday (I’m bad about waiting until Tuesday or Wednesday for these updates…) but we skipped a week! Will she be a New Years baby??

Baby is the size of a(n): Avocado, yum! Btw, she’s measuring in full inches now! It used to be centimeters and I just noticed that my app says she’s approximately 4.6 inches. Also – random information – my husband is the kind of eater that doesn’t try new things. He knows what he likes and that’s about it. Well on our anniversary trip – he tried a Caesar salad for the first time and liked it! He also tried guacamole for the first time, but he didn’t like it at all.

Gender Predictions: It’s a girl!

Weight Gain: according to the doctor’s office, 6lbs, but I didn’t start going until 11 weeks and I gained some a little before that. I think total I’m up to 14.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new… still wearing majority maternity at this point. I got a lot of compliments on my green dress I wore at my gender reveal and it wasn’t maternity. I just got lucky that it still fit. I’m hoping it will for a while, too!

Stretch Marks: None yet!

Belly Button In or Out: Still hanging in there.

Wedding Rings On or Off: On

Sleep: I’m planning on getting a body pillow soon though. My hips and lower back are a little uncomfortable.

Best Moment This Week: Finding out we’re expecting a sweet little girl! And starting to buy stuff for her. Oh my goodness, we cannot wait to meet you, Miss Whitlee!

Whitlee's Swimsuit

First Whitlee Purchase!! I’m in love!

Miss Anything: not being tired… still pretty exhausted all the time.

Movement: She’s moving every day now. She tends to hang out low and to the left. I’ve felt her from the outside twice now but Nolan still hasn’t gotten to yet. Any day now! She was moving quite a bit at my doctor’s appointment. They picked her up on the dopplar and the doctor said at the end, “Put down 166-167, and active.” I could feel her the entire time .. pretty neat!

Cravings: still Mexican food and watermelon.

Symptoms: nausea still hanging around randomly just a tinnnyyy bit. Also had some high blood pressure issues Tuesday this week after a pretty bad dizzy spell that got me sent home from work with orders to rest and get lots of fluids. It’s back down now though and I feel better.

Noteworthy Moments: Our gender reveal party was so much fun and we’re so thrilled to know what we’re having and know her name. It’s nice to be able to say “she” and refer to her as “Whitlee” instead of “the baby”. My 16 week appointment went really well. They said I’m measuring right on track for uterus measurement and weight gain, my blood work from my first appointment looked good, urine looked good, blood pressure was good (until the next day lol). We did blood work for genetic testing and they said they’ll only call if there are abnormalities and if everything is good, we’ll just go over it at the next appointment. We scheduled our anatomy scan and next appointment for August 20th. We’ll get to make sure she’s still a girl and see all of her organs and stuff. I can’t wait!

One more bump pic! My weekly updates make me look HUGE but in real life, it’s not quiteee that big.

16 Weeks 3

Gender Reveal

It’s official! We had our gender ultrasound this past Thursday and baby was very cooperative. We learned our baby is VERY active… I was finally able to see and feel movement at the same time. And all those kicks I’m feeling are from some very long legs. Thank you to everyone who came to our baby’s gender reveal party (even those of you by Skype!). We are so thrilled with what we’ve been blessed with. We had everyone cast their vote on a blackboard and it was interesting to see what everyone thought.



Without further adieu…

Baby Hillin is a BABY GIRL!! We will be welcoming Whitlee Alyzabeth!!


And a video to top it all off! We’re so excited!


Baby Hillin | 14 Weeks

14 Weeks

How Far Along: 14 Weeks – Hello 2nd Trimester!

Baby is the size of a(n): lemon

Gender Predictions: ohh my goodness, we find out TOMORROW!! Our gender reveal party is this Sunday. I can’t wait! I’m so nervous and excited and anxious. Nolan had a dream last night that our baby is a boy and I also had a dream but in this one, they hadn’t told us the gender yet and we could see the face and the baby was sucking it’s thumb! Tomorrow is going to be the longest work day ever.

Weight Gain: 10 lbs so far. I go back to the doctor Monday and I’ll get an official count.

Maternity Clothes: Hit up the Motherhood Outlet while we were on vacation and got the nicest pair of jeans so far. They look just like some of my BKE jeans. And super comfortable! Also, my dress from PinkBlush Maternity came in and I love it. I wore it for our anniversary dinner and loved it.


Stretch Marks: Nope, not yet. I am noticing that the linea negra (dark line on a pregnant belly) is starting to show ever so lightly. I hope it doesn’t get crazy dark!

Belly Button In or Out: In, but still looking shallow. I don’t feel like I’ve ever seen the back of my belly button and I can see it now.

Wedding Rings On or Off: On. Had a small worry the first night of vacation when I knew I hadn’t had nearly enough water. (I slacked up a bit during the drive so we wouldn’t have to stop a million times for me to pee) My hands were swollen and I couldn’t get my rings off, but two glasses of water later I was back to normal. I’ve been trying to pay more attention to my fluid intake since then.

