Baby Hillin | 30 Weeks

30 Weeks

How Far Along: 30 Weeks. Can’t believe we’re in the 30’s!! Makes the home stretch seem much more real.

(P.S. I take my pictures on Sunday when I roll over to the new week but my appointments are in the middle of the week, so sometimes I wait until that appointment to post my updates so that I can include info from the doctor. Sorry for the delay!)

Baby is the size of a(n): Cucumber…weird?

Gender: baby girl

Weight Gain: 29 at the doctor’s office, somewhere between 35 and 40 at home.

Maternity Clothes: I think this is a given at this point. My belly is pretty out there! I still wear the occasional non maternity shirt or leggings, but it definitely has to be something with some stretch.

Stretch Marks: Nope

Belly Button In or Out: basically flat

Wedding Rings On or Off: … they’re off. I noticed how tight they were this weekend and Nolan told me if I didn’t take them off while I could, and I suddenly started swelling, he’d have to cut them off. So I got nervous and took them off. We bought me a plain silver band to wear til the end, though so I don’t feel so strange about it. My finger just felt naked without a ring on it.

Sleep: Same ol story. Peeing a lot, difficulty getting comfortable. I keep a pillow between my legs all the time and that definitely helps with hip pain.

Best Moment This Week: a date night this weekend with my sweet husband! I ate so much food, but felt cute in my outfit!


Miss Anything: With it starting to cool off a bit here finally, it’d be nice to sit around a fire and have a couple of beers.

Movement: MUCH bigger movement this week. She has started stretching out in there sometimes…I get this odd sensation of a hand or foot pushing out and then going back in. Not like her previous bumps and thumps. She kicked or punched me a few times last night that actually took my breath away! I still love it though. Hands down, my favorite part. After my ultrasound today I know that some of what I’m feeling is her kicking hard on my left and her butt pushing out on my right side.

Cravings: waffles, anything with cream cheese, and sushi

Symptoms: out of breath pretty often still, and the occasional round ligament pain. Other than, been feeling pretty good. I don’t think I ever mentioned it but an odd symptom that I noticed right before we found out Whitlee was a girl, is that the hair on my legs has slowed WAY down in growth. I swear I can go like two weeks without shaving my legs, and even then it’s extremely sporadic. Like there is literally no hair on my legs in some areas. Pretty sweet pregnancy symptom!

Noteworthy Moments: Still taking the Procardia and contractions are under control! Also, my doctor has me doing Biophysical Profile ultrasounds once a week to check on Whitlee since her heart rate dropped for a little while I was in Labor and Delivery that day, but they were also using that ultrasound to check my placenta movement. (Or rather uterus growth that would change placenta location, since it doesn’t actually move.) Anyway, so at 28 weeks, my placenta to OS was 2.7 cm and my doctor said she’d like to see it closer to 4 cm before she’d attempt a vaginal delivery. This was pretty discouraging since before that, it was only measuring a little bit further each ultrasound. Well at my ultrasound at 29 weeks, the tech didn’t measure my placenta to OS. When I got up from the table I asked her about it and she sort of off hand said, “Well if you look at this picture, this is your placenta and this is your cervix and it looks to be about 7cm.” WHAT!? So I was so excited/confused/anxious because it wasn’t a true measurement so it wasn’t something concrete my doctor could go off, but apparently my uterus did some serious work and moved that sucker up! So I went back to the doctor yesterday and they were sure to get a measurement. The lady was scanning and measuring and then she says, “Yup, I’m getting 6.7 cm placenta to OS.” Hallelujah! Then she says, “Well…I say that, but then there’s this other thing lower down that I can’t tell if its part of your placenta or not and it’s measuring 2.7 cm away..”, which was my old measurement. 😦 I was so upset! It was like they said “Yay, no C-section. Oh wait, I lied. Oops!” So she called my doctor in to look at it and my doctor couldn’t tell what it was either. They thought it might be some type of additional lobe coming from my placenta… and would need to be treated just like the placenta in terms of vaginal delivery vs. c section and hemorrhaging risks. Because they couldn’t tell for sure, they decided to send me for an ultrasound at a diagnostics place to get a better look at it and they could tell for sure if that was part of the placenta or not. I went for that today and guess what! My placenta is 7.3 cm away, and had no additional lobe preventing a vaginal delivery!! So happy about that. It’s not set in stone that I’m in the clear yet since I don’t see my doctor again until next week, but we’re looking good for being able to let this little girl come when she’s ready!

