Baby Hillin | 16 Weeks

16 Weeks

(P.S. I do still fix my hair sometimes and wear makeup.. but it’s rare. I get up for work way too early.)

How Far Along: 16 Weeks – Yes, you read that correctly. We skipped week 15, because my doctor finally changed my due date! If you remember back, baby girl was measuring big at my first and second ultrasound, and kept it up at the third ultrasound. So after my doctor’s visit on Monday of this week (July 21), she informed me she is changing me to being due January 4th. So my weeks still change on Sunday (I’m bad about waiting until Tuesday or Wednesday for these updates…) but we skipped a week! Will she be a New Years baby??

Baby is the size of a(n): Avocado, yum! Btw, she’s measuring in full inches now! It used to be centimeters and I just noticed that my app says she’s approximately 4.6 inches. Also – random information – my husband is the kind of eater that doesn’t try new things. He knows what he likes and that’s about it. Well on our anniversary trip – he tried a Caesar salad for the first time and liked it! He also tried guacamole for the first time, but he didn’t like it at all.

Gender Predictions: It’s a girl!

Weight Gain: according to the doctor’s office, 6lbs, but I didn’t start going until 11 weeks and I gained some a little before that. I think total I’m up to 14.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new… still wearing majority maternity at this point. I got a lot of compliments on my green dress I wore at my gender reveal and it wasn’t maternity. I just got lucky that it still fit. I’m hoping it will for a while, too!

Stretch Marks: None yet!

Belly Button In or Out: Still hanging in there.

Wedding Rings On or Off: On

Sleep: I’m planning on getting a body pillow soon though. My hips and lower back are a little uncomfortable.

Best Moment This Week: Finding out we’re expecting a sweet little girl! And starting to buy stuff for her. Oh my goodness, we cannot wait to meet you, Miss Whitlee!

Whitlee's Swimsuit

First Whitlee Purchase!! I’m in love!

Miss Anything: not being tired… still pretty exhausted all the time.

Movement: She’s moving every day now. She tends to hang out low and to the left. I’ve felt her from the outside twice now but Nolan still hasn’t gotten to yet. Any day now! She was moving quite a bit at my doctor’s appointment. They picked her up on the dopplar and the doctor said at the end, “Put down 166-167, and active.” I could feel her the entire time .. pretty neat!

Cravings: still Mexican food and watermelon.

Symptoms: nausea still hanging around randomly just a tinnnyyy bit. Also had some high blood pressure issues Tuesday this week after a pretty bad dizzy spell that got me sent home from work with orders to rest and get lots of fluids. It’s back down now though and I feel better.

Noteworthy Moments: Our gender reveal party was so much fun and we’re so thrilled to know what we’re having and know her name. It’s nice to be able to say “she” and refer to her as “Whitlee” instead of “the baby”. My 16 week appointment went really well. They said I’m measuring right on track for uterus measurement and weight gain, my blood work from my first appointment looked good, urine looked good, blood pressure was good (until the next day lol). We did blood work for genetic testing and they said they’ll only call if there are abnormalities and if everything is good, we’ll just go over it at the next appointment. We scheduled our anatomy scan and next appointment for August 20th. We’ll get to make sure she’s still a girl and see all of her organs and stuff. I can’t wait!

One more bump pic! My weekly updates make me look HUGE but in real life, it’s not quiteee that big.

16 Weeks 3


2 thoughts on “Baby Hillin | 16 Weeks

  1. A sweet baby girl!!! Yeah!! I am sooo excited for you both(although feelin a little sorry for Nolan) 2 females! LOL! Bless his heart. I wonder though, if she will be spoiled. Hummmm, YEP!!!! as long as you are both healthy, I’m excitingly looking forward to meeting my FIRST great grand daughter. “Happy New Year” to us all. HUGS and Kisses

    • I’m so excited too! He’s pretty funny about it.. every time I do something annoying, he’s like, “oh my god, this is my life. soon there will be two of you doing that…and asking the same questions.” But I think he’s still excited too. After we found out she was a girl we talked about how we both had started feeling like she was a girl right before the ultrasound but didn’t say anything to each other! I’ve already started buying clothes for her.. so spoiled, yes! We miss you and love you!!

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