NICU | Day 11

On Day 11, I got to change Whitlee’s diaper again and get her out of the isolette all on my own. She breastfed really good again and then we just rocked for a while. I got some really cute pictures of her. Her daddy and I are so in love with this little face!



bigg yawn


No major updates for Day 11, except she’s up to an ounce per feeding which is a great step. Two babies in her room have gone home, and there’s only one left that’s “ahead” of her. I’m hoping she moves to an open bassinet soon because that will put her pretty close to going home.

We went back that evening and fed her again. She’d just gotten a bath and her hair was all fuzzy and wild! It was the cutest thing! The nurse said they’d tried a bottle earlier and she only took about 10ml before she fell asleep and wasn’t interested so they had to drop the rest down her tube. She didn’t breastfeed as well as I’d have liked either… she kept falling asleep. She normally will go about 30-40 minutes fairly steady, but it was just sort of on and off for about 30 minutes. I asked about her weight and they said she’d lost 20 grams, but that it wasn’t enough to worry. I couldn’t help it though, I didn’t like that at all. She needs to eat more to gain weight, and she needs to eat more from breastfeeding and a bottle so she can get off her feeding tube, but she works so hard at bottle feeding and breastfeeding that I get nervous she’s not gaining enough weight. I’m hoping Day 12 will be better. I can’t believe she’s almost been there two weeks. I try to stay positive, but I’m so ready for her to come home.


Getting in some more daddy time


3 thoughts on “NICU | Day 11

    • Thank you! I feel like we’re getting so close, then sometimes it still feels forever away. I would have been 36 weeks today so maybe by the time she’s considered full term at 37, she’ll be home.

      • Yeah I can’t even begin to imagine. I hope she starts to take more breastfeeding or from the bottle in the next few days! 37 weeks sounds like a good goal! 🙂

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