Playing catch up today! Texas has had wonderful weather the past few days so Whitlee and I have been outside soaking it up as much as possible.

Day 18 of the 31 day blogging challenge is “what am I afraid of”? (That sentence is a grammar nightmare.)

-I’m most afraid of something happening to Whitlee. SIDS terrifies me and I’m constantly checking to make sure she’s breathing. Sometimes she’s sleeping so good, it makes me nervous!
-Sometimes I worry about someone breaking in our house. A long time ago, a random person broke into a house in the town closest to us and killed everyone in it. I will never forget that.

-Getting old and losing my memory. My grandpa had Alzheimer’s and I worry about getting it too.

-And on a lighter note, Whitlee as a teenager! 😨😨


4 thoughts on “Fears

      • I hear ya on that one! Mackenzie’s been a bit more noisy at night moving around so it reassures me without having to get up. We have a video monitor but at night it’s hard to tell if she’s breathing when she’s really still so I’ll sit there and watch for her to move!

  1. We have some of the same fears. I hovered over my 3 week old baby in his pack&play for 20 minutes listening to him breath bc ‘it didn’t sound right’. It was his first night in the pack & play further away from my bed than his swing that was with in arms reach for the first 3 weeks of his life. It gets better, just get a really good video monitor. I can turn the volume all the way up & hear he sucking his fingers as clear as day. It makes my life a lot easier! I also fear the breaking in 😁😁😁

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