One Year Ago

One year ago today was the day our lives changed forever. April 28th last year we found out we were expecting Whitlee. We were so shocked and so excited and now we couldn’t imagine our lives without her.


Just a throwback picture to how I told Nolan. I left a tiny pair of crocs next to his on our steps and let him notice them. He was actually confused and though they belonged to someone else! Once I told him what was going on, he kept asking if I was sure. I told him the tests were immediately positive so I was pretty darn sure!


3-4 Month Favorites

I posted our 0-3 Month Favorites a little while back and I always love to see what everyone is using and what babies close to Whitlee’s age are loving. Plus it’ll be helpful if there’s ever a Baby Hillin 2.0, I’ll remember what Whitlee liked at certain ages.


Some of these are really similar to 0-3 months but we use them slightly different.

1. The Bumbo
Whitlee loves to be sitting up where she can see everything. Unfortunately, she hasn’t quite mastered the tripod sitting or sitting unassisted so we’ll usually put her in the Bumbo so she can practice sitting up. There are always talks of them being unsafe and that they can mess with hip development, but the way I see it is I never leave her unattended in it and we buckle her in, but also she’s never in it for an extended period of time, so I just don’t think she spends enough time in it to really affect her hip development. Maybe if she sat it in like every waking moment, but she doesn’t.

2. Infantino Sweet Safari Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Play Mat
This has easily become Whitlee’s favorite thing to do. She absolutely loves playing on it. We usually would get her to do tummy time on it because the patterns on the bottom are interesting for her to look at, but now that she almost always rolls to her back, she’s actually started playing with the toys that hang from it. We’ve added a few toys also because it only comes with 4 but there are enough hooks for 8. She’s recently figured out that if she can maneuver her way to where her feet are against the “arms” of it, she can kick them and make the toys jiggle and make noise. She’s also started grabbing the toys with her feet! It’s so funny and she’ll spend a ton of time on it. I also love the “twist and fold” feature, because you twist the little knob on the top and it pops the arms back straight and it basically will fold up into a much easier way to store. Our mat goes everywhere with us because she loves it so much. Oh and the arms unsnap from the mat so you can throw the mat in the washing machine. Love!





3. Nuk Latex Pacifier
Whitlee has never been a pacifier baby, and I really wanted to try a few different kinds in the hopes that she would eventually like one. It just seems to soothe them so easily if you can find one they like. In the NICU, she liked the little green hospital kind, but quickly outgrew them. After that we tried the Avent Soothies and she would take them everryyy once in a while. So we thought maybe a Wubbanub would help. And it did for a little while. Now she has zero interest in it. We also tried the Mam kind but she wouldn’t even consider those! Since she still acted like she wanted something for comfort sometimes the Easter Bunny brought her these and surprise, she likes them! She’ll only take it when she’s sleepy and trying to settle and she’s not really good at keeping it in her mouth, but she these have definitely been the winner over anything else.


4. Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle
I talked about the Summer SwaddleMe Velcro Swaddlers in our 0-3 month post and they were amazing. She recently started to outgrow them, which is crazy because – this picture!


But we decided to get something that could transition to a sleep sack once we finally wean the swaddle. (Possibly attempting again this weekend.. Maybe.) So we bought the Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle. It’s a bigger size so it’s a little big on her but will fit her much longer. It’s just like their traditional sleep sack, the wearable blanket kind that have armholes and zip fronts, but then it has little wing looking things that come from the back across the chest on the outside of the sleep sack portion and do almost the same type of velcro swaddle on top. This girl LOVES to be swaddled and I really hate to stop because she sleeps so well with it, but I’m seriously so terrified of her rolling to her belly while being swaddled. These are designed that when you’re done swaddling, you wrap the wings under their arms instead of on top and then it’s just a sleep sack, but they’re kind of bulky so I may use a seam ripper and just pull them off when we’re done swaddling.



