Procardia + Celestone | Preterm Labor Update

This story is super long! Feel free to grab a snack before reading. 🙂

At 28 weeks, I’d been feeling a lot better about the early contractions I’d been having since they’d basically vanished. Aside from regular pregnancy aches and maybe a touch of SPD (a type of painful pubic bone disorder) I have been feeling pretty decent. I rolled over into 28 weeks (third trimester!) on Sunday and early Monday morning I woke up in pain a couple of hours before my work alarm went off. I just felt really crampy all in my lower uterus and my lower back. I went to the bathroom to make sure I wasn’t bleeding or losing fluid and everything checked out okay there so I laid back down and tried to sleep til I was supposed to get up for work.

At 6, I got up and still felt horrible. I started the shower and immediately puked, which I haven’t done out of the blue like that since around the first trimester. I stood in the shower for a while hoping it’d help the pain but it didn’t really. I also noticed Whitlee hadn’t been as active the evening before or through the night. I went ahead and got ready for work and woke Nolan up to tell him I was hurting and we discussed whether we thought I needed to go get checked or not. We decided I’d go to work and see if it got any better and if not I’d call the doctor’s office when they opened around 9. At 7 I couldn’t take it anymore and still hadn’t felt her move so I called labor and delivery to ask them what they thought. They told me to take two Tylenol and drink two large glasses of water back to back and call back in a hour if nothing changed. I did that and nothing changed so I went ahead and called my doctor at 9. They told me go ahead and come in and let them check me.

I got to the doctor’s office by 10:30 and they got me in pretty fast. They had me do a urine sample and they checked my cervix which thankfully is still closed and not softening. They also checked Whitlee’s heartbeat on the doppler and it was good despite her having decreased movement. My blood pressure was a touch high and there was blood in my urine plus I was clearly in pain so they wanted to send me to labor and delivery for monitoring and more fluids, just in case.

In labor and delivery, they hooked me up to monitors and started my IV. They ran a bag of fluid through me fairly quick.. such an odd feeling! As soon as the monitors were hooked up, Whitlee went crazy. I think she was trying to make up for her inactivity the past day! Anyway, the monitors showed us two things – I was definitely having contractions and at one point Whitlee’s heart rate dropped for a couple of minutes which concerned them. My blood pressure stayed slightly elevated too. My doctor actually came to visit me and said we were going to do an ultrasound for a baby wellness check since her heart rate dropped and we needed to make sure she wasn’t in any distress. She also said we’d be doing a celestone injection for her lungs in case we needed to deliver early and we were going to do procardia to try and stop the contractions and lower my blood pressure. She said if the baby was in distress we may have to deliver or if the procardia didn’t work, I’d be admitted to try and stop them by IV meds. If they didn’t stop or if my blood pressure got any higher we’d be looking at delivery there too. So they came in to do the wellness ultrasound and she could score a max of 8 which meant no distress, and not only did she score an 8, but she was so adorable! She has chubby cheeks now and she was yawning. So perfect! After the ultrasound, they took some blood to check for pre-eclampsia. Turns out the procardia worked, the contractions stopped, blood work came back good,  and my blood pressure went back to normal, so I was discharged and sent home!


I’ll be on procardia for a week to keep the contractions at bay and I went back today for the second celestone shot, but it looks like we’re out of the woods for now. I go back tomorrow for another placenta update ultrasound and I’ll be posting my 28 week bumpdate with new ultrasound pictures.

I don’t want to alarm anyone in my family, nor am I looking for sympathy, I just wanted to be fully transparent about my pregnancy. It has definitely not been all rainbows and unicorns.  But hopefully (again) she stays put until she supposed to come out. From what I gather, Whitlee is perfectly content in there, it’s just my body trying to have her early. So fingers crossed for an uneventful rest of my third trimester and a full term HEALTHY baby!


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