Got another shot of her face (look at that chubby cheek!!) and a good clear shot of her spine. She’s looking to weigh about 3.3 lbs right now. I can’t wait to meet her! They told me in one of my last ultrasounds that she has a head full of hair and in one of the pictures we got today of her face, she looks like she has a widow’s peak like her daddy! ❤




Baby Hillin | 29 Weeks

29 Weeks

How Far Along: 29 Weeks

Baby is the size of a(n): acorn squash

Gender: baby girl

Weight Gain: Up to 26 at the doctor’s office, 33 at home. My goal of staying under 40 may not hold true at home. I just know I’ll have to work extra hard to get it off afterwards. They say you gain about a pound a week in the last bit, so I’ve still got about 10 weeks to go and that would put me just over 40. BUT – I keep reminding myself that it doesn’t matter – I’m growing a sweet little life in there and have way more important things to focus on!

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new this week! I have been spending the majority of my time in leggings or yoga pants, only wearing maternity jeans when I have to.

Stretch Marks: nope.. *fingers crossed*. But I’ve been reading that some women swell during delivery and that’s the extra push that sometimes leads to stretch marks, AND some women get them after pregnancy when their skin is going back down.

Belly Button In or Out: basically flat

Wedding Rings On or Off: Still on.. still debating taking them off. I don’t know why this is such a big deal to me, but I hate the idea of not wearing them even if I’m replacing it with something temporary for a couple of months.

Sleep: maybe a tiny little bit better. I’ve been so exhausted again which makes me stay asleep easier, and I think I’m getting it down to where I only get up to pee twice.

Best Moment This Week: Whitlee’s Cotton Cupcake hat showed up. It might be her coming home from the hospital hat because I love it so much. **UN-best moment this week** – I got notice that the place that makes her wall monogram for her nursery had major machine malfunctions and it may delay shipment.  I was really hoping to have it by the baby shower, but it’s not looking promising. Sad face!

Miss Anything: just being comfortable. I’m burning up and out of breath at any given moment.

Movement: My wiggle worm is back! She finally picked back up on activity this week. Yesterday I felt her pushing out against my belly, like not a kick but an arm or a foot pushing out for couple of seconds and then going back in. I told Nolan I think I might actually miss feeling her move in there when we’re done.

Cravings: anything cold… cold tomatoes, cold lettuce (yes, I could eat lettuce by itself right now), cold fruit, cold water. I’m HOT!

Symptoms: heartburn is finally better again. The doctor told me I could take Prilosec for it, so on days that I know I’ll be eating food that may stir it up again, I go ahead and take it just in case. Still out of breath constantly and exhausted all the time. It’s becoming difficult to bend down and pick things up or tie my shoes. Also I feel like I’m burning up all the time, but especially in the evenings. I just want to sit right in front of the AC! Positive symptom – my hair is looking pretty awesome these days. I got about 4 inches cut off yesterday and it looks so healthy! Better soak it up now… I hear those crazy postpartum hormones will make it look terrible.

Noteworthy Moments: I’m still taking the Procardia to keep the contractions at bay and taking it easy when I can. We’ve started checking my placenta weekly and I’m hoping it moves enough in time. Otherwise, we have a C-section scheduled for December 29. I can’t believe our maternity pictures are done, my first baby shower is in two weeks, second baby shower in three weeks, and our sweet little baby will be here in two months! I feel like I’ve been pregnant all year, but all the sudden the end is SO near!

Maternity Session | Sneak Peek

We took our maternity photos this past Friday afternoon at almost 29 weeks and the amazingly talented Heather at Sophia Belle Photography sent me a couple of sneak peeks this weekend. I am in. love. with them!! I can’t wait to see the rest and share my favorites! If these two are any indication of what’s to come, I think they’ll all be my favorites!



