Whitlee | 3 Months

Sorry I’ve been MIA a little (and didn’t finish the 31 day blogging challenge). Now that Whitlee is a little bigger, we’ve been trying to get out of the house a little more. I’ve also started working out again and I feel like we’re just doing something all the time now. I don’t have quite as much time to post, but I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things. I did get back into the Instagram world, so if you’re on there – send me a follow request! My username is jaimehillin.

Whitlee turned 3 months old on Wednesday. As fast as I feel like time flew up to 2 months, I actually feel like time between 2 and 3 didn’t go quite as fast and I’m so thankful for that. I thought I was going to wake up tomorrow and she’d be graduating high school! And even though time didn’t fly by, it still amazes us how much she changes all the time. She’s growing up so fast! IMG_4574


We don’t go back to the doctor until 4 months, so we don’t have any official stats, but she’s weighing over 10 lbs now on our home scale! I love that she’s growing. That means I’m doing my job! I mean look at these cheeks!


Whitlee is eating 4 oz every 4 hours during the day now and has one bigger bottle of 5/6 oz before bed about 9/10 PM and the same when she wakes up in the morning. The week before she turned 3 months she had her last breastmilk bottle. We then swapped to Enfamil Gentlease and she had no issues with the switch. We tried mixing some bottles half and half a week or so before we ran out of breastmilk, just to make sure she wouldn’t reject the taste, but she never even blinked at that, so we did normal breastmilk bottles (still fortified with Similac Neosure) until we ran out, then switched cold turkey. Oddly enough, I think she might like the formula better. She seems a little less fussy at times that she used to be fussy. The Gentlease says it’s easy on their bellies and can reduce gas, colic, and fussiness. We are still mixing the formula to 22 calories.

We also switched back to the Avent Naturals bottles that she originally rejected. It was too hard to dump formula in the smaller Parent’s Choice bottles we were using and when we’d shake them to mix the formula, it leaked everywhere. I’m not sure what the deal is with the bottles, but she drinks from the Avent without any issue now. Maybe they were just too big for her at first. I noticed one day on the Parent’s Choice bottles that her mouth covers the whole nipple and touches the sides, and with the Avent bottles it seems like a better fit now. She always had a deep latch, even when breastfeeding, so maybe that’s why. The Avent Naturals are supposed to mimic breastfeeding the closest.

Whitlee still sleeps in her crib for the most part, but we had a little regression on the staying in her crib through the night thing. She normally gets a bath, clean clothes and diaper and eats her last bottle, the bigger one, around 9PM to 9:30 PM. Then we swaddle her and rock her a little and lay her down in her prewarmed crib about 10PM. She rarely cries or fusses anymore at that point and is usually out within 10 minutes. She’ll sleep til about 2AM and that’s when she used to wake up for a bottle. Well a few weeks back, she suddenly started waking up (I’m thinking she’s hungry, so I fix a bottle) and then by the time the bottle is warm, she’s back asleep and basically refuses to eat. She’d take maybe an oz, if that. So I decided she must not actually be hungry, she’s just used to waking up at that point. So I’d get her back to sleep and lay her down again. But then she’d only sleep on and off the rest of the night, like 30 minutes to an hour each time. Does this sound familiar? She did the same thing in the rock n play. So in desperation of sleep I finally brought her to bed with me. Again. Now she sleeps the first half perfectly in her crib, wakes around 2AM, then I get her and bring her to bed and she sleeps til about 5 or 6AM. She also takes a couple of really good naps throughout the day, like 2-3 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon. Sometimes she’ll catch a little cat nap later in the evening, too.


More and more smiles! She seriously makes me laugh on a regular basis because she’s so happy and smiles so much. I think we are this close to a real laugh. I can’t wait for that! Check out my Instagram for videos and a ton of pictures of her smiling!


Her head control is amazing now. She even tries to sit up on her own sometimes but she’s still a little unstable. She prefers to be sitting up looking at everything now instead of cradled in my arm.

She’s getting even better at putting weight on her legs. We think she’ll walk before she crawls because she’s so strong with her legs. She’ll stand in our laps with just us holding her under her arms for balance for a long time before she gives out.

