Baby Hillin | 33 Weeks

This post is going up extremely late. I had it typed and ready to go Wednesday, but I ended up admitted to the hospital that evening and it delayed my posting. I’ll post about that next! Spoiler alert – Whitlee is not here yet and we’re back at home. 🙂

33 Weeks

How Far Along: 33 Weeks

Baby is the size of a(n): durian fruit (? Idk.)

Gender: baby girl

Weight Gain: 35 at the doctor’s office and just over 40 at home.

Maternity Clothes: I’m really trying not to buy any new clothes that I couldn’t wear afterwards also, but I’m having trouble fitting into most of my clothes now.   

Stretch Marks: Still nothing. We’ll see if I can make it to the end without any!  

Belly Button In or Out: Just when I think it couldn’t get any flatter, it does. Still not completely out yet though.  

Wedding Rings On or Off: Still off. My replacement ring has even gotten tight a few times. Just for reference on how much my hands have swollen – my wedding ring is a size 4.5 (skeleton fingers!) and my replacement ring is a 7.

Sleep: Bleh. Horrible sleeping. The only time I get any kind of rest is late mornings, like after 6 am to around 9 am or if I take some Benadryl. I never feel like I fall into a deep sleep and I have to pee so often, then have trouble getting comfortable again. Rinse and repeat.  

Best Moment This Week: A surprise baby shower at work, my last baby shower at my mom’s, and Nolan’s diaper party! We got almost everything we needed for Whitlee… she is one loved little girl!

Miss Anything: my pre pregnancy body.. the one that slept decent, walked normal, and could breathe.  

Movement: She’s still moving pretty regularly. My mom, Nanny, and Aunt Amy got to feel her kick at the shower. That brings the total up to 5 people now. She’s not very good at performing on demand.

Cravings: Nothing really. I’ve been a little nauseous lately, so nothing really sounds great.  

Symptoms: Still having swollen feet. I try to stay off of them as much as possible. I’ve also started snoring, I suppose due to everything being mashed up so high in my chest. Other than that, still achy and moving so slowwww these days. I also think I’m mentally nesting. I keep thinking about all the things I want to organize and clean out, but have yet to tackle much of it except her room. I am 100% drained by the time I get home every day. I’m off this Friday though, so I might squeeze in some cleaning then. I really want to clean out the pantry, and another cabinet in the kitchen so that I can designate it for bottles and sippy cups for Whitlee.

Noteworthy Moments: Still on the Procardia – I stop it on the 23rd.. that’s only 6 days away! EEK! Everything I’ve read so far about stopping Procardia was about women going into labor anywhere from 6 hours to 2 weeks after stopping, hardly any stories about anything further than two weeks. Maybe one or two. It seemed like the majority lasted a week or so. It’s so crazy to me to think she could be here so soon. Even if I make it all the way to my due date, we’re nearly inside a month so even if my body holds out to the end, the end is so near!

I went Sunday and got everything else we needed for her arrival and afterwards. My hospital bag is packed, and so is her diaper bag. I got the cutest diaper bag EVER at my shower this weekend. It was handmade and seriously perfect. I love it! I plan on putting my bag, her bag, and the car seat in the car sometime this week, just in case.

I mentioned my surprise shower at work above, but a little more about it here. I was so shocked! My boss told me that we had a meeting at 2:00 for our department and made it sound like a really big deal. I started getting paranoid about it, like wondering if someone was getting fired, if someone had done something wrong, big changes coming… I had no idea. Well when I walked in the conference room, they all yelled “Surprise!” and there were pink decorations and gifts everywhere. It was so thoughtful and generous of them. We had red velvet cupcakes that were possibly the most delicious cupcakes I’ve ever had in my life, homemade by another co-worker’s wife! She’s talented, for sure.

Then I had my last and final shower at my mom’s, hosted by her and my Nanny. I love getting to see them! My feet were incredibly swollen that day – my poor shoes wouldn’t even go all the way on my feet. But I loved how everything turned out and we got some more great gifts. My mom got me my breast pump and some other things, one of my aunts and uncles got us a Boppy pillow and the Rock N Play sleeper, other people got  us some seriously cute outfits, Nanny made us a special gift – a decoration for her room that is made from a frame that belonged to my Great Grandmother! I love everything we got, even the stuff that made me cry – thanks Mom and Nanny! And we got tons of diapers and wipes…it was a very successful shower.



Nolan’s friends also threw him a diaper party this weekend. Basically the guys just all got together and grilled and brought diapers. Then we all sat around a bonfire. We’re experiencing the polar vortex in Texas, yall. It was/still is ridiculously cold here. I think we’re in for a long, cold winter. Last year was rough – snow several times and ice storms like crazy – so out of the norm for Texas. I’ll be glad to be cooped up with Whitlee on maternity leave for the brunt of it this year. Needless to say though, we have a TON of diapers after that party too. Everyone says you can’t have enough – but whew, we have a lot! So thankful for that. I think I may need a few more packs of newborns, but other than that we’re set for a while. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that got us diapers!

So anyway, showers are done, everything that could be bought has been bought, and everything that needed to be ordered has been ordered. As soon as her room is finished I’ll do a nursery post. But since her monogram still hasn’t shipped, it’s looking like that may be a little while still. I seriously hope it’s here before she’s born. Her dresser should be here this week, then I can get everything else organized and stuff hung on the walls. I can’t wait to see it all done!


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