Whitlee | 3 Months

Sorry I’ve been MIA a little (and didn’t finish the 31 day blogging challenge). Now that Whitlee is a little bigger, we’ve been trying to get out of the house a little more. I’ve also started working out again and I feel like we’re just doing something all the time now. I don’t have quite as much time to post, but I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things. I did get back into the Instagram world, so if you’re on there – send me a follow request! My username is jaimehillin.

Whitlee turned 3 months old on Wednesday. As fast as I feel like time flew up to 2 months, I actually feel like time between 2 and 3 didn’t go quite as fast and I’m so thankful for that. I thought I was going to wake up tomorrow and she’d be graduating high school! And even though time didn’t fly by, it still amazes us how much she changes all the time. She’s growing up so fast! IMG_4574


We don’t go back to the doctor until 4 months, so we don’t have any official stats, but she’s weighing over 10 lbs now on our home scale! I love that she’s growing. That means I’m doing my job! I mean look at these cheeks!


Whitlee is eating 4 oz every 4 hours during the day now and has one bigger bottle of 5/6 oz before bed about 9/10 PM and the same when she wakes up in the morning. The week before she turned 3 months she had her last breastmilk bottle. We then swapped to Enfamil Gentlease and she had no issues with the switch. We tried mixing some bottles half and half a week or so before we ran out of breastmilk, just to make sure she wouldn’t reject the taste, but she never even blinked at that, so we did normal breastmilk bottles (still fortified with Similac Neosure) until we ran out, then switched cold turkey. Oddly enough, I think she might like the formula better. She seems a little less fussy at times that she used to be fussy. The Gentlease says it’s easy on their bellies and can reduce gas, colic, and fussiness. We are still mixing the formula to 22 calories.

We also switched back to the Avent Naturals bottles that she originally rejected. It was too hard to dump formula in the smaller Parent’s Choice bottles we were using and when we’d shake them to mix the formula, it leaked everywhere. I’m not sure what the deal is with the bottles, but she drinks from the Avent without any issue now. Maybe they were just too big for her at first. I noticed one day on the Parent’s Choice bottles that her mouth covers the whole nipple and touches the sides, and with the Avent bottles it seems like a better fit now. She always had a deep latch, even when breastfeeding, so maybe that’s why. The Avent Naturals are supposed to mimic breastfeeding the closest.

Whitlee still sleeps in her crib for the most part, but we had a little regression on the staying in her crib through the night thing. She normally gets a bath, clean clothes and diaper and eats her last bottle, the bigger one, around 9PM to 9:30 PM. Then we swaddle her and rock her a little and lay her down in her prewarmed crib about 10PM. She rarely cries or fusses anymore at that point and is usually out within 10 minutes. She’ll sleep til about 2AM and that’s when she used to wake up for a bottle. Well a few weeks back, she suddenly started waking up (I’m thinking she’s hungry, so I fix a bottle) and then by the time the bottle is warm, she’s back asleep and basically refuses to eat. She’d take maybe an oz, if that. So I decided she must not actually be hungry, she’s just used to waking up at that point. So I’d get her back to sleep and lay her down again. But then she’d only sleep on and off the rest of the night, like 30 minutes to an hour each time. Does this sound familiar? She did the same thing in the rock n play. So in desperation of sleep I finally brought her to bed with me. Again. Now she sleeps the first half perfectly in her crib, wakes around 2AM, then I get her and bring her to bed and she sleeps til about 5 or 6AM. She also takes a couple of really good naps throughout the day, like 2-3 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon. Sometimes she’ll catch a little cat nap later in the evening, too.


More and more smiles! She seriously makes me laugh on a regular basis because she’s so happy and smiles so much. I think we are this close to a real laugh. I can’t wait for that! Check out my Instagram for videos and a ton of pictures of her smiling!


Her head control is amazing now. She even tries to sit up on her own sometimes but she’s still a little unstable. She prefers to be sitting up looking at everything now instead of cradled in my arm.

