Return to Work Eve

Well it has arrived. I go back to work tomorrow. I’ve been mentally preparing for this since before Whitlee ever arrived, schedule preparing for this for over a month, and physically preparing all week. I’m now sitting on the couch while Miss Priss naps in her carseat beside me (because she fell asleep on the way home from grocery shopping), waiting on my chicken for the week to cook so I can finish preparing my stuff for the week.

As I mentioned in my Maternity Leave post, Whitlee will be going to daycare Mondays and Wednesdays, staying with my mother in law on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and staying with my mom every other Friday (I’m off every other Friday). Daycare is her first stop and daddy will be doing drop off duty so I’ve emptied all of my personal stuff from her diaper bag and added even more essentials like diaper rash cream, teething tablets, extra pacifiers, extra clothes just in case, and swaddle wraps for napping. Daycare provides formula, so we’re only responsible for sending diapers, wipes, bottles, and her own preferential stuff. I’ve got a package of diapers and wipes set with her bag, ready to go. I’ve also got everything together to go to her MawMaw’s house and to YaYa’s house –  a jug of nursery water, package of diapers, package of wipes, and can of formula. Each are getting their own set to just keep at their house.

I have all of her paperwork filled out, shot records filled out and her “first day of daycare outfit” picked out.

I’m about 75% nervous and sad and anxious about actually being away from her. Nervous that she’ll cry all day or not eat enough or not nap very well. Sad that she might be mad at me when she comes home. And anxious to just do it all. We’ve basically been on Whitlee Time since she came home; we work around her schedule. Now we have to master the art of sticking to her schedule and making it click with ours. Which leads to I’m about 20% ready to get it over with and settle into a routine. Then there’s a measly 5% of me that’s a little excited about making my money again. We have so many plans for our future, including building a house hopefully later this year or early next year and it requires both of us to work to get that started. So me going back to work is the first step towards a new house for Whitlee to grow up in.

I’m really trying to focus on the positives and the things I can control, like packing her stuff and planning our routine to some extent. Nolan and I have discussed how to make our lives easier for the next few weeks until we get in a groove, like making sure we wash dishes after we eat or eating off paper plates when we can, doing one load of laundry a day, and prioritizing into “must do’s” and “can wait til later’s”.

This post feels sort of scattered, which is sort of how I feel, but I just wanted to document the day before a major change in our lives. Hopefully everything runs as smoothly as possible and I don’t cry every day. I’m mostly worried about Whitlee’s adjustment and I hope she handles it well. I’ll update again as soon as possible with how we’re adjusting but it may be quiet here again for a little bit!

Just a reminder and another hint – Southernly Ever After is having our very first giveaway in May for Whitlee’s 6 month birthday! Here’s your next hint! 🙂


And some Whitlee pictures just because.






5 thoughts on “Return to Work Eve

  1. Aww she’s just freaking adorable! Ive been thinking about you this weekend knowing you have to go back to work tomorrow. I’m going to have a similar post to write in 3 weeks unfortunately.

    I completely understand what you’re saying about making her schedule click with yours. I’ve been thinking about the same thing. We have a pretty good routine down as of this last week and hopefully with Mackenzie going to daycare we won’t have to change it up much. It seems that 7:30pm is her magic bedtime (before she gets really fussy and she goes right down after her bottle most nights). It makes me sad because I won’t pick her up from daycare until about 5pm and that only gives me 2.5 hours with her each night. 😦

    Good luck tomorrow and I hope all goes well for you and Whitlee!

    • Thank you!

      I’ve had people suggest us moving Whitlee’s bedtime up, but that’s what bothers me is that on days she goes to daycare, they don’t get home until almost 6 and if her bedtime was 7ish, I’d hardly get any time with her. We may eventually have to move it up as she gets older. She eats at 10 PM still and we put her down after that.

      Everything went okay today! Hopefully the rest of the week goes as well.

      • It’s totally up to you what her bedtime is as long as it works for your family! Mackenzie gets super cranky at night so through trial and error 7:30 works for all of us. I would prefer closer to 9 but keeping her happy until then isn’t an option lol.

        Glad everything went ok today!

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