NICU | Day 13

Today was another step in the right direction. Whitlee is still breastfeeding pretty well and taking bottles occasionally. She seems to have gotten the hang of suck, swallow, breathe, and her difficulty lies in staying awake long enough to eat and recognizing that she’s hungry. When I got there the nurse said, “She’s awake and fussing, momma,” which is unusual for her (she’s not normally a fusser) but it was good because she recognized it was time to eat and was awake. So I fed her for a little while, then we just rocked the rest of the time. When I put her back in her isolette she woke back up, which I hate because I’d much rather leave while she’s sleeping. But she finally kind of drifted back off and I snuck out. I know she’s too little to know it, but I hate the idea of her watching me leave.


She did just as well on breastfeeding when Nolan and I went back for the evening. She’s up another 15 grams, so she’s made it into the 4 lbs 5 oz range. Getting closer to coming out of the isolette every day! Only 35 more grams to go. Grow, baby, grow!


So basically she’s still doing really well, and making progress all the time. She still just needs to eat more and gain some weight, but we’re getting there!

Thank you to everyone that has called, text, and commented for the well wishes. We can’t wait to have her home with us and we really appreciate everyone that has prayed for our little family and sent positive and encouraging thoughts our way!


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