Blessings by Mail (& Truck)

Thank you to everyone that has called, text and commented for the well wishes from my last post. So far, so good with me and Whitlee. My contractions have gotten less frequent and less pattern-y so that’s a good thing!

This past week has been an exciting week of surprises! I forgot to mention in my last post that Nolan’s grandparents brought us Whitlee’s crib. I have been searching for a vintage Jenny Lind crib that we could paint white, but just in case I’d registered for the new version of it at Target. Well they called last week with the news that they’d found a vintage one! They dropped it off at our house this past weekend. Its exactly what I wanted and Nolan will be taking it to work next week to paint it white. I cant wait to see it put together and in her room!


Then I got a package in the mail, addressed to Miss Whitlee Alyzabeth! I thought that was so neat. My nanny (grandmother) who reads all my posts and comments frequently, sent our little girl a super cute outfit for next summer, an extremely soft blanket, and some headbands with bows. I can’t wait to put a headband and bow on her all the time! Thank you again, Nanny! I love seeing her closet being filled with clothes and accessories.


The last surprise was definitely a surprise, as we have absolutely no idea where it came from. I checked the mail just a short while ago and there was a single postcard type peice of mail in there. It was addressed to Nolan and I and it was a note from Whitlee.



The front had a graphic saying “Good things come to those who wait ♡” and the note says this:

Dear Mommy and Daddy,
I just wanted to let you know that I love you and I am trying to hang out here as long as possible. It’s really nice and cozy and I’m not ready to leave yet. You are doing all the right things. I love when Mommy rubs and makes me jump. I can’t wait to hear Daddy’s voice every day. Keep doing everything you’re doing!

It was postmarked in Houston, which leads me nowhere as far as figuring out who could have “helped” our baby send us this note. So to whoever her helper was, thank you!! I cried, of course, but because it made me so happy. It was so thoughtful and unexpected. It’s on our fridge now so I can see it anytime I need to.

We truly are blessed to have such a good support system and people that care so much about us and our baby girl!


2 thoughts on “Blessings by Mail (& Truck)

  1. Jai, i,m so very, very glad the contractions have slowed down. I know this worries the two of you, but it sounds like you are both doing everything you possibly can. So, just keep it up and it will all be alright. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL CRIB!!! i know you were happy to see it. Wonderful grandparents. Glad you liked my little gift. I fell in love with the blanket. It is sooo soft. and as far as your post card?? All i can say is i know Whitlee knows you two are praying so hard for her safe delivery that she just needed to remind yall that she knows whats going on and sent ” a Little special note ” to let you both know that its just too cozy in there and SHE WILL NOT make an appearance just yet. So, you both hang in there, I truly believe everything will be okay. Oh, by the way, it was not me that sent the post card. Maybe Whitlee has her own little angel that knows how to use the postal service. LOL!!!!!! We love all three of you. Take care of yourself and our little Whitlee. XOXOXO!!! ( I cried also when i read the post card !!!!)

    • Well dang! I was almost sure it was you or mom but now I REALLY have no idea. Maybe it was one of my blog followers! And yes, the blanket is SO soft! We love it. Thank you again! We love you too!

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