Piercings and Tattoos

Day 9 of the 31 day blogging challenge is piercings and tattoos.

My piercings are fairly boring these days. I just have two holes in each ear but I never wear anything in my second holes. I used to have my nose and lip pierced and a dermal anchor in my face. Here’s a picture of my lip piercing and dermal anchor.



I have 6 tattoos but I’m getting two of them laser removed. I’ll explain which ones below.

– Tribal on my spine… most girls have a “tramp stamp” on their lower back. I wanted mine to be different, so it’s vertical up my spine. This is my largest one and was my very first one.

– An ambigram on my wrist that says “Beautiful” one way and “Disaster” the other way.



– A cross on the top of my right foot with a “C” on one side and a “J” on the other side for two of my close friends that died, Coty and John.


– Three red and black nautical stars on the side of my left foot. My mom has the exact same tattoo and my brother has the three stars on his ribs. We got them right before my brother left for the army. Nautical stars are symbolic of “finding your way home safe”.


– A zombie on my ribs… yeah, lol. This is one that is getting removed. I’ve had it lasered twice and I’m telling you I could be a waking poster child for thinking tattoos through before you get them. Laser removal hurts worse than anything I’ve ever experienced, including c section recovery. So the story behind the zombie is that once upon a time I wanted a half sleeve, and this cool zombie I found in a tattoo magazine was going to be the first part of it. Well I chickened out at the last minute and told them to do it on my ribs. Good thing, because it turned out horrible. The color was bad, the artwork was bad, the whole thing just looked like crap. I hated it the second I looked in the mirror. Terrible feeling.

– a “J” and a crown on my middle finger. There wasn’t any reason for this tattoo other than to prove I was tough enough for a finger tattoo. Like I said, I have 6 and the most painful one was my finger. So I got it and I feel like its kinda trashy looking sometimes so I’m getting it removed also. Just kind of an afterthought while I’m there getting my ribs done.


I’m going to finish getting those two removed, but I do want one more. I want mine and Nolan’s wedding date and Whitlee’s birthdate in roman numerals either on my other ribs or my forearm. I’m not quite sure yet!


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