5. Little Tikes 2 in 1 Snug N Secure Swing
We bought this swing for Whitlee a little while back but she was pretty small then and didn’t quite fit in it. Now that her head control is a little better, she’s starting to like it even more. It took us forever to find one actually in pink (they’re usually blue and yellow) and I ended up getting this one from Amazon. On Nolan’s to-do list this summer is to build a swing set and we’ll add this one along with regular swings.

6. Sleep Sheep
The Sleep Sheep was on our 0-3 Month Favorites, but we love it so much I thought I’d list it again. We originally didn’t use it but after our heater fan kicked on while Whitlee was crying one night and it made her stop, we figured out she needed some white noise. So we started putting her to sleep with it on the “rain” setting. It really helped her settle down and it helped block out other noises as well. Well recently we had a night where she just couldn’t get settled. She was swaddled and in her crib, but she fussed and fussed and fussed. I’d go in and pat her and she’d fuss some more. I finally swapped it to the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star lullaby sound and she suddenly laid her head to the side and went right to sleep…in like 10 seconds! So now we use it on that one every night and occasionally for naps. I’ve even gotten up in the middle of the night when she starts fussing and turned it back on and she goes right back to sleep. The Sleep Sheep + Swaddles are our magic, ya’ll.

So there we go.. another couple of months of Momma and Baby favorites down! I’m so curious to see what our favorites will be at 6 months and then later at like 9 months and a year. So much to look forward to! It’s incredibly exciting to watch her learn and experience things for the first time.

Best Laid Plans

Warning – long post alert. Get your popcorn now! 🙂

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

So I mentioned in a previous post our plans for when I return to work which included details about my work schedule and our overall plan. You can read the full post here. The gist of it is that my mother in law wanted to keep her some, as well as my mother, but we thought day care would be good for her in a social aspect and this was her basic schedule:

Monday – Daycare
Tuesday – MawMaw (my mother in law)
Wednesday – Daycare
Thursday – MawMaw
Every Other Friday – YaYa (my mom)

We carefully selected a daycare based on location and I actually went to that daycare and previewed it. I was very impressed and thought it would be a great fit. Whitlee’s number one priority is healthy weight gain since she was 6 weeks premature. She is actually on the growth charts now, which is great, but she definitely needs to continue a steady weight gain.

Today was the start of my 6th week back to work and we thought everything was going really well on all counts. Then all of the sudden several things happened that bothered me, two of which really upset me.

1. They didn’t tell me that her “teachers” rotate. We still don’t have any proof of this, but my husband said he finally noticed that every time he dropped her off and every time he picks her up, it’s a different person. Different person from one morning to the next and different person from one afternoon to the next, then randomly it’ll be a familiar face. So with separation anxiety looming in our near future (I’ve heard it kicks in about 6 months), I wasn’t comfortable with this at all. Plus babies are creatures of habit and how was someone supposed to get her routine down if it was someone new every day?? This wasn’t major, but still made me a little concerned.

