Guilty Pleasures

Day 5 of the 31 day blogging challenge is Guilty Pleasures. I like to think I don’t indulge much, especially when it’s something that isn’t necessarily good for me, but hey, I’m human – I do have a few!

1. Hands down, sushi. Just because it’s fairly expensive and I eat it way more often than I should. Nolan doesn’t eat it, so I get it to-go almost any time I’m near my favorite place. I even did some serious research to see what I could eat safely during pregnancy! Speaking of… pretty sure I’m picking it up for lunch after our 2 month pediatrician appt tomorrow! Momma will need some comfort food after Whitlee’s two month shots! 😦

2. TV shows on DVD. We don’t have cable or satellite so we usually wait until most shows come out on DVD, then watch several episodes at a time. I’m eye balling the first 10 seasons of Greys Anatomy on eBay right now. I’ve seen every episode up until about season 8…whatever season it was that there was a bad storm and Meredeth was having her baby in the finale. But Nolan hasn’t ever seen them and I think he’d like it.

3. The new Butterfinger peanut butter cups. I used to be all about Reese’s cups, but after a weird aversion to them while pregnant, they’ve been replaced as my fave.


4. Vinyl. I got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas and I have been creating all kinds of stuff with stick on vinyl and iron on vinyl since then. I made a new mailbox address decal, a Rock Me Mama Like a Wagon Wheel onesie for Whitlee, a monogram decal for my jewelry box mirror, a monogram decal for my address book, and a handful of decals for Nolan to stick on his toolbox, truck, equipment, etc.


5. Diet Coke. Back in high school when counting calories was a thing to do, I decided I didn’t want to waste 100 calories on a regular old soda. So I forced myself to drink Diet Coke instead since they’re 0 calories. Then I developed a taste for it and even though it’s actually worse for you than regular Coke, I prefer the taste of it. I try not to drink them often though.

I think that’s about it!


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