NICU | Day 15

No major changes for the day on day 15. She has surpassed the 2000 grams mark to move out of the isolette but when we went to visit, she hadn’t been moved yet. She ate really well for both of her feedings with me, but only took a little bit of her bottles with the nurse. I’m hoping that when she’s moved to the open bassinet, it just suddenly clicks for her that she’s hungry and then stays awake to eat. She’s just so close!



The big change came at night. I called back later after we’d left to get her weight and she’d gained again. 🙂 She’s up to 2065 grams, which is 4lbs 8oz, nearly 9oz. Then the nurse told me they’d moved her to an open bassinet! I am so excited about this! I can’t wait to see her today and have such easy access to her. Now she just needs to eat everything and she can come home!




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