2. This is one that really upset me. Again, I don’t have any confirmation of this, but that momma intuition was fully ablaze. Whitlee wears Pampers diapers and that’s all we send with her to daycare. Daycare also numbers their diapers for some reason…maybe for identification, but Whitlee’s always have a 3 written on them. (Which is also weird to me – you have to assign my child a number?? *Side-eye*) Well when we were in the hospital a couple of weeks ago, the IV antibiotics she was on gave her diarrhea, which led to a little bit of diaper rash. They also provided Huggies diapers in the hospital, and when we were discharged they sent the remaining diapers of an open package home with us. So we put them in her diaper drawer to use up first so that we could be done with them. We didn’t put any in her diaper bag. We started using Desitin on her diaper rash and it seemed to be helping. That next Monday, she went back to daycare and when Nolan dropped her off he informed them of the hospital stay, and let them know I’d be picking her up at 2 instead of him getting her at 5 so we could go back for a checkup. He was supposed to tell them about the diaper rash and let them know there was Desitin in her bag, but when I picked the car seat up from him just before 2, he realized he’d forgotten to tell them about the diaper rash. I thought it wasn’t a major deal, I’d just let them know for Wednesday. So I picked her up and we went to our appointment, where I changed her diaper while waiting on the pediatrician. I noticed two things and was immediately bothered – 1) she had on a Huggies diaper. An unnumbered Huggies diaper. Which could have only come from home, unless they accidentally gave her another baby’s diaper, but then it most likely would have been numbered. And 2) there was still a little diaper rash cream on her butt. So I asked Nolan if he changed her diaper before he took her to daycare (yes) and did he put diaper rash cream on her at that time (yes). Then I asked him if he put a Huggies diaper on her, but he said he couldn’t be sure. But daycare didn’t know about her diaper rash and didn’t know we put Desitin in her bag because when I mentioned it to them at pickup, they said, “Oh, we didn’t even notice it.”  I have this gut feeling that she was in the same exact diaper Nolan had dropped her off in, which would have been about 7 hours in one diaper. NOT okay. And not to mention her diaper rash got WORSE after that day, but I’m happy to report is completely cleared up. Momma win.

3. And the final straw. Whitlee was eating 4 ounces every 4 hours and I’ll be honest, it was usually a struggle to get her to eat that much. Then she got sick and was barely eating 2-3 ounces at the hospital, but she was getting plenty of IV fluids + unflavored pedialyte as well. The Wednesday evening after discharge (so a little less than a week later) she was suddenly ravenous and wanted more than her normal 4 ounces and we gave her 6 ounces a couple of times but I wasn’t sure it was going to stick, so we played it by ear. The next day at my mother in laws, she said she acted hungry after each of her 4 ounce bottles, so that evening I fed her 6 ounces at 5 PM and 6 ounces at 9 PM. She took both bottles amazingly! So Friday, Saturday and Sunday we fed her 6 ounces at every. single. bottle. And she ate basically 5-6 ounces like she’d been doing it her whole life – didn’t fight us, didn’t need to stop and burp a dozen times, didn’t spit up afterwards. So I would definitely call that a permanent increase. It was about that time anyway. So when she went to daycare on Monday, my husband let them know she was now eating 6 ounces. When he picked her up, her little report sheet said she’d eaten 4 ounces that morning and 3.5 ounces that afternoon! Seriously?? I worried maybe it wasn’t permanent; maybe we’d gotten a growth spurt and it was over… then she continued to eat 6 ounces at home that evening at 5 PM and 9 PM, and all day the next day at my mother in laws, and again at home that evening. Uh, okay, so 6 ounces. For real. Nolan let them know again on Wednesday that she eats 6 ounces now. When he picked her up, her report sheet said she’d eaten 3 ounces, and 3.5 ounces – and that she “was extremely fussy all day”, with a sad face. He went straight Poppa Bear on them. He told me he is already noticeable because he’s the only dad that does daycare duty – and then he raised his voice and people were like coming out of classrooms to stare at him. She cried pretty much all the way home. At home she drank 6 ounces so fast that she puked, and then ate 2 more ounces. My poor baby was so hungry!! Again, NOT okay.

I was really upset with everything. An infant literally depends on other people for survival. It is ours and the caregivers we choose responsibilities to make sure she is clean, fed, and happy. They failed at keeping her clean (possibly, not proven) and keeping her fed, which resulted in a not happy baby! She continued to eat 5-6 ounces consistently with my mother in law the next day, with my mom the day after that, and with me all weekend. Nolan had every intention of going in on Monday (today) and raising 10 kinds of hell and demanding that they call him and tell him what she ate at 9 and 1, then if she didn’t eat enough he was going to leave work and go down there to feed her the rest – then give them more hell and threaten to pull her out. But I think we knew in our hearts that it just wasn’t going to go well. We had a gut feeling they would just start lying to us about what she ate, and that definitely wouldn’t be healthy.

