NICU | Day 2

The second day we got to see our baby girl, she had already made even more improvement. They’d for sure taken her off the ventilator and she’d been on the cpap machine for a while. They said she was doing really good on it.

I was discharged this day about lunch time, so I was actually in the hospital less than 48 hours. They told us to take our time leaving, that even though we were technically discharged, not to get in any hurry. I think they knew it’d be hard to leave, knowing we were leaving without our baby. We told them we’d eat lunch, I’d pump one more time, then visit Whitlee at 2, then head home.

When we visited her at 2, there wasn’t much change, but she was still doing really well on the cpap and handling her food really well. They started feeding her that morning and they were doing 3ml of breastmilk every 3 hours thru her feeding tube and that was going pretty well also. We asked if we could touch her, because at this point we’d just got to look at her a bunch. They were like, “She’s your baby! Touch her all you want. Now is when we allow the babies to be touched, so get after it!” So we got to touch her little head and hands.. she was so soft! Then the nurse decided I could get a picture of her face so she pulled all of her cpap gear off really quick and let me get a quick picture. That was the first time we’d gotten to see her face since she was born and it made leaving a little less miserable. She’s such a pretty little baby! I won’t be sharing any pictures until she’s home. While I want the world to see how perfect she is, she’s hooked up to a lot of machines and I’m just not comfortable sharing that with anyone except our family and close friends.

We headed home shortly after that visit and I managed not to cry leaving the hospital. This was Thanksgiving day btw and we weren’t really in the mood for family socializing so we stopped at IHOP on the way home and had our first decent meal in days. At home, we unpacked and went to bed really early. I called the NICU for an update about 11 during one of my pumping sessions and I probably shouldn’t have. Whitlee had a nurse the night before that while I’m sure she is a wonderful nurse, her bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired. She’s very short and very blunt. She’s also foreign, so understanding her is very difficult. Well she had that nurse again this night and over the phone I tried to understand her but what I got from it was that she wasn’t tolerating her feedings very well so they’d backed off for now. That was a hard pill to swallow knowing the only thing I could do at this point was pump milk for her and she wasn’t tolerating it. I went to bed upset and woke up upset, just completely worried she wasn’t eating at all.


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