We’re officially out of newborn clothes. I packed them all up a few nights ago because she’s officially into 3 month clothing and even outgrowing some of those that run a little small. She’s also wearing size 1 diapers now. We’ve decided we prefer Pampers, both the Swaddlers and Baby Dry. I just think they fit her better. We have a huge stash of both Pampers and Huggies but we’ll prob go exchange all the Huggies at some point.

She’s starting to coo and make little noises now and it makes my heart melt every time!

Biggest moment – Whitlee rolled over for the first time! It was tummy to back while she was doing tummy time on the activity mat. She did it so fast I didn’t even have time to video it. And of course, she hasn’t done it again although she tries every day. I’m sure the days of rolling around like crazy are very close.


-Still loves bath time
-Her changing table (weird)
-Riding in her stroller
-Snuggling with momma
-Going outside to see Daddy
-Sitting up
-Standing up
-Little lamb teether (similar to Sophie the Giraffe)
-Rocking in the glider we finally decided to get
-Her “blankey”…

I mentioned in the sleep post a while back that she doesn’t have a blanket that she just loves. Well now she does. It’s the blanket that came with her bedding so it’s vintage floral on one side and pink minky fabric on the other side. We usually use it to put over her on the carseat. Well one day I was watching her in the mirror while I was driving and I kept seeing her lean forward over and over. I kept reaching back and putting her head back and she’d do it again. I finally realized she wanted her blanket by her face.. so I tucked it by her head and she was happy! So now we take the blanket everywhere. I’m thinking about making her a small version of it, like a 12″ X 12″ that she can hold herself.


-When the vehicle stops moving
-When she can’t rub her face on her blankey
-Being dried off after a bath

Thankfully she doesn’t dislike much! She’s usually a pretty happy baby. The only time she’s really fussy is in the evenings between 6 and 9… but I’ve heard that’s the witching hours for babies. And she’s not just all out pissed, but she’s definitely not just quietly content like she normally is.

I can’t believe our sweet girl is a quarter of a year old already! (And yes, I’m that crazy mom that is already planning her first birthday party!) I feel like she’s out of the infant stage and it’s starting to really get fun. She loves to play with us and I know that’ll just get better with time.

We love you, Whitlee Alyzabeth!

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Exciting News!

As I mentioned yesterday, Whitlee is almost 3 months old. So in honor of that and reaching 100 posts , I’m so excited to announce Southernly Ever After’s very first giveaway! It actually isn’t happening until May at her 6 month “birthday” but I got the final word yesterday and I couldn’t stand not to share a sneak peek! Here’s a screenshot of me texting Nolan about it.. haha!


We are having family pictures done just before 6 months and will be featuring something special for my sweet girl and then the providers were so generous to offer one of my lucky readers the chance to win “it” themselves!

Here’s a hint for now! 😉


Suspenseful, right?? I swear you’ll love it, though! I’ll post a few more hints in the coming weeks/months and I’ll make the official announcement in May! Happy Thursday, everyone!

0-3 Month Favorites

Now that Whitlee has been around for almost 3 months, we’ve gotten a better handle on things that just work for us. So I thought I’d share our 0-3 month favorites and my thoughts on them!


1. Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath
We give Whitlee a bath every other every other night (which she loves!) and use the bedtime bath wash. I swear it helps calm her down and relax, plus it smells so good!

2. Summer SwaddleMe Velcro Swaddlers
These have been a life saver! We got a set as a gift and when our little wiggle worm decided she could bust out of a regular swaddle, we decided to try these. We have some that zip up too and are being worked in the rotation but when she was teeny tiny, we could pull the velcro ones tighter than the zip up ones would allow. She flails her arms so much that she won’t sleep unless she’s swaddled. It calms her super fast!

3. Sleep Sheep
I talked about the Sleep Sheep in my post about Whitlee sleeping in her crib and I really think it helps her sleep more soundly. It cancels out startling noises and provides a steady noise like she was used to in the womb. We didn’t use it at first, but then I noticed one night that when our fan heater kicked on and she was crying, she’d suddenly stop. Plus since she was a preemie, she was used to the hustle and bustle of the NICU. The quiet trips her out a little.

