Baby Hillin | 23 Weeks

23 Weeks

How Far Along: 23 Weeks

Baby is the size of a(n): large mango – yum! I love mangos!

Gender: baby girl

Weight Gain: 14 at the doctors office (11 weeks forward) and 20ish at home.

Maternity Clothes: Motherhood has their maternity leggings on sale right now for Buy One Get One Free so I went this weekend and got a couple of pairs. I also got two more shirts that were Buy One Get One 50% Off… anndd I had a 20% coupon – so I ended up getting out of there at almost a 50% discount. The leggings are so comfortable. I don’t even feel like I have any pants on!

Stretch Marks: none yet. *knock on wood*

Belly Button In or Out: still in for now

Wedding Rings On or Off: On… I think the end is near though. My hands are so swollen in the evenings and my rings get really tight. It’s starting to make me a little nervous that one day I might not get them off. A friend of ours had to have hers cut off because she swelled so bad and it set in sort of fast.

Sleep: Same ol’, same ol’… peeing 3-4 times a night and not very comfortable.

Best Moment This Week: Catching a kick on video finally!

Miss Anything: a good nights sleep…  I should prob kiss those goodbye for about 3 or 4 years!

Movement: Still kicking like crazy at night. Any time I wake up to go to the bathroom, she’s kicking away. She gets especially active about 10 PM.

Cravings: flaming hot Cheetos and more Mexican food.

Symptoms: swollen hands and feet in the evening, and the dark line on my belly is getting more prominent. I kind of like it – as long as it doesn’t get much darker.

Noteworthy Moments: Nolan is finally seeing her and feeling her kick pretty regularly. I stopped really telling him when she was moving for a while because I swear he thought I was full of crap that you can see her move from the outside. But a few nights ago, I guess he was watching my belly and I didn’t know. I glanced at him when she started kicking and he said “I just saw her.” “And I just saw her again!” So he believes me now. Plus I caught her on video. I’ll try to post it soon! I think today was the first time she really kicked because of him though. He was laying his head on my belly and Whitlee wasn’t kicking at all. But he started talking to me and as soon as he did, she started kicking like crazy! He felt her kick him in the head. I think she recognizes her daddy’s voice!


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