So I actually took Whitlee’s 4 month pictures on the right day and have her 4 month post typed and ready to go, just need to put the two together but we are currently admitted at the hospital.

We have had a busy busy couple of weeks and I have basically been off the radar on the blog but I felt a quick update was necessary since so many of you have babies the same age as Whitlee.

She woke up this past Sunday sounding congested and had a little bit of a cough. She’s done that before so we just kept an eye on her and checked her temp. Monday, she acted basically the same, but when she came home from day care she was randomly in a super good mood. Tuesday, she acted the same but her MawMaw said she slept a lot and she was having to wake her up to eat. Later that evening she felt warm so I checked her temp. It was in the 101 range. So I gave her a little Tylenol and decided to check her later in the night and in the morning and decide if she needed to go to the dr. That night her fever was down, but the next morning it was back up.

We decided to go the doctor and they checked her for the flu and RSV. She tested negative for both. They decided she just had a cold or a small virus and to keep an eye on her and let it run its course. They also said to call if her temp got over 102.

We went home and she ate and slept, then when she woke up she felt extremely warm so I checked her temp again and it was 103.7! I immediately called the pediatrician and they had us come back so they could run bloodwork.

Her bloodwork came back with elevated white blood cells which they said was a sign of an infection. They admitted her because of the high fever and the high blood cell count. They’re currently watching a culture from her blood and urine and she’s on IV fluids and IV antibiotics. Her fever is fluctuationing and she’s been extremely tired. They did say her blood cell count had decreased this morning with her second round of bloodwork. They haven’t been able to tell us much but they’re saying she has some kind of bacterial blood infection. We don’t know how she got it or what caused it or how to even prevent it again. If the cultures grow something significant they can tell us more, but at this point their main priority is getting the infection out and her fever down.

I just had a feeling something wasn’t right and that it was more than just a “cold”. She felt too warm for that and wasn’t acting herself at all. But her only symptoms were a congested nose, