Baby Hillin | 25 Weeks

25 Weeks

How Far Along: 25 Weeks (I swear my weekly picture makes me look huge!)

Baby is the size of a(n): cauliflower

Gender: baby girl

Weight Gain: 16 at the doctor’s office, still holding at 25 at home. They’ll weigh me again at the doctors appt. next week.

Maternity Clothes: more and more leggings. I have one pair of maternity jeans that I’ve either outgrown or they shrunk from being washed and dried so many times!

Stretch Marks: none yet. *knock on wood*

Belly Button In or Out: still in!

Wedding Rings On or Off: On, for the reason that I don’t think I can get them off at this point! I’m hoping they don’t get any tighter or we’ll have a problem. If they feel loose any time soon, I’ll probably go ahead and take them off. I’m terrified of them getting stuck!

Sleep: Still peeing a lot and having to shove a pillow under my belly all the time. I also feel Whitlee bumping around in there anytime I get up to pee and then lay back down. She’s usually awake in the middle of the night. Not keeping me awake yet though!

Best Moment This Week: Winning a basket of baby goodies at a local Baby and Kid Expo! My friend Kaitlin and I went Saturday and scored some super cute clothes for her little girl and mine. I also registered for a raffle on one of several baskets being given away. They called yesterday and said I won one! I’ll post a picture when I get it!

Miss Anything: sleeping through the night

Movement: Still moving all the time. (kicking me as a type, actually!) She had a crazy active day last Friday and then we went to the Baby Expo -because get this – they were doing 3D ultrasounds for $10. What!? So we went hoping to get a look at Whitlee in 3D. Well after her crazy active day on Friday, she apparently had flipped around breech again and snuggled into my back with her face away from the outside. So my normally super cooperative, super active baby was 100% non cooperative and was sound asleep! She wouldn’t roll over for anything! She turned over on her side one time and everyone was like “WAIT! DON’T MOVE!!” and they swapped it to 3D, and then we realized the umbilical cord was all in her face, so we still couldn’t see her. We did see her in 2D and you could tell she has the cutest little lips. I can’t wait to see her in person!

Cravings: salad!

Symptoms: I suddenly felt very heavy this week. Like definitely feeling those 25 lbs! Also, I’ve been super lucky to not have broken out with crazy pregnancy acne (and please don’t let me wake up tomorrow with a face full!) but I have been getting little pimples on my right ear. Like a new one every week. And they’re real deal pimples, like can be popped and then they go away. I’ve had two on my ear lobe, a couple inside my ear, and now today one on the back of my ear. It is so strange! And they hurt… kind of like those super sensitive ones you get in the corner of your nose or right inside your nose. They hurt to even touch them!

Noteworthy Moments: Fairly calm week. We did finally get the hardware painted on the crib and the crib skirt put on. I’m planning on doing a separate post of before nursery pictures with one sneak peak of the crib, but I’ll do a full blown nursery post in the end. It’s coming together so nicely! I can’t wait until our baby showers (I’m having two) so we can finally get everything in there and then get the room finished!


5 thoughts on “Baby Hillin | 25 Weeks

  1. I am ABSOLUTELY loving the pictures of you and Whitlee every week.It is so strange and wonderful to see you sticking out to ” there”. I’m so, so happy things are going good. I told you it wouldn’t be long before she was kicking the dickins out of you. Can’t wait to meet my first great granddaughter. Take advantage of all the sleep you can get now, because it won’t be long before she’ll be keeping you both up for real. Lol! Take care, my precious, of yourself, Nolan and our little ” cauliflower.” HUGS AND KISSES ALL THE WAY AROUND!!!!!!!

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