She’s getting even better at putting weight on her legs. We think she’ll walk before she crawls because she’s so strong with her legs. She’ll stand in our laps with just us holding her under her arms for balance for a long time before she gives out.

We’re officially out of newborn clothes. I packed them all up a few nights ago because she’s officially into 3 month clothing and even outgrowing some of those that run a little small. She’s also wearing size 1 diapers now. We’ve decided we prefer Pampers, both the Swaddlers and Baby Dry. I just think they fit her better. We have a huge stash of both Pampers and Huggies but we’ll prob go exchange all the Huggies at some point.

She’s starting to coo and make little noises now and it makes my heart melt every time!

Biggest moment – Whitlee rolled over for the first time! It was tummy to back while she was doing tummy time on the activity mat. She did it so fast I didn’t even have time to video it. And of course, she hasn’t done it again although she tries every day. I’m sure the days of rolling around like crazy are very close.


-Still loves bath time
-Her changing table (weird)
-Riding in her stroller
-Snuggling with momma
-Going outside to see Daddy
-Sitting up
-Standing up
-Little lamb teether (similar to Sophie the Giraffe)
-Rocking in the glider we finally decided to get
-Her “blankey”…

I mentioned in the sleep post a while back that she doesn’t have a blanket that she just loves. Well now she does. It’s the blanket that came with her bedding so it’s vintage floral on one side and pink minky fabric on the other side. We usually use it to put over her on the carseat. Well one day I was watching her in the mirror while I was driving and I kept seeing her lean forward over and over. I kept reaching back and putting her head back and she’d do it again. I finally realized she wanted her blanket by her face.. so I tucked it by her head and she was happy! So now we take the blanket everywhere. I’m thinking about making her a small version of it, like a 12″ X 12″ that she can hold herself.


-When the vehicle stops moving
-When she can’t rub her face on her blankey
-Being dried off after a bath

Thankfully she doesn’t dislike much! She’s usually a pretty happy baby. The only time she’s really fussy is in the evenings between 6 and 9… but I’ve heard that’s the witching hours for babies. And she’s not just all out pissed, but she’s definitely not just quietly content like she normally is.

I can’t believe our sweet girl is a quarter of a year old already! (And yes, I’m that crazy mom that is already planning her first birthday party!) I feel like she’s out of the infant stage and it’s starting to really get fun. She loves to play with us and I know that’ll just get better with time.

We love you, Whitlee Alyzabeth!

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11 thoughts on “Whitlee | 3 Months

  1. Yay, I was hoping you’d post an update for 3 months! I’ve missed reading your posts. I also did not finish the blogging challenge, oops!

    It sounds like our girls are really similar in some of their habits! Sorry to hear about the sleeping situation at night – hopefully that resolves itself for you soon!

    I’m so jealous that you’re getting outside. It’s still so freaking cold here 😦 We have a few days above freezing coming up – I guess that’s something to look forward to, haha.

    You’re the third person now in the last week that is not a fan of Huggies! Mackenzie leaked through 3 of them in a row last weekend (resulting in 3 clothing changes) and another blogger didn’t like them either. I have 20 size 1’s I’m willing to give away to someone, lol. I really like the pamper’s swaddlers and baby dry as well. We’re still using up our stash that’s been given to us and the Target ones work quite well too. Once I get to the point I’m buying diapers I’ll either use the Kirkland (Costco) brand, Target or Pampers. Pampers seem to cover the most area so we may use those at night regardless of what brand we settle on as our primary brand.

    I feel like baby bottles are a guessing game. We’ve been using Dr. Brown’s but I switched back to the Avent earlier this week for a few times when she was fussy with bottles and it helped, now we’re back to Dr. Brown’s until we can get some level 2 nipples for our Avent bottles. I have some tommee tippee bottles as well but don’t have any level 2 nipples for them either.

    Glad to hear things are going well for you! 🙂 The pictures are adorable (as always) and she sure is growing!

    • Thanks for checking in on us! 🙂 I sure hope yall get some warm weather soon! It’s been a little colder here the last few days so we’ve been cooped up again, but today was better.

