If I Won the Lottery

Day 11 of the 31 day blogging challenge is “If I Won the Lottery”. I forgot to post yesterday so I’m posting twice today. We had a busy busy day going to a baby shower/birthday party for my best friend Kaitlin’s brother and we didn’t get home until late. It gave us a chance to dress Whitlee up though! 🙂


Anyway! If I won the lottery, like several million, the first thing I’d do is set aside probably like 80% of it in an account to draw interest. The rest of it we’d go ahead and build our house, nothing major, just the house we’ve been planning to build. I think we’d also get new vehicles, practical ones that we’ve both been wanting in real life. Nolan has his eye on a Toyota Tundra, similar to this one. He’s been looking at a new truck lately anyway. His has a lot of miles on it and it’s about time for a new one.


Photo Source

And I’m wanting dreaming about a Gmc Yukon Denali. I’ll never get one, but it’s nice to dream!


Photo Source

We would maybe splurge on a wakeboard boat and another atv, but that’s about it. Lottery or not, we’re probably going to eventually have a four seater side by side again like this Can Am Maverick.


Photo Source

We’re not really too extravagant of people, so I can’t really see us buying things that are outrageous like a Ferrari or something. We’d just live comfortably for the rest of our life and hopefully set Whitlee up pretty nice for the future. Oh and the number one thing that would come from winning the lottery? I’d get to be a stay at home mom! 🙂


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