Baby Hillin | 31 Weeks

31 Weeks

How Far Along: 31 Weeks

Baby is the size of a(n): Pineapple. Getting into some larger fruits! Random note, I’ve heard fresh pineapple can induce labor?? And even more randomly, I’m not allowed to have grapefruit while on Procardia.. and I love grapefruit!

Gender: baby girl

Weight Gain: Whew.. I’m pretty sure I’ve hit 40 at home. 31 lbs at the doctor’s office.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new here, but it got colder here over the weekend and I had to wear a size up in hoodies because mine don’t cover my belly anymore!

Stretch Marks: Nope. Finger still crossed.

Belly Button In or Out: Flat

Wedding Rings On or Off: Off. I actually tried to put it back on this weekend when it was cold and it was not happening. Sad face!

Sleep: Pitiful attempts.. still getting up to pee a million times and then have trouble getting comfortable again. Also when I first lay down, I feel like I’m suffocating and I have to take extremely deep breaths before I can relax.

Best Moment This Week: Nolan finally moved the gun safe from Whitlee’s room!! And he added some wind blockers on the bottom of the north side of our house. Last winter we noticed the north wind blows under and makes our house extremely cold, which is fine for us, but we needed to do something different keep the house warmer when she gets here! Nolan had to crawl under the house a million times and I told him he was such a good daddy for doing that for her. He was like “Yea, I know. If it was just us, I definitely wouldn’t be doing this!” 😉

Miss Anything: being able to walk without hurting. Holy back and hip pain!

Movement: Still moving around in there like crazy. Possibly moving into the full belly movements that will be neat to catch on video. It’s a lot less thumps and bumps, and more like she’s stretching, rolling around, and dancing in there!

Cravings: Nothing new or crazy this week. Still digging the flaming hot lime cheetos and Mexican food.

Symptoms: My back and hips are seriously. killing. me. Also have squished lungs, increased PVC’s (premature ventricular contractions that I had pre-pregnancy, but have noticed they’re more frequent. Not dangerous, just sort of annoying), and I noticed that I think I have that “pregnancy mask” people talk about (chloasma). My skin just looks kind of dirty sometimes or like I did my makeup splotchy. I’m also having Braxton Hicks occasionally and it’s kinda neat to know that’s what they are, like the uterus tightening without the pain, as opposed to the real contractions a few weeks ago.

Noteworthy Moments:

Still on the Procardia and everything seems to be okay there. 3 more weeks of that left. I’ll be stopping at 34 weeks and then basically they wont do anything to prevent labor at that time! (Insane to think about!!)

I finally finished the lamp shade for her room.. it was seriously about to kill me. But I love how it turned out!


My first baby shower is this weekend and I’m so so excited! Then I have another one next weekend and Nolan’s friends are throwing him a diaper party! We and our baby are so loved!

So, great news!! My last ultrasound showed my placenta at 7cm and she wanted it above 4cm, so I officially get to attempt to birth this girl naturally. I’m 100% okay with needing a c section later if there’s something wrong or if I have trouble pushing her out (my mother has a narrow pelvic opening and I’m worried I might run into the same thing), but I at least want the opportunity to try. I have an open mind about the whole thing and a very basic birth plan. I’m determined not set myself up for disappointment and just go with the flow. We talked about my birth plan today, which again is very simple, but I may still do a post talking about it specifically. The only concerning thing about my appointment today was they learned in my last ultrasound she has a nuchal cord, which means they saw her umbilical cord is wrapped around her neck. So scary! But they said that because they know about it, we’re in much better care. We’ll continue the weekly Biophysical Profile ultrasounds to check on her and make sure she’s not in any distress, and they’ll even be able to see if the cord unwraps itself. I also have to keep a very close eye on her movement and get to the doctor or hospital if I notice anything off. So encouraging for a first time mom! Ha!

I don’t think I mentioned it last week but I went to the first class in a 3 series at my hospital and it was so informative! This first one was Labor and Delivery, but it was less about actually birthing a baby and more along the lines of what to expect during delivery at our specific hospital. They showed us an epidural up close, a foley catheter, and the vacuum thing they use to help guide a baby out of the birth canal. They told us they are BIG on skin to skin and breastfeeding so that we can expect a lot of support there. They also have wireless monitoring so if you want to labor freely about your room or walk the halls, you can and still be monitored. They have whirlpool tubs in each room so you can labor in the tub if you don’t have an epidural or other issues going on. There were so many thing that our hospital just does by their standard policies and it made me feel so at ease. It’s also playing large part in my birth plan ending up being more basic because I don’t have to specify as many things. Oh and they did door prizes – there were only 3 of us that showed up (they were expecting 6) and they had 3 prizes so we all got one! I ended up with a pack of diapers and a set of washcloths and hooded towels. I’m really looking forward to the next two – Postpartum/Breastfeeding and Newborn Care. It’s put on by Labor and Delivery nurses, so it’s really neat that we get to meet some of them and basically hang out with them for a couple of hours learning some new things.


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