Baby Hillin | 28 Weeks

28 Weeks

How Far Along: 28 Weeks – 3rd Trimester finally! **Happy Dance!**

Baby is the size of a(n): eggplant.. that seems so big to me!

Gender: still a girl. They have checked 6 times now. At her wellness ultrasound they weren’t even looking at her gender, and the tech said “Oh, she’s definitely a girl!”

Weight Gain: Up to 20 at the doctor’s office, 27 at home. I go back to the doctor next week and will have an update on my weight.

Maternity Clothes: Finally nailed down our maternity session outfits and two of them will double as my baby shower outfits. One is my maternity dress from PinkBlush Maternity and the other is actually a non maternity lace dress from Forever 21.

Stretch Marks: still none. Come on elastic skin, hang on a few more months!

Belly Button In or Out: Still hanging in just a little.

Wedding Rings On or Off: On, but debating when/if I should remove them. I’m so scared I’m going to swell so much near the end.

Sleep: Oh man.. last night was possibly the worst night yet. The Procardia has increased my heartburn to whole new levels so I was up peeing 9 million times, awake feeling like I was going to spew lava everywhere, and just slept terrible. Maybe tonight I’ll be so tired that I’ll sleep better.

Best Moment This Week: I got my shipping notice for the custom hat I ordered for Whitlee from Cotton Cupcake on Etsy. I’m so obsessed with her initial beanies and she made me a custom one after I sent a request for something with a vintage floral print. She was so wonderful and I’m thrilled about her little hat! I also officially finished the hospital door hanger. It was Pinterest inspired and I love how it turned out. The date and stats part detaches and will go in her memory box, and the top part will just have ribbons hanging from it and will be a bow hanger for her room!


Miss Anything: Sleep.. agh.

Movement: Unfortunately her movement still seems decreased to me. I had another ultrasound today and she was still perfect, so I guess she’s just taking a break from all the activity before now.

Cravings: flaming hot Cheetos, bacon wrapped stuffed jalopenos, ranch dressing

Symptoms: heartburn and just basic pregnancy aches and pains. Oh and I’m out of breath CONSTANTLY. Sitting, standing, talking, walking, all the time lol. Nothing too crazy other than that and the pre term labor mentioned earlier in the week. I actually felt better the day after all of that craziness than I have in a really long time!

Noteworthy Moments: I found out I did indeed pass my Glucose Test so that’s good news. I had another placenta check ultrasound today and Whitlee looked good. Her heartbeat was 163 and she’s weighing 2.5 lbs now. She is head down again and my placenta is measuring 2.7 cm from my cervix. I don’t actually see my doctor until Monday so we’ll see how she feels about 2.7cm. I hate not knowing what we’re doing. I also got my flu shot and my tDap shot for pertussis (whooping cough) today, so Whitlee and I both are protected a little bit for those. They didn’t give me very good pictures today from my ultrasound, just three different shots of her face, so I’ll share one. I think she’s so cute, but I am her momma.. so I might be biased!

Also, her closet is looking good with all the clothes in it and I haven’t even had a baby shower yet. Almost everything I’ve bought has been on clearance or second hand, so I’m pretty proud that there’s probably less than $100 worth of clothes in this picture!


I’m so looking forward to our maternity pictures this Friday, my first baby shower in three weeks and my second one in four weeks. Then it’ll just be waiting time!

Pregnancy Thoughts

After the slightly somber update from yesterday I thought I’d post a little more lighthearted thoughts and happenings I’ve been having as a pregnant lady!

At this point, if heartburn is any indication of babies having hair in the womb, I’m growing freakin Rapunzel in there.

At work, Dr. Pepper cans cost 75¢ but Diet Dr. Pepper cans (which I prefer) cost $1.00…what even!

Fleece lined leggings may be the greatest invention ever.

I wonder how acceptable it is that at any given time I have red stained fingers from flaming hot cheetos, no matter how many times I wash them. And surely those flaming hot cheetos are helping my heartburn… right? 🙂

Do babies dream in the womb?

Whitlee very possibly looks like our nephew, Tyner. Which means she looks like her daddy since Tyner favors him quite a bit. She yawned in her wellness ultrasound on Monday and I swear I thought I was looking at him!

