Baby Hillin | 19 Weeks

19 Weeks

How Far Along: 19 Weeks

Baby is the size of a(n): heirloom tomato

Gender Predictions: baby girl!

Weight Gain: about 17 on my home scale. 10 at the doctors office, but they didn’t start weighing me until my first appointment.

Maternity Clothes: yup, definitely. My t-shirts are even getting a little snug.

Stretch Marks: None yet. *holds breath*

Belly Button In or Out: Still in for now. Getting more shallow by the day.

Wedding Rings On or Off: On

Sleep: holy back pain! I have a really hard time getting comfortable.

Best Moment This Week: Seeing her at my early anatomy scan. I wasn’t supposed to have my scan until next week, but due to some minor complications, they sent me for an ultrasound and they did all of the measurements then. She’s definitely a little girl, and is breech for now. She still has plenty of time to turn though.

Miss Anything: Not worrying about anything. (More about my minor complications below. I’ll explain it all.) I’m trying to relax and not stress, but I catch myself worrying a little.

Movement: Still pretty wiggly, but no hard kicks yet. I learned at my anatomy scan that she is breech, head up near the middle of my stomach and to the right a little, and her feet and booty are down low and to the left. So she’s definitely dancing on my bladder, and that explains why I feel so much movement down low to the left. She is actually facing my back right now, so that my be why I’m still only feeling her lightly and not any hard kicks or punches yet. I’m pretty sure I felt this weird rolling sensation a week or so ago, and that may have been her turning towards my back because before that I’d felt her a few times from the outside, but nothing since then.

Cravings: Mexican food is definitely top of the list right now. And sushi. I had every intention of getting sushi yesterday after my visit to the doctor, but with the surprise ultrasound it was kind of late by the time I headed home and a little too close to dinner.

Symptoms: round ligament pain, and… ugh, contractions. Real ones. 😦

Noteworthy Moments: So here’s what’s going on with me and Miss Whitlee. The short version is that I’m being monitored for Pre Term Labor due to early contractions, but we’re okay right now. The long story is this: I started having some cramping and tightening early last week that I basically shrugged off as Braxton Hicks. I’d read they could come this early, but the only thing sort of worrying me was that they hurt. So I kept an eye on them, but they never got any stronger or any longer or any closer together. They were about 20 minutes apart, lasting about 30 seconds and I’d have 3 or 4 and then they’d stop. Then an hour and a half later I’d have a couple more, then they’d stop. So very sporadic. Wednesday of last week, we had an extreme accident at work where two men almost died and I witnessed the whole thing and was actually the one that ended up calling 911 for our safety guys. We had to have one guy life flighted out, but we got word this week that he’s going to make it. Well after that chaos, I had 4 contractions inside 30 minutes, so I figured I better go ahead and call the doctor’s office to see what they thought. If they confirmed it was Braxton Hicks, I would have been totally okay with that. But when I told her they hurt too, she had me come in to get checked. Then my doctor got called out for a delivery, so they weren’t able to check me. The nurse found her heartbeat, which was normal, and put me on pelvic rest until Monday when I could come back and get checked. So I went back to the doctor yesterday and they were able to check my cervix, which was long, closed, and hard – all good things. But my doctor is convinced I’m having real contractions and not BH, so she sent me down for an ultrasound to get a better look at my cervix just to be sure. She wanted me to continue pelvic rest and also suggested I stop working and then asked if that was possible – which it’s not. Nolan and I are used to two incomes, plus we’re in the middle of a large project at work that actually needs me to be there. So she suggested I make some changes as far as being able to stay in my office and off my feet more than I currently am, which my boss was more than willing to accommodate. Anything to keep me there as long as possible! I think at this point, they’d be willing to haul a hospital bed in and have me work from that! 🙂 Anyway, so I went down for the ultrasound and although the ultrasound tech wouldn’t say much, she did say that my cervix looked good and that if she saw anything of concern in my ultrasound, that she wouldn’t release me and would call my doctor in, and when it was over she smiled and said, “Okay, you can get dressed and you’re good to go!” So I take that as good sign. I did get to see her arms and legs, spine and ribs and everything looked good to me. She is breech, but has plenty of time to turn (hopefully). The goal now is to take it easy, rest as much as I can and get these contractions to stop. I go back to the doctor next week and I’m sure they’ll check my cervix again. If the contractions continue, they’ll probably have me start coming once a week to get checked and once I make it to 24 weeks, I’ll start receiving steroids to mature her lungs in case she comes extremely early. She’s not viable at this point, so I need her to stay put in there for quite a while longer. Obviously my ultimate goal is full term, but getting her to where she could survive outside the womb is essential right now. She is still  pretty active which is a great sign and I’m not having any other symptoms of concern (bleeding, swelling, etc.). So everyone cross your fingers or say a little prayer that our sweet girl is comfy in there and doesn’t come too early. I want to be fat and miserable (and happy!) at 40 weeks (or at least 37) and then she can come whenever she’s ready!



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