Baby Hillin | 17 Weeks

17 Weeks

How Far Along: 17 Weeks

Baby is the size of a(n): onion.. also I read that our measurements are measuring head to rump now. So she’s an onion with arms and legs!

Gender Predictions: It’s a girl!

Weight Gain: 14 lbs… but starting to feel pretty large.

Maternity Clothes: yup! I was able to wear a pair of really low rise non maternity jeans a few days ago and it was incredibly uncomfortable, so strictly maternity pants it is.

Stretch Marks: None yet. Checking for them all the time. Any time I lay weird on my shirt and it leaves a line I’m like, “Oh no! Is that a stretch mark??”

Belly Button In or Out: Still hanging in there. CRAZY shallow now.

Wedding Rings On or Off: On

Sleep: Ech… I get up to pee so often. I thought this was supposed to get better in the second trimester?? Maybe it’s because at my last appointment the doctor said she’s most likely hanging out on top of my bladder, judging from some weird symptoms I’m having.

Best Moment This Week: I hit up the resale shop in a nearby town and scored 4 onesies that look brand new to me for $8.

Miss Anything: gahhh.. sleeping through the night! That’s about it though. I’m trying to enjoy it more now that I’m not miserably sick all the time.

Movement: Sooo much movement… I love it! Still nothing significant from the outside yet, though.

Cravings: Mexican food still… and frozen fruit. Yum!

Symptoms: nausea seems to be headed out, having some weird pains in my bladder area which makes the doctor think she may be hanging out on my bladder, still so tired all the time, but overall actually feeling just “better”.

Noteworthy Moments: Nothing too crazy this week. I’ve nailed down a theme that isn’t a theme for her nursery and picked out a crib. I’ve decided I want a white Jenny Lind crib.. or Jenny Lind style crib. Brand new, they aren’t too expensive but I see them all the time used for sale and I’m totally okay with a used one, but I haven’t found one close and cheap yet. So if anyone knows of one for sale, let me know! Also, as soon as I finish this blog I get to tackle our laundry room which is actually the size of a bedroom and acts as a large closet. Our house is old and we completely remodeled it when we bought it, but the layout is straaaange. It’s only 800 square feet and they put like 3 bedrooms in it and the laundry room was basically non existent… I mean the dryer hookup was in the living room. Weird. So anyway, we made one room our bedroom, the weird middle bedroom into a “dressing room” that has a closet for my clothes, my dresser, a makeup table, and our gun safe (what can I say… we’re true southerners). So when we found out we’re having a baby in this house, which wasn’t the plan (we’re getting ready to build, but not quite ready yet), we had to rearrange the plan. So we’re combining the laundry room and the dressing room stuff into one room and the dressing room will become Whitlee’s room. But I need to cull quite a bit of stuff from the laundry room and move some of it to the shop, well shed, etc. And the gun safe… let’s just say that was the source of my first hormonal break down. Something along the lines of an ugly cry and “our baby can not have a gun safe in her room.” By the way, its bolted through the floor and is massive. *side eye* Nolan swears he will move it in plenty of time as long as I put something in it’s place to cover the bolt holes.

Disclaimer – we’re definitely Southern (not to be confused with hillbilly), and we do have a lot of firearms, but they stay locked up in the gun safe away from children or accidentally going off. Also, the reason it’s bolted through the floor of our entire house, is because around the time we got it, there were some local burglaries with people stealing guns and ENTIRE gun safes. Like loading it up and then busting it open when they got to their destination to see what goods they got with it. Crazy hillbillies…



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