NICU | Day 14

Tuesday was two weeks Whitlee has been in the NICU. I can’t believe we have a two week old! She’s still progressing really well, though. When I went to see her, I changed her and we sat down to breastfeed. She was awfully fidgety and squirmy and just kept popping on and off and never really ate. I was so bothered by that. I finally checked her diaper again and after yet another dirty one, she was a little more content and ended up eating for about 30 minutes. Like I mentioned before, she’s not normally fussy, so while we’re blessed she’s so laid back, sometimes it’s difficult to tell when something is wrong with her. We hung out and rocked for a while but she wasn’t sleepy like she normally is after eating and as soon as I put her back in the isolette she was even more awake… I knew that was going to throw a hitch in her eating later in the day.



Anndd.. I was right. When we went back that evening she was sound asleep. She would only latch and eat for about 5 minutes then fall back into a deep sleep. Then latch again and eat for about 5 minutes and go right back to sleep. I finally gave in and let them put her milk down her tube. I hated to do it but she wasn’t eating and she needs to gain weight. It ended up working out though, because she did gain weight! The nurse we had doesn’t weigh them until after we leave, so I called back later and found out she is up to 2020 grams. She has to be 2000 grams to move to an open bassinet so I’m hoping that happens very soon now that she’s weighing enough! She also only has to weigh 2000 grams to come home, so now her only hurdle left is waking up to eat and taking all feedings by mouth for 24 hours. Right now she gets wore out from eating, then sleeps through the next few feedings. So hopefully she starts waking up to feed and takes all her bottles and keeps breastfeeding when I’m there. She’s only taking about 1/3 of her feedings by mouth right now.  But we’re getting so close and I’m getting very anxious!



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