My best friend, Kaitlin, actually keeps a few kids at her home, which is a half mile from our house. We’re lucky enough to live within walking distance of our best friends. She has her own child (almost 3 years old) and keeps a 6 month old full time and a 1 year old two days a week. She has offered to keep Whitlee a few times also but I had reservations about it because we wanted her to have the social aspects of daycare and originally Kaitlin only kept the one kid, plus I had first time momma anxiety that as much time as we spend with her and her husband, Whitlee would prefer her over me if she spent considerably more time with her. Now that I’ve realized Whitlee knows I’m her momma and she loves me in a special way, I’m pretty much past that part of the worry.


We grilled burgers yesterday with Kaitlin and her husband and let the girls play in the swimming pool and later we got to talking about day care and the problems we were having. And she mentioned again she had room to keep a couple more, especially since Whitlee was only part time and the other little girl was part time too. We talked about what she charges and their schedules and the more we talked, the more it just felt right. So when we left, I told Nolan where my head was with it and while it wasn’t something I wanted in the beginning, I feel like it’s a good move. We weighed the pros and cons and honestly couldn’t come up with any cons.

-Close to our house
-I get text updates all day since Kai and I text all the time anyway
-She actually cares about Whitlee’s well being and has the patience to feed her what she needs to eat
-Social interaction with another baby close in age
-Less germs since less exposure to so many other kids
-A little less expensive (but I’ll go ahead and be obnoxious and say that good child care is seriously priceless.)

We pulled the trigger today and moved her to what I like to call Aunt KK’s mini daycare. Turns out, it was the right thing to do.


She ate 5.5 ounces this morning and 5 this afternoon. She said she’s napped really well and has been super happy all day. She and the 6 month old like to sit and smile at each other, and Whitlee tried to eat the other baby’s foot! Maybe that’s a good sign lol. They’ve been around each other many times before anyway, so it’s a familiar environment for her. My heart finally feels like all is well in the world of the working momma.


So lesson learned. Plans with a baby are usually anything but. Thankfully we have great friends that give just enough push that it ends up being a great situation!

And as a reward for reading this far – more pictures of us and Kaitlin and our kiddos!







So, when are you having another?

This question has been asked oh, I don’t know, half a million times since Whitlee was born, starting when she was still in the NICU. It’s something I’ve answered equally as many different ways.

The short answer is, “Maybe one day.” The long answer is so loaded I usually don’t even go into it. Most people are satisfied with my short answer.

With Whitlee I had preterm labor at 18 and 28 weeks, then high blood pressure at 33 weeks, and delivered 6 weeks early at 34 weeks via emergency c section. Not to mention I was so nauseous well into my second trimester. But ohhh, the baby kicks. Those sweet little Whitlee flutters and having her with me all. the. time and then watching my belly jump around with her in it were priceless.

My Ob/Gyn suggested we wait 18-24 months before having another, but she was also 100% encouraging that we could have another, as well as addressing issues early on that could ultimately get us a more progressive pregnancy. My worst fear is having a baby too early for viability, and followed closely by a fear of any NICU time whatsoever. It was just hard. I felt a little robbed of the birth experience because of our situations and would definitely look forward to hoping for a normal, uneventful pregnancy next time.

Some days I think yes, we’ll definitely have another. Enough time has passed that the aches and pains of pregnancy have been forgotten and I think I want to  actually be pregnant again. I also think Whitlee would love a brother or sister. Then some days, she consumes my entire life – physically (which can be exhausting) and mentally. I never knew how much we’d love her. I hashtag #obsessedmomma on instagram all the time because I am absolutely obsessed with her. I worry another child  would either take away from that, or that I’d have a favorite. I think those are normal concerns, though.



