NICU | Day 16

Our girl is finally in an open bassinet!!



They gave her a little Christmas hat!

Today was a really big day for her. She moved to the open bassinet and just suddenly seemed so big. Her umbilical cord stump has fallen off also. To me that means it is definitely time to come home! (Unfortunately, she hasn’t quitteee met the next milestone.) She breastfed like a champ for my daytime visit and was wide awake when I left,  causing me to worry she’d be thrown off again for the evening.


But her nurse called me later that evening and said she’d stayed awake all the way to her next feeding and that she’d taken the entire bottle by mouth and was finally asleep. Then when we went back for the feeding after that, she ate again for me – just barely enough though. She was very very sleepy. But I feel like her taking three feedings in a row by mouth is a major leap forward. I was hoping that being in the open bassinet would help something click for her on the eating front. This is her last major milestone – she just has to eat everything by mouth for 24 hours, but also maintain her body temp and weight gain. She should also be getting close to her car seat test!


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