Baby Hillin | 27 Weeks

27 Weeks

How Far Along: 27 Weeks (Only 1 day late this time!)

Baby is the size of a(n): rutabaga .. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what this is. But it looks like a good size fruit/vegetable.

Gender: still a girl!

Weight Gain: Up to 20 at the doctor’s office, 27 at home.

Maternity Clothes: Same ol’, same ol’. I started planning my outfits for our maternity photo session next week. I’m so excited! I still need to hunt down one more outfit, and plan what Nolan will wear, but I think the pictures are going to be so great!

Stretch Marks: holding my breath – still none!

Belly Button In or Out: It’s barely indented anymore. Almost a flatty.

Wedding Rings On or Off: On, and thanks to this cooler Texas weather, they don’t feel like they’re cutting of my circulation anymore. I think I can get them off whenever I want. I just want to make it to our maternity pictures and then I may swap it for something looser til the end.

Sleep: I would pay so much money for one solid night’s sleep right now. The only upside is that Whitlee is most active at night so sometimes I get to lay there and feel her partying in there. It doesn’t necessarily keep me awake, I just notice it every night just about.

Best Moment This Week: Is it sad that I was most excited about going out to eat for Nolan’s birthday dinner? Our birthdays are a week apart, so we ate two weeks ago for mine (Mexican food, of course) and Friday night for Nolan’s. I had coconut shrimp and it was a-maze-ing. I’m so thankful I enjoy food again after that first trimester where it was so difficult to eat.

Miss Anything: Being able to move very quickly. My job is pretty fast paced and the bathroom and water machine are not located in my building, so I have to walk a little bit to get to either. So before, I could run to the bathroom, refill my water bottle, check my box in another lady’s office for paper from her and get back all in a few minutes. Now it’s like 15-20 minutes because I just can’t move very fast.

Movement: Starting to feel something a little more than kicks and punches. I feel her stretching out sometimes and maybe some rolls. I get this odd feeling sometimes where it feels like my stomach dropped, and it makes me feel like she’s doing flips or rolls or something. I can’t wait until I can see some like seriously crazy movements from the outside.

Cravings: Peaches, Ranch Dressing, Salad

Symptoms: Whew… I’m having some significant hip and lower back pain. And helloooo pregnancy face. I noticed in my latest picture that my face definitely looks pregnant. I’ve been getting a little out of breath lately, and rolling over in bed takes an incredible effort. I feel like I always so sound negative in my symptoms section, but unfortunately there haven’t been any really great symptoms. The positives come from the LACK of symptoms. I’m extremely thankful for being blessed with not getting stretch marks yet, for my face not breaking out like a hormonal teenager, and for my morning sickness not being like it was in the beginning.

Noteworthy Moments: I assume I passed my glucose test because my doctor’s office only calls if there is a problem, so we get to assume no news is good news and we didn’t get a phone call to schedule a 3 hour test. I’ll make sure when I go back in a couple of weeks. I have another ultrasound to check my placenta next week and a regular appointment in two weeks.

Also, Whitlee’s room is coming right along. I touched up the wall paint due to some previous furniture scuffs, swapped out a light fixture all by myself, finished her hospital door hanger (which will double as a bow hanger for now and afterwards), painted a little side table to go beside the glider, and ordered her wall monogram for above the crib. I’m still working on her lamp shade (a shabby chic fabric flower shade that is sucking the life out of me) and waiting on Nolan to move the gun safe out. Then we’re just waiting on the baby showers to see what else our wonderful friends and family will be gifting us with for our sweet little girl, then I’ll buy whatever else we need and get it finished up! Can’t wait to post pictures of her nursery and all the things we did in there! What a change!!


3 thoughts on “Baby Hillin | 27 Weeks

  1. I feel the exact same thing when my baby moves! Its a weird feeling against your stomach and guts haha. Really weird feeling. But when I feel that I know at least my little is doing well 😀

    • I cant wait either! Ours are the 17th! Spoiler alert lol.. my coral chevron dress from our anniversary dinner will be making a reappearance for pictures and one of my baby showers. It’s such a nice dress and miraculously still fits so I’m trying to wear it a few more times before this pregnancy is over. If I can find some time I’m thinking about doing a fave maternity clothes post.. and can throw my picture outfits in too! Maybe it’ll give you some inspiration!

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