NICU | Day 7

Whitlee was 1 week old today and graduated a little. In our hospital there used to be a nursery and a NICU separated by a half wall with glass. When they did away with the nursery and started rooming in full time, they made both rooms the NICU and they divide it like the more critical babies in one part and the babies that are moving forward in the other part.

When I got there today, I went in our normal door and the nurse met me and said, “Oh they moved her to the other room. You can still scrub up here, but come down to the other room when you’re done.” I was so glad to hear that!

Today was my first day to visit without Nolan, since he went back to work today. So I sent him lots of pictures while I was there. Her doctor came back from vacation today too, and they actually closed the NICU for a little while so that he could assess the babies in private and get caught up, so I only got to hold her for a little while. I’ll take what I can get though! The only update I really got was that we are up to 11 ml a feeding right now.


We went back tonight at 8 so Nolan could visit her and we found out that she is being moved to a different kind of bed that doesn’t regulate her body temperature for her anymore, because she’s doing well regulating it on her own. So that’s another step forward! They’re also going to try a bottle at 2am tonight. I’m hoping that goes well. She’s really only lacking two things at this point – weight gain (she’s lost a couple of ounces and needs to gain about 6 to come home) and learning to suck, swallow, and breathe at the same time. So the bottle is the test for that. The nurse told me tonight that if bottle feeding goes well, then I can try to breastfeed soon!

Nolan held her tonight and she just looked at him the whole time. I think she recognizes our voices. And she likes to be held where she can see us, that’s when she’s the most calm.


So things are moving right along, just having to be patient and hope she meets all of her milestones. I really hope she can come home soon. That will be the best day ever!


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