NICU | Day 3

After hearing the night before that Whitlee wasn’t tolerating her feedings I was so anxious to get to the hospital. If I had my way we’d spend every waking moment there, but she needs rest and it’s standard care to only stimulate them every 6 hours, so we visit her everyday at 2. That’s when they allow us to touch her and we get to watch them do things like feed her thru her feeding tube or swap her machines around.

This morning though I was so distraught all morning. I think I cried every ten minutes. I wanted to run to the NICU once we were in the hospital. When we walked in we saw that she was on her belly. Her nurse for the day explained what happened the night before. They were giving her 3ml of breastmilk every 3 hours but they have to check her belly for residuals, or undigested milk. The night before she’d had quite a bit, which meant she didn’t digest it well. So they backed off her feeding and then started back earlier that morning with 1ml every hour and she was handling it much better. They said the cpap machine causes their bellies to extend sometimes which makes digestion a little harder so that’s probably what happened but they turned down her machine some because she was ready for that step and rolled her to her belly because that helps her digest everything easier also. So all of that made us feel a lot better.

They had to change her fittings for her cpap so we got to see her pretty little face again. The nurse shielded her eyes this time against the light and she opened them and immediately started looking at us talking to her. She was paying extra special attention to Nolan! It was the cutest thing.. he was leaned over talking to her and she was just looking right at him the whole time. It melted our hearts!

They swapped over her cpap fitting (they swap them every day to something different so that it puts pressure on their faces in different places and doesn’t leave permanent marks from having the same thing mashed against them in the same spot every day) and changed her diaper. It was a relief to see so much being done to her because if she weren’t stable, they wouldn’t be touching her.

We stayed for a while just rubbing her head and taking pictures and talking to her. Once they put her cpap gear back on, we couldn’t see her face anymore but we could see her little lips and they are super cute. Nolan said she’s already got her pouting face down! I think her daddy might be wrapped around her tiny little fingers already.

The last thing they told us was they planned to take her off the cpap the next day and move her to an oxygen cannula, which would just be the tube of oxygen running under her nose, kinda like elderly people with the oxygen tanks, just much smaller of course. We were so happy that she was doing so well and seemed happy. Taking her food better and plans to get off the cpap was a good enough update for us that we left feeling much better than we did when we went in. I decided not to call that night for an update because I was almost positive she’d have that nurse I don’t care for again and I wanted to keep the happy thoughts from earlier in my mind.


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