Personality Traits I’m Proud Of

Day 6 of the 31 day blogging challenge is 3 personality traits I’m proud of.

1. I’m smart. Not to sound arrogant, but I honestly believe I’m smarter than your average person. I pick things up extremely fast and my wheels are always turning. Nolan is forever telling me to stop thinking so much.

2. I’m a great secret keeper and I’m very loyal. Once I have a loyalty to someone, I have their back through thick and thin.

3. I’m insanely organized. I meal plan every week, my closet is color coordinated, and my office desk is always meticulous.


3 thoughts on “Personality Traits I’m Proud Of

      • You and me both! This is probably why we both have jobs that involve quality. Oh and then I just love the people who keep asking the same questions over and over. If you can’t remember or are too lazy to check procedures, at least write it down so I don’t have to tell you more than once!

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