NICU | Day 9

Whitlee is still making a little progress every day! On day 9, she was up to 20 ml of breastmilk. When I got there, the day shift nurse said she’d taken her 15 ml bottle with the night shift nurse perfectly with no episodes. So they let me do skin to skin and some more practice breastfeeding while she heated up milk for her 20 ml bottle. She did pretty good, better than the night before. Latched right on but wasn’t doing a crazy amount of sucking, just here and there. Then they let me give her a bottle myself! I was a little nervous, so I asked what to watch for if she was having trouble. They said she’d throw her hands out and get wide eyed, basically I wouldn’t be able to miss it. But she handled it wonderfully! She would suck and then kind of pant, then suck some more then pant. When the nurse checked on us, she said that was good, that she was self pacing. She took half of the 20 ml before she started getting sleepy so they dropped the rest of it down her tube. But that was good progress!

She’s also off her IV. They still have the end in her hand, just in case, but she’s not getting any fluids from it. She’s still in the isolette, and will be until she gains a little more weight, then she’ll move to an open bassinet. Once she’s there, and eating well, we should be close to car seat testing and going home.



Nolan and I went back that evening to see her and she was so awake! She was waving her hands around and just looking at us. The nurse was changing her diaper when we walked in and she kept pooping after she wiped her. It was pretty funny! So much poop for such a little girl! Then they let me breastfeed her again on top of dropping her 20 ml down the tube, and she did so good. She actually actively nursed for about 40 minutes and was alert for the majority of it. I was so proud of her! After she ate, Nolan held her for a little while and she even stayed awake for him.

So Day 9 was a nice, successful day! We can’t wait til she’s home!


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