4. Boba Wrap
Hands down the best $40 I’ve spent. It’s so unsafe (soapbox alert!) to put a carseat on a shopping cart so when I buy groceries, I put Whitlee in the boba wrap instead of lugging the car seat in and it taking up my whole cart. Kills like 3 birds with stone – she thinks she’s being held so she’s quiet and content; she’s all up in my bubble, therefore other people (little old ladies) don’t try to touch her because they’d literally have to be in my face; and it gives me both hands free. I wear her everywhere.

5. Wubbanub
Whitlee didn’t love a pacifier but I think it was mainly because she didn’t have the control to hold it in her mouth. The wubbanub helps her hold it in because it’s weighed down a little by the stuffed animal and I think it makes her realize she has control over it. She can decide if she wants to suck on it or not. We have a Wal-Mart brand one where the pacifier detaches and she’s a snuggler, (she likes to snuggle the animal… so cute!) so the other day I had the pacifier detached so she could just hug the animal and she all the sudden started trying to suck on the rubber part where the pacifier attaches. She knew exactly what should have been there!

6. Nose Frida
Okay, I have heard so many people sing the praises of the Nose Frida and I had to try it. Annndd that stupid bulb thing was dead to me as soon as I tried this. Nolan ran out of the room gagging but I was shocked at how fast and easy it got the snot and boogers out of her nose! If you’re not familiar, it has a tube with a filter, then a hose with a mouthpiece. You put the tube against their nose and suck on the mouthpiece. And then magically, they have an empty nose and you have a tube full of snot and boogers. The filter keeps it from going in your mouth, but really you’d have to really try to even get it anywhere near the filter. It’s not for a weak stomach, but I swear it’s been amazing!

So, there ya have it. These 6 things have made my life much easier and Whitlee much happier as well!

Songs I’m Loving

Day 21 of the 31 day blogging challenge is “10 Songs I’m Loving Right Now”. Some of these are old and some are new but they are in continuous rotation on my phone. Some of the links are to my favorite version of the song. Pay special attention to #6. The two little girls singing this song are amazing.

1. Reckless by Kip Moore

2. Long Hot Summer Day by Turnpike Troubadours

3. Take Me to Church by Hozier

4. Break Up With Him by Old Dominion

5. Your Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainor

6. I’m Not The Only One by Sam Smith

7. You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive by Ruby Friedman Orchestra

8. Make Me Wanna by Thomas Rhett

9. Smoke When I Drink by Kelleigh Bannen

10. Don’t It by Billy Currington

In 10 Years

Day 20 of the 31 day blogging challenge is “where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

In 10 years, Whitlee will be 10! Oh Lord, help us. I feel like I’m in for a rough one with this girl. She’s already proven to be so strong and so smart, 10 year old Whitlee will give me a run for my money!

I hope that by then our house is definitely built and that Nolan is finally done with all of his “projects”. I’m ready to slow down a bit and relax, but that guy has a full agenda all. the. time. But he sure makes things happen fast. Usually when he gives me a time frame, he beats it by a good bit. Our land and current house are a true testament to his abilities.

I think within 10 years if we decide to try again, we’d have a second kiddo, or maybe a third if we get a wild hair. Who knows!

I’m sure Nolan and I will both be at our current jobs since we both like what we do and have really great employers. I’m hoping that we’ve both moved up though.

10 years… whew. It’ll be here before we know it!

Worst Habits

Day 19 of the 31 day blogging challenge is my “worst habits”.

I like to think I’ve broken a lot of bad habits over the years. I used to bite my fingernails and I don’t anymore, I used to drink quite a bit and I don’t do that much anymore either.

I’d say my worst habits these days are:

-I procrastinate folding laundry. I don’t have any problem washing and drying but I loathe folding and putting away. A lot of times, my clothes never make it to the dresser or closet before I wear them again. I try to at least get Nolan’s to the closet, so he’s not digging for jeans in the mornings before work.

-I eat a lot of junk sometimes. I try to eat healthy and clean for the most part, and about to start counting macros, but occasionally I fall off the wagon and I just eat junk – butterfingers, chips, processed food, fast food… just junk.

-I don’t drink nearly enough water since I stopped pumping. I was so worried about production, I was drinking a TON of water and now, it’s just occasionally.

-I don’t mop my floors very often. In my defense, they’re laminate wood floors so I get worried about damaging them so I sweep just about every day, but only mop like once a month. Oops. I’ll prob get better about that once Whitlee is mobile!