Sleep: On and off. Still napping in the afternoons and still extremely tired at night,

Best Moment This Week: Our first anniversary! It was different knowing we had an extra person in tow with us. The baby was extremely active and I can’t wait to show our kiddo the pictures one day and tell them they were in my belly during all of that.

Miss Anything: being able to be on my feet for an entire day without getting tired. Vacation was a whole new experience with being up doing something all day.. I was very tired and pretty achy by the end of each day.

Movement: Lots of regular movement now, but still not any hard kicks. Had a moment during vacation where I didn’t feel anything for an abnormally long time and after two bottles of juice and dinner, there still wasn’t anything, Nolan suggested I go get a coke from the vending machine and that did it. Baby started bouncing around and put my mind at ease. I was very worried before that!

Cravings: Mexican food and watermelon.

Symptoms: nausea seems to be slightly less but I’m still exhausted. My doctor told me not to expect to feel a lot better until around 16 weeks. A weird symptom – I have way more ear wax that I used to (TMI, sorry) even though I clean my ears EVERY DAY.

Noteworthy Moments: Celebrating our first wedding anniversary and making it to the second trimester. Also, my friend Lauren had her sweet little boy on our anniversary. He’s so tiny and precious! Congrats to her and her fiancé!

Next post will reveal our baby’s gender!! I can’t wait to share pictures and hopefully a video from the party!!

7.11.14 | First Anniversary

The best day of our life (so far!) was the day we said I do. We decided early on that we wanted to do something small and meaningful for our wedding day.


First came the date. We ‘officially’ started dating on 11-7 (four years ago) and Nolan proposed on 1-13 (several years later), so we picked a combination of those dates 7-11-13. It happened to fall on a Thursday, which ended up being perfect for us.

Then came the guest list. We decided to keep it to immediate family with the thought in mind that it’d be unfair to pick certain friends to attend. If we invited one, we’d need to invite them all. So 20 people – our parents, grandparents, siblings, and a few other family members that we’re close to.

I handmade the invitations because there weren’t many to send out. One of the first presents Nolan gave me was a ring with a square knot (which later had to be traded for an identical necklace because my fingers are so tiny and the sizing was compromising the prongs – 4 replaced diamonds later they offered to let me swap it!). So I incorporated the square knot into our invitations and then a little of our personalities – leather and lace.

Our attire was very simple. I like my husband best in something familiar, which lucky for him is jeans and a nice shirt. My mom wanted to be a part of my dress so she, my nanny and I shopped and shopped Mother’s Day weekend for the perfect one. I wanted something short, white, and feminine. Jackie Kennedy style preferably. We finally found a perfect Calvin Klein dress and nude heels with leopard on the inside. They were perfect!

Hillin - Horn (37)

Hillin - Horn (38)

We decided that a Justice of the Peace wedding was more our style. The JP in our county actually has a decent size court room so our family was able to go with us. We scheduled it for 2 PM and no lie, we were in, vows said, married, tears shed, congratulatory hugs given and back in the car by 2:15.

Hillin - Horn (69)

We had a small reception at my mother and father in laws home with cake, wine and beer. We decided to go with a cupcake stand so the top layer was cake and the bottom two were cupcakes. The pictures look like they were from a magazine to me! I picked Yellow Rose, a white wine from a local winery, its my favorite and now most of our family loves it too. We also had Shiner Light Blonde for the people who preferred beer.

Hillin - Horn (105)

Hillin - Horn (117)

After our reception, we got on the road to our honeymoon. We spent four days in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, Alabama. We got massages, went to the beach, went parasailing, ate pizza and drank beer, got dressed up and went to a fancy dinner…it was so much fun, just the two of us.



All in all it was an absolutely perfect wedding and honeymoon. We have beautiful pictures from that day, thanks to the talented Brandie Perry. I am so thrilled that I married my best friend and we had such a perfect day. I scheduled this blog post ahead of time because today, on our first anniversary, we are in Orange Beach again! We decided we wanted to come back for our anniversary (also one more good trip by ourselves before Baby Hillin joins us!) and this time we brought some friends.

So cheers to first anniversaries and beach trips with good friends! And a special Happy Anniversary to my sweet sweet husband. You’re everything I could have ever asked for and more. I can’t wait for our next adventure together with this baby!

He or She | What Will Baby Hillin Be?

Gender Predictions

Our gender ultrasound is scheduled for July 17 and our gender reveal party is Sunday, July 20. So two weeks until the world knows for sure what our sweet baby is in there. I thought it’d be fun to post the old wives tales predictions based on me and the baby and I’ll put up a poll where people can vote. I’m never sure how many people actually read this, but maybe we’ll get a few votes anyway!