NICU | Day 20

Whitlee’s 20th day in the NICU was her last! I called today at lunch to see about her getting to leave and they said to bring Nolan when I come so that means they were sending her home!



So after 20 long days of driving back and forth to see her, our sweet girl is finally home with us. We are thrilled and so in love with her! Happy graduation day, Whitlee!!


7 thoughts on “NICU | Day 20

  1. Yay!!! So cute and so teenie weenie in the car seat.
    My husbands lieutenant recommended rolling receiving blankets or cloth diapers to put near their head to support their neck. She’s the one that installed our car seat recently. 🙂

    • Yes she is so small in it! I did do the rolled receiving blankets once we were actually in the car and it helped! They’d originally told me in the nicu that she fit fine in the newborn insert but I disagreed once we were situated. It’s so crazy to me that she’s still almost half the size of most newborns!

    • Thank you! She’s doing good for the most part.. we had some difficulty getting her bottles worked out.. she’s getting fortified breastmilk every other feeding and didn’t like the bottles we were using but we got the same ones the nicu uses and that seems to be better. She also has her days and nights mixed up so we’re super tired over here! But overall, she’s perfect! 🙂

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