Pregnancy Thoughts

After the slightly somber update from yesterday I thought I’d post a little more lighthearted thoughts and happenings I’ve been having as a pregnant lady!

At this point, if heartburn is any indication of babies having hair in the womb, I’m growing freakin Rapunzel in there.

At work, Dr. Pepper cans cost 75Β’ but Diet Dr. Pepper cans (which I prefer) cost $1.00…what even!

Fleece lined leggings may be the greatest invention ever.

I wonder how acceptable it is that at any given time I have red stained fingers from flaming hot cheetos, no matter how many times I wash them. And surely those flaming hot cheetos are helping my heartburn… right? πŸ™‚

Do babies dream in the womb?

Whitlee very possibly looks like our nephew, Tyner. Which means she looks like her daddy since Tyner favors him quite a bit. She yawned in her wellness ultrasound on Monday and I swear I thought I was looking at him!

I literally at times have the appetite of a grown man. We had hot dogs (100% beef for anyone concerned) for supper a few nights ago and after we ate Nolan said,Β  “I have never in my life seen you eat two hot dogs.” And I realized we’d eaten the same amount. Then I ate a peach for desert. Momma is HUNGRY!

28 week bumpdate coming this afternoon!


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