Nolan and I are both 4 1/2 to 5 years apart from our siblings so that’s a most likely ideal situation. Our best friends have been contemplating a second child too but aren’t ready yet and we’ve all talked about how fun and just freaking convenient it would be to be pregnant with our second babies at the same time. We also use doctors in th same office and would deliver at the same hospital. We’ve all loosely talked about trying again end of the year in 2017, making us potentially due fall 2018, making Whitlee almost 4. We’ll see if this old blog is still around by then. It would be pretty neat to be able to compare the two pregnancies for sure.

So there’s my long answer. It is such an amazing thing to be a mom but I’m so happy with just Whitlee for now and for probably a long time. I’m curious to see where the road leads – if we’ll stay a family of three or join the majority of the world and become a family of 4.


Whitlee | 4 Months

Whew – I am behind! I’m telling you, life as a working mom of a 4 month old is anything but boring. We are 90 to nothing all . the . time. We wake up, Whitlee eats, I put her back to sleep, get ready for work, get her stuff ready for daycare or grandparent’s house, do drop off twice a week (daddy has the other two days a week), go to work, pick Whitlee up after work, try to squeeze in some laundry, some dinner, a workout sometimes, LOTS of playtime, bath time, and do it all over again. And just in the week of her 4 month birthday, we had a birthday party for Nolan’s pawpaw, (the oldest Hillin to date, I think is what they said), a first birthday party for our friend’s little boy, working on house plans for hopefully building later this year, Whitlee’s 4 month appointment, opening ceremonies of T-Ball (had to go watch our best friends little girl and our nephew) and unfortunately a funeral. (One of Nolan’s close friends died in a car accident. So so sad.) Needless to say, we have been stretched very thin. If it weren’t for Instagram, people would probably wonder if we’re alive sometimes! Nolan and I both ended up with whatever landed Whitlee in the hospital, so trying to get all three of us well and not coughing our heads off has delayed this post even more! I think we are finally all on the mend, though.


So on to the 4 month post. Whitlee turned 4 months old on Wednesday, March 25th. I did manage to take her 4 month pictures on the correct day and we had her 4 month appointment the day after, so at least this information is accurate, even if it’s a couple of weeks late!


Our girl weighed 11 lbs 15 oz (I’ll call it 12 lbs) and is 24” long. The pediatrician said she is AMAZED at her growth and skills. Her growth chart goes at a nice little angle from birth to 2 months and then from 2 months to 4 months, it’s like a STEEP incline. Yay for growing!! She’s now in the 10th percentile for her weight and 40th percentile for her length. (remember those long legs that were always kicking me!)

Whitlee is still eating 4 oz every 4 hours during the day now and has one bigger bottle of 5/6 oz before bed about 9/10 PM . We’re still going strong on Enfamil Gentlease and she seems to like it pretty well. We’re still mixing to 22 calories. She’s never been a spitter but recently started spitting up a little and we also went through a little spell where she was refusing to eat very much at a time. The pediatrician said she’s caught up enough now that we don’t have to force feed her – she’ll eat when she’s hungry. We’re still on a “schedule” of 4 ounces every 4 hours, but it’s a little less severe now. Sometimes she’ll eat the whole bottle, sometimes she’ll only eat 3. We don’t push it too hard anymore. She said about the spitting up that if she’s not fussing when she does it, then nothing to worry about. It’s an odd feeling to go from the NICU environment where they absolutely H A V E to eat everything or they put it down their feeding tube, to being able to relax a little about it.

