Whitlee’s Birth Story | Part 1

Note: If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I can be extremely long winded, so to keep this from being incredibly long, I’m breaking it into two parts. They’ll probably both be long also, though! 🙂

Tuesday, November 25, I went to work for a little while before my 34 week appt. I was actually 34 weeks, 2 days. I’d been keeping a log of my blood pressure over the weekend and Monday at my doctor’s request since my last hospital visit, but they were all over the place. I had a weird feeling going to my appt, because right before I left work, I checked my blood pressure one more time, an hour after taking the Labetalol, and it was still high.

My appointment was at 10, but I didn’t get called back until about 11:30. The nurse that does vitals took my blood pressure and it was still high, then she had me leave a urine sample while I waited for my doctor. I also gave my log of bp’s to the nurse so she could put them in my chart. While I was waiting for my doctor I heard her outside my door say something about possibly doing a c section. I wasn’t sure she was even talking about me until she opened the door to my room about 2 seconds later and said, “Girrll, what it in the world is going on with these blood pressures?” I told her, “I have no idea.” She went ahead and did a cervical check (still long and closed) and my group b strep test because I was due for that. Then she hit me with, “I’m sending you back to L&D for monitoring.” She said if my blood pressure stayed high we’d be delivering early. I felt a flood of adrenaline immediately.

While I was getting dressed, I called Nolan and told him to get there asap, just in case. I made my way over to L&D but kind of took my time because just in case they did something drastic, I wanted Nolan to have plenty of time to get there. He works about 30 minutes from the hospital. I also stopped by the bathroom and took one more bump picture. I wanted that in case this was my last day to be pregnant. Good thing I did!


Last day to be pregnant! My face was very swollen.

When I got to L&D, they put me in triage, had me put on a gown and wait to get hooked up to the monitors. While I was waiting, thankfully Nolan got there. They hooked me up at about 12:30. The machines in triage take your BP every 15 minutes, and Nolan kept watching it. It was higher than it should have been, over and over and over. I was supposed to have a biophysical profile done that day but instead they ordered a full OB ultrasound on Whitlee to check for distress and get an approximate size. The ultrasound was a little intense because once the tech got all of her measurements, she started checking for distress, and we noticed Whitlee wasn’t moving. We could see her heart beating strong but after nearly 30 minutes of poking and prodding (which hurt!) she only moved a little. I had never seen her do that and it freaked me out. I felt like my blood pressure was affecting her but the tech assured me she was probably just sleeping and told me she weighed an estimated 5 lbs. (Spoiler alert – she didn’t!)

Shortly after that a man in green scrubs walked in and introduced himself as an anesthesiologist. He began talking about spinal blocks and c section procedure, that they’d take me in and get me all set up, then let Nolan in. I think Nolan and I both were looking at him crazy because nobody had said anything concrete to us about delivery, yet here was this man explaining a c section procedure to us! I finally was like, “Wait, are we having a baby??” And he kind of raised his eyebrows and said, “Oh… has your doctor not been in yet??” We told him no, and he got a big smile and said, “Well, then yes, you’re having a baby! Sorry, I ran into her at the nurse’s station and just assumed she’d been in to talk to you.” He went on to explain everything with the procedure and answer any questions we had.

During that time though, the nurse came in behind him and started pulling off monitors, hung up a bag of fluid, and started an IV (twice actually, the first one in my right hand didn’t work so she tried again in my other hand). The anesthesiologist left, and my doctor came in. She said we were going to have to deliver early, via c section, because I had finally shown protein in my urine so my gestational hypertension was now preeclampsia. My blood pressure was not getting any better plus she didn’t think my blood pressure could handle laboring, and with my cervix at its current state, an induction would take days. She answered a few questions for us and I asked when this was happening. She said, “Immediately. As soon as they can get a bag of fluids through you. Sooo.. (looked at the nurse) 20-30 minutes?” The nurse said yes.


9 thoughts on “Whitlee’s Birth Story | Part 1

  1. Your story sounds so much like mine (even though mine hasn’t ended yet). I was at L&D last night for high blood pressure, and even though it went down and I went home, they told me that if it goes up and stays up, she’s coming out!

      • I’m 37 weeks 2 days. Right now we’re trying bedrest. It’s odd; my blood pressure will be fine sometimes but high other times. Can’t figure out a trigger or anything. I have an appointmet todat and will hopefully get some answers.

      • 37 weeks is great! They never tried specific bed rest with mine because even in the hospital for two days, in a bed constantly, it was all over the place. Same situation, we couldn’t find a reason. They basically ended up saying the “reason” was pregnancy. Called it Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. And the only cure was delivery. Good luck at your appt!

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