NICU | Day 10

Yesterday was Whitlee’s 10th day in the NICU. I can’t believe we have a 10 day old baby!

When I got there today, her nurse was taking her temperature and then she said, “Okay, momma, you can change her and get her out of her isolette and breastfeed her. She’s all yours.” So basically she kind of turned me loose with her. I really felt like a real mom. The NICU makes it a little difficult to feel like she’s our baby, because there’s always someone telling you what you can and can’t do, when you can hold them, when you can change their diapers, when you can feed them, but today was great. She was really awake again, so I changed her diaper, she pooped of course, then as soon as I put her new diaper under her, she pooped again! She’s making a habit out of this pooping twice at a time lol. So I cleaned her up again and got her out.


She is completely off her IV now. They took it all the way out of her hand, so all she has left is her feeding tube!

She breastfed for about 30 minutes again, then we just snuggled for a while. Her nurse told me I could put some clothes on her finally, and right before I pulled a onesie over her head, her doctor stopped by and said she was a little jaundice again and needed to be back under the bili blanket for a couple of days, so I had to leave her naked. But they’re up to 25 ml on feeding and he gave the full go ahead to breastfeed or bottle feed her each time we’re there and then the nurses can give her a bottle any time she’s awake enough to take one. She’s doing pretty good with suck, swallow, breathe so I’m happy about that. She’s up to 4lbs 4oz now. Once she’s about 4lbs 6oz, she can move to the open bassinet, and she can also be car seat tested.


Nolan and I went back that evening like normal and she breastfed again for about 40 minutes and then got in some more daddy time. She is always so awake when he has her.. those two absolutely melt my heart.


On our way home, I felt really thankful for a change. I’m always sad when we leave her, but I got to thinking how thankful I am that she’s healthy and smart, and she’s making all the necessary milestones. I have a husband that loves me and her like crazy. We have a roof over our heads, transportation to and from our baby girl, the means to visit her as often as we want, and I have an ample milk supply. So besides the one big factor of having her at home with us, things are good. I’m just so ready… we’re in double digits now so hopefully the end is near.


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