      I feel like the huggies just fit her weird. She hasn’t leaked out of them, but she did leak out of some Costco brand ones that my sister in law gave us to try, three different times. We don’t have Costco anywhere near us though, so I wouldn’t have bought them anyway. Just a heads up! We’re gonna keep going with pampers til we run out, then I’m gonna try Luvs or maybe Target brand.

      And I feel your pain in the bottle guessing game. I have no idea why she wouldn’t drink from the Avent bottles at first and now she eats better from them than she has on anything! We use the level 2 nipples and I have some level 3 ones just in case. I’ve heard good things about Tommee Tippee… they were my next try if the Avent didnt work!

      • I hope we get warm weather too. February has been brutal!

        I agree about the huggies fit and I felt the same way about luvs. The nb luvs were smaller than every other brand of nb’s we used! Target brand has been great for us and my sister-in-laws swore by the Costco brand. I really think it depends on the shape of the baby!

        I’m at a loss with nipple sizes right now. A few weeks ago I thought the level 2 nipple solved our problems but now I’m not so sure. How long does it take Whitlee to finish a 4oz bottle? Mackenzie can take 3oz in less than 10 minutes and I wonder if that’s too fast and upsets her tummy? I even stop to burp and sometimes change her diaper/clothes to extend her feedings to 15-20 minutes. We head back to the pediatrician Tuesday for a weight check so I guess I will pick his brain some more on what else I can do.

      • I agree on diapers depending on the shape of the baby! Plus the Costco diapers we tried were older so they may have improved their design in the last few years.

        Whitlee just now is able to tolerate the level 2 nipples. They used to choke her because the flow was too fast, but level 1 was too slow. It usually takes her about 10-15 minutes to finish 4 oz, if she doesn’t stop in between. She’s gotten where sometimes she can take the whole thing before she needs to burp. I would think as long as she’s not choking when she’s eating, level 2 is prob fine. I’d ask the pediatrician though to make sure. I was reading about your eating troubles and I hate that yall are having a tough time. We got lucky that Whitlee liked the first formula we tried. It may have helped that she was on the preemie formula added to her breastmilk for so long because the formula were on now is supposed to be more gentle than that one was. I wonder if Mackenzie might have an intolerance of some kind, like to soy or protein.. I’ve heard of babies needing special formula for that. We’ve really liked the Enfamil Gentlease, so if the pediatrician says switch to something else, I’d maybe try it!

      • I’ve wondered the same thing about trying to give Mackenzie the bottle in full before burping but afraid to try in case she gets gassy again! The pediatrician was ok with us using level 2’s when I told him at our 2 month check-up.

        I’m just at a loss with the whole eating thing. I just checked her on our home scale and it said she’s 10# with me and 9lb 14oz with my husband so if that’s true she’s gained weight this week and I shouldn’t worry so much. I just wish I knew what made her fussy after 2oz. Sometimes she continues eating and other times she flat out refuses.

        You’re the second person who has suggested Enfamil Gentlease now. If the pediatrician suggests switching formula again I will ask about it! I have a feeling our next step may be soy if he thinks we should switch. I’m glad it has worked out for you!

        Part of me wonders if this is just part of her digestive system maturing too. Either way I know we’ll get there. She isn’t flat out refusing to eat so our issues could definitely be worse.

      • Yea that’s good that she’s not flat out refusing. I’m curious to see what will end up being the solution. You may be right about it being part of her digestive system maturing!

      • I’m curious as well! I’m just glad the pediatrician is on top of it and wants to make sure she’s gaining weight. One thing I really like about him is that he’s not quick to jump the gun with formula switches. The first switch we did was my choice that he was on board for and it was actually his nurse that pushed for the second.

        It will be ok! 🙂 I learn something new everyday, or so it seems.

  2. Huggies didn’t work for Clara either. Too many blowouts! Her legs are too skinny for them. And she loves her changing pad too! We considered buying a second one just because she loves laying on it and kicking so much!

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