I literally at times have the appetite of a grown man. We had hot dogs (100% beef for anyone concerned) for supper a few nights ago and after we ate Nolan said,  “I have never in my life seen you eat two hot dogs.” And I realized we’d eaten the same amount. Then I ate a peach for desert. Momma is HUNGRY!

28 week bumpdate coming this afternoon!

Procardia + Celestone | Preterm Labor Update

This story is super long! Feel free to grab a snack before reading. 🙂

At 28 weeks, I’d been feeling a lot better about the early contractions I’d been having since they’d basically vanished. Aside from regular pregnancy aches and maybe a touch of SPD (a type of painful pubic bone disorder) I have been feeling pretty decent. I rolled over into 28 weeks (third trimester!) on Sunday and early Monday morning I woke up in pain a couple of hours before my work alarm went off. I just felt really crampy all in my lower uterus and my lower back. I went to the bathroom to make sure I wasn’t bleeding or losing fluid and everything checked out okay there so I laid back down and tried to sleep til I was supposed to get up for work.

At 6, I got up and still felt horrible. I started the shower and immediately puked, which I haven’t done out of the blue like that since around the first trimester. I stood in the shower for a while hoping it’d help the pain but it didn’t really. I also noticed Whitlee hadn’t been as active the evening before or through the night. I went ahead and got ready for work and woke Nolan up to tell him I was hurting and we discussed whether we thought I needed to go get checked or not. We decided I’d go to work and see if it got any better and if not I’d call the doctor’s office when they opened around 9. At 7 I couldn’t take it anymore and still hadn’t felt her move so I called labor and delivery to ask them what they thought. They told me to take two Tylenol and drink two large glasses of water back to back and call back in a hour if nothing changed. I did that and nothing changed so I went ahead and called my doctor at 9. They told me go ahead and come in and let them check me.

I got to the doctor’s office by 10:30 and they got me in pretty fast. They had me do a urine sample and they checked my cervix which thankfully is still closed and not softening. They also checked Whitlee’s heartbeat on the doppler and it was good despite her having decreased movement. My blood pressure was a touch high and there was blood in my urine plus I was clearly in pain so they wanted to send me to labor and delivery for monitoring and more fluids, just in case.

In labor and delivery, they hooked me up to monitors and started my IV. They ran a bag of fluid through me fairly quick.. such an odd feeling! As soon as the monitors were hooked up, Whitlee went crazy. I think she was trying to make up for her inactivity the past day! Anyway, the monitors showed us two things – I was definitely having contractions and at one point Whitlee’s heart rate dropped for a couple of minutes which concerned them. My blood pressure stayed slightly elevated too. My doctor actually came to visit me and said we were going to do an ultrasound for a baby wellness check since her heart rate dropped and we needed to make sure she wasn’t in any distress. She also said we’d be doing a celestone injection for her lungs in case we needed to deliver early and we were going to do procardia to try and stop the contractions and lower my blood pressure. She said if the baby was in distress we may have to deliver or if the procardia didn’t work, I’d be admitted to try and stop them by IV meds. If they didn’t stop or if my blood pressure got any higher we’d be looking at delivery there too. So they came in to do the wellness ultrasound and she could score a max of 8 which meant no distress, and not only did she score an 8, but she was so adorable! She has chubby cheeks now and she was yawning. So perfect! After the ultrasound, they took some blood to check for pre-eclampsia. Turns out the procardia worked, the contractions stopped, blood work came back good,  and my blood pressure went back to normal, so I was discharged and sent home!


I’ll be on procardia for a week to keep the contractions at bay and I went back today for the second celestone shot, but it looks like we’re out of the woods for now. I go back tomorrow for another placenta update ultrasound and I’ll be posting my 28 week bumpdate with new ultrasound pictures.

I don’t want to alarm anyone in my family, nor am I looking for sympathy, I just wanted to be fully transparent about my pregnancy. It has definitely not been all rainbows and unicorns.  But hopefully (again) she stays put until she supposed to come out. From what I gather, Whitlee is perfectly content in there, it’s just my body trying to have her early. So fingers crossed for an uneventful rest of my third trimester and a full term HEALTHY baby!