What’s In My Purse

Day 13 of the 31 day blogging challenge is “What’s in My Purse”.

These days I don’t carry a purse because I’m usually carrying a diaper bag and it’s just easy to throw my few necessities in there with Whitlee’s stuff.

But this is what I carry in the diaper bag – my stuff and hers :

– diapers, of course
– wipes
– changing pad
– two extra outfits (she’s had a couple of blowouts, but only one on her clothes.)
– pacifiers
– a bottle or two if we’re going to be gone long
– sample size diaper rash cream
– burp cloth
– small blanket
– sometimes I throw the Boba Wrap in, too.
– gum
– chapstick
– my wallet, which has cards, cash (sometimes), insurance cards, discount cards, stamps, appointment cards, and lactose intolerance pills
– cell phone
– keys

I think thats about it!


2 thoughts on “What’s In My Purse

  1. I think we pack identical diaper bags! I always pack two outfits also since we’ve had a couple of blowouts onto clothes! I’m getting to the point that I just throw my wallet into the diaper bag so I’m only carrying one bag around.

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