Also we’ve decided that we’re going to do something called Baby Led Weaning at 6 months (loosely 6 months, maybe older; we’re watching for the correct signs of readiness). You can read more about it here. The basic concept is pureed baby food teaches babies to swallow before they learn to chew. With baby led weaning, you give them bite sized solid food that they can pick up on their own and allow them to feed themselves, and they learn to chew before they ever think about swallowing. You skip right over the weird flavored baby food (I mean, the “turkey and dressing” is the furthest thing from turkey and dressing ever) and allow them to experience different taste and textures, as well as independence right from the beginning. We’ll probably start with avocado, sweet potatoes, steamed carrots, and steamed apples, all cut into French fry shapes. Once she’s mastered chewing and then swallowing, we’ll move onto more advanced food. When she fully gets the hang of it, she’ll pretty much eat some form of what we’re eating. They say you’d be surprised how well a 6 month old can gum food well enough to be perfectly safe to eat. We will continue her normal bottles at 22 calories as well. We’ve also decided against rice cereal at any point unless the spitting up gets out of control. I’ve done enough research (and talked to her pediatrician) and there just isn’t enough nutritional value for me to see the purpose. Sure, if she needed the extra thickness to help keep formula down, that is a 100% legitimate reason, but she’s getting PLENTY of nutrition and calories from formula alone.  Sorry, that’s the end of my “know it all momma” spiel. I think everyone’s situations and babies are different and you should do what you feel is right for your family and your babies. Nolan and I are definitely on board with BLW.

Whitlee normally goes to bed about 9:00/9:30 and she sleeps in her crib at that point. We’re still swaddling, but I’m getting more and more anxious about it. I feel like we need to wean her, but every time we try, she’s insanely upset and wont sleep at all. She sleeps in her crib until about 2/3 AM, sometimes earlier, sometimes longer, then she comes to bed with me. She’s slept through the night once or twice in her bed, so we know she’s capable of it. We get up at 5 AM for her to eat, then she gets a pretty decent nap in. It’s more like a continuation of her night, though. She sleeps until about 9AM, which is when she eats again. From 9AM to 1PM, she’ll catch a cat nap here and there and then gets another solid nap around 2PM to 5PM. She’ll also cat nap here and there between 5PM and 9PM. She does most of her playing in the middle of the day and later in the evening.

Well since I waited to post this, we actually squeezed one more milestone in! She laughed out loud for the first time yesterday. It was the best sound ever! I seriously kept making her laugh over and over and had tears in my eyes the whole time. I’ve been so stressed out thinking I was going to miss so many of her “firsts”, but I’ve witnessed her first cries, her first smiles, her first rollover, and now her first laughs. I will definitely be the one to give her food for the first time (grandparents better slow their roll!) and I’m praying I get to see her crawl and walk for the first time.


Some other non major firsts and milestones:

·         Played in the dirt and felt grass on her bare feet

·         She’s also thrown up for the first time – SO sad.

·         Slept through the night

·         Went to her first birthday party

·         First day of daycare

·         First time to spend the day with Ya Ya and PawPaw

·         Rolled belly to back a few more times

·         First blowout on someone other than mom or dad

·         First T-Ball game

She’s still trying to sit up on her own sometimes but she’s still a little unstable. Ya Ya calls her a Weeble Wobble.

She’s also scooting and wiggling all over the place. We lay her down in one spot and before we know it she’s 2 foot from where she started. When she does tummy time, she works her legs like a frog and raises up her head and chest. Looks like some serious groundwork for crawling!

She’s wearing mostly 0-3 months, 3 months in Carters, and some 3-6 months in certain brands. She has several 0-3 and 3 month outfits that are already too small. We’re still in size 1 diapers and we did finally go swap all of the Huggies we had for Pampers. I really just prefer the way they fit her.



-Still loves bath time. Seriously.
-The TV (yup..already)
-Snuggling with momma
-Playing outside with daddy
-Sitting up
-Playing in the sand
-Looking at the trees
-Looking at herself in the mirror
-Her “blankey”


-Changing clothes
-Being dried off after a bath
-Sitting where she can’t see what’s going on around her
-Getting boogers out of her nose… oh man, the w o r s t
-Her head being rubbed

She is so so much fun. We look at her on a regular basis and can’t believe how perfect she is. Time is flying but we’re enjoying every single second of it!

