Merry Christmas

I had a Christmas card all planned and waiting to be purchased… about the time I was being admitted for high blood pressure the first time. After that whirlwind, then having our sweet little girl, traveling back and forth to the nicu, and then finally getting her home, they never got ordered. So to all of my readers – family, friends, and new followers – Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


Nolan, Jaime and Baby Whitlee


5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

      • Oh my gosh, I know! And they change so fast. Whitlee has been home a little over a week and looks like she’s grown so much! I’m like oh no, before I know it she’ll be graduating high school!

      • I agree. I was just looking at pics from a week ago compared to today and I definitely see a difference in Mackenzie! She looks so much like her daddy! I have a feeling time will fly for us. I’m currently having the same discussion via text with a friend who had her daughter the day after thanksgiving! I’m trying to remind myself to enjoy every minute of it as I can never get that time back!

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