Baby Hillin | 30 Weeks

30 Weeks

How Far Along: 30 Weeks. Can’t believe we’re in the 30’s!! Makes the home stretch seem much more real.

(P.S. I take my pictures on Sunday when I roll over to the new week but my appointments are in the middle of the week, so sometimes I wait until that appointment to post my updates so that I can include info from the doctor. Sorry for the delay!)

Baby is the size of a(n): Cucumber…weird?

Gender: baby girl

Weight Gain: 29 at the doctor’s office, somewhere between 35 and 40 at home.

Maternity Clothes: I think this is a given at this point. My belly is pretty out there! I still wear the occasional non maternity shirt or leggings, but it definitely has to be something with some stretch.

Stretch Marks: Nope

Belly Button In or Out: basically flat

Wedding Rings On or Off: … they’re off. I noticed how tight they were this weekend and Nolan told me if I didn’t take them off while I could, and I suddenly started swelling, he’d have to cut them off. So I got nervous and took them off. We bought me a plain silver band to wear til the end, though so I don’t feel so strange about it. My finger just felt naked without a ring on it.

Sleep: Same ol story. Peeing a lot, difficulty getting comfortable. I keep a pillow between my legs all the time and that definitely helps with hip pain.

Best Moment This Week: a date night this weekend with my sweet husband! I ate so much food, but felt cute in my outfit!


Miss Anything: With it starting to cool off a bit here finally, it’d be nice to sit around a fire and have a couple of beers.

Movement: MUCH bigger movement this week. She has started stretching out in there sometimes…I get this odd sensation of a hand or foot pushing out and then going back in. Not like her previous bumps and thumps. She kicked or punched me a few times last night that actually took my breath away! I still love it though. Hands down, my favorite part. After my ultrasound today I know that some of what I’m feeling is her kicking hard on my left and her butt pushing out on my right side.

Cravings: waffles, anything with cream cheese, and sushi

Symptoms: out of breath pretty often still, and the occasional round ligament pain. Other than, been feeling pretty good. I don’t think I ever mentioned it but an odd symptom that I noticed right before we found out Whitlee was a girl, is that the hair on my legs has slowed WAY down in growth. I swear I can go like two weeks without shaving my legs, and even then it’s extremely sporadic. Like there is literally no hair on my legs in some areas. Pretty sweet pregnancy symptom!

Noteworthy Moments: Still taking the Procardia and contractions are under control! Also, my doctor has me doing Biophysical Profile ultrasounds once a week to check on Whitlee since her heart rate dropped for a little while I was in Labor and Delivery that day, but they were also using that ultrasound to check my placenta movement. (Or rather uterus growth that would change placenta location, since it doesn’t actually move.) Anyway, so at 28 weeks, my placenta to OS was 2.7 cm and my doctor said she’d like to see it closer to 4 cm before she’d attempt a vaginal delivery. This was pretty discouraging since before that, it was only measuring a little bit further each ultrasound. Well at my ultrasound at 29 weeks, the tech didn’t measure my placenta to OS. When I got up from the table I asked her about it and she sort of off hand said, “Well if you look at this picture, this is your placenta and this is your cervix and it looks to be about 7cm.” WHAT!? So I was so excited/confused/anxious because it wasn’t a true measurement so it wasn’t something concrete my doctor could go off, but apparently my uterus did some serious work and moved that sucker up! So I went back to the doctor yesterday and they were sure to get a measurement. The lady was scanning and measuring and then she says, “Yup, I’m getting 6.7 cm placenta to OS.” Hallelujah! Then she says, “Well…I say that, but then there’s this other thing lower down that I can’t tell if its part of your placenta or not and it’s measuring 2.7 cm away..”, which was my old measurement. 😦 I was so upset! It was like they said “Yay, no C-section. Oh wait, I lied. Oops!” So she called my doctor in to look at it and my doctor couldn’t tell what it was either. They thought it might be some type of additional lobe coming from my placenta… and would need to be treated just like the placenta in terms of vaginal delivery vs. c section and hemorrhaging risks. Because they couldn’t tell for sure, they decided to send me for an ultrasound at a diagnostics place to get a better look at it and they could tell for sure if that was part of the placenta or not. I went for that today and guess what! My placenta is 7.3 cm away, and had no additional lobe preventing a vaginal delivery!! So happy about that. It’s not set in stone that I’m in the clear yet since I don’t see my doctor again until next week, but we’re looking good for being able to let this little girl come when she’s ready!

Got another shot of her face (look at that chubby cheek!!) and a good clear shot of her spine. She’s looking to weigh about 3.3 lbs right now. I can’t wait to meet her! They told me in one of my last ultrasounds that she has a head full of hair and in one of the pictures we got today of her face, she looks like she has a widow’s peak like her daddy! ❤




One thought on “Baby Hillin | 30 Weeks

  1. Oh, yes, the movement is the most amazing feeling. I agree with you, the best part of being pregnant. She will probably have lots of hair. That’s where the hair off your legs went! LOL!!! You look amazing, honey. I just cannot wait to see you in person. My Jai having a little girl! HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!! See you real soon. Take care of our little cucumber. HUGS AND KISSES!!!!

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