NICU | Day 19

Whitlee’s 19th day was another good one. I’d been telling Nolan that he needed to go with me during the day if he could because she’s so awake after she eats at 2 and she’s so fun to look at and talk to. So he was able to go today and she was perfect! She breastfed wonderfully then stayed awake just long enough to be adorable then went back to sleep.



She has also continued to eat everything by mouth and they told us to bring her car seat when we came back that evening for her car seat test! And I just got word that she passed that perfectly. She’s actually big enough now that the newborn insert that came with our carseat fits her great even though she’s not quite 5 lbs yet. Just an FYI, they make all preemie babies that have been on oxygen sit in their car seat for 90 minutes and make sure that A. they fit safely, and B. they don’t have any bradycardia or apnea spells, basically make sure they’re not going to get in their car seat to go home and freak out and stop breathing. But she passed, so that’s great news! That means as soon as her doctor gets back on Monday, he has to get caught back up on all of his patients, but I’m hoping like crazy she gets to go home. It should either be Monday or Tuesday! We’ve got lots of nurses and even my OB backing us saying she’s for sure ready to go. Tomorrow could be our big day! 🙂


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