1 2 3 4 Months

We love you, Whitlee Alyzabeth!


Home Sweet Home

When I was in the hospital for my blood pressure, we were so glad to be discharged and home in our own bed. This time around we knew Whitlee was ready to be home too.


The pediatrician for the hospital came by Thursday morning and said her bloodwork had improved and that they were watching cultures to see if any bacteria grew. He said if her fever stayed down, and the cultures didn’t show anything, we could go home on Friday.

Well Friday rolled around and we didn’t see a doctor until 6 PM! Since it was a holiday we saw the on call pediatrician and he said that while her cultures didn’t show anything at all, he wanted to repeat her bloodwork in the morning and make sure her white blood cells were still coming down closer to normal, then he’d probably let us go. That was not the news we were hoping for. So being the pushy person that I am, I asked if he could do her bloodwork right then and make a decision. He thought about it and said since her fever had been down for nearly 24 hours, and she seemed to feel better, and her cultures were good, he didn’t see why not. So they drew more blood from our poor baby and sent it down to the lab. They decided while we were waiting, they’d go ahead and get one more round of IV antibiotics in her before we left. They started her IV meds again at about 8:15 and said it’d take an hour. 30 minutes later, the nurse came back and said bloodwork was improved and we could go home!

So we finally got home late last night. Whitlee’s fever is gone, but she is still stuffy and has a pitiful little cough. She’s continuing antibiotics for another 5 days at home but she should be getting better and better!

Unfortunately, we still don’t know what was wrong with her. They’re saying now that it was some kind of viral infection but they don’t know where it came from or how to prevent it again. I’m kinda thinking it may have just been a regular ol virus, but because she’d never been sick before and was premature, maybe her immune system needed a kickstart. Who knows. Just as long as she’s getting better, I’ll take it!



So I actually took Whitlee’s 4 month pictures on the right day and have her 4 month post typed and ready to go, just need to put the two together but we are currently admitted at the hospital.

We have had a busy busy couple of weeks and I have basically been off the radar on the blog but I felt a quick update was necessary since so many of you have babies the same age as Whitlee.

She woke up this past Sunday sounding congested and had a little bit of a cough. She’s done that before so we just kept an eye on her and checked her temp. Monday, she acted basically the same, but when she came home from day care she was randomly in a super good mood. Tuesday, she acted the same but her MawMaw said she slept a lot and she was having to wake her up to eat. Later that evening she felt warm so I checked her temp. It was in the 101 range. So I gave her a little Tylenol and decided to check her later in the night and in the morning and decide if she needed to go to the dr. That night her fever was down, but the next morning it was back up.

We decided to go the doctor and they checked her for the flu and RSV. She tested negative for both. They decided she just had a cold or a small virus and to keep an eye on her and let it run its course. They also said to call if her temp got over 102.

We went home and she ate and slept, then when she woke up she felt extremely warm so I checked her temp again and it was 103.7! I immediately called the pediatrician and they had us come back so they could run bloodwork.

Her bloodwork came back with elevated white blood cells which they said was a sign of an infection. They admitted her because of the high fever and the high blood cell count. They’re currently watching a culture from her blood and urine and she’s on IV fluids and IV antibiotics. Her fever is fluctuationing and she’s been extremely tired. They did say her blood cell count had decreased this morning with her second round of bloodwork. They haven’t been able to tell us much but they’re saying she has some kind of bacterial blood infection. We don’t know how she got it or what caused it or how to even prevent it again. If the cultures grow something significant they can tell us more, but at this point their main priority is getting the infection out and her fever down.

I just had a feeling something wasn’t right and that it was more than just a “cold”. She felt too warm for that and wasn’t acting herself at all. But her only symptoms were a congested nose, a small occasional cough, and the fever. I feel like if I hadn’t been paying close attention I could have missed it. Always go with your mommy instincts!

I’ll post again if/when we know more and I’ll definitely be posting her 4 month post soon!