Things I Want to Remember

In my About Me it says I have a fear of just not remembering everything I possibly can and I love this blog because I’ve already forgotten a few things from the beginning of this pregnancy..and I love getting to go back and read about them. So as I sit here soaking up some air conditioning on this 90+ degree weather day, feeling a little emotional… I’m making note of a few things I never want to forget.

  • the way those tiny baby Whitlee flutters feel before the big kicks begin.
  • the way it’s like she knows when I start to worry a little because she hasn’t moved in a while and I’ll start to feel her wiggle in there.
  • when Nolan sits with his hand on my belly while we watch tv just waiting to feel her for the first time.
  • how I go into the dining room and just stare at the clothes we’ve already bought for her.. (thats where I keep them for now)
  • reading everything and anything I can for what to expect during labor and birth because I’m a planner by nature and I feel like I need some kind of education on this before it happens. I’m not really into going at it blind.
  • getting teared up while reading birth stories, watching birth announcement videos, and watching anything on tv meant to evoke emotional response. I’m a big wimp these days!
  • planning our life with the idea in mind that “at that time, Whitlee will be X old”.
  • how much I absolutely adore my husband. I mean call me crazy, but I really really like him. And love him even more! He’s going to be so much fun with a baby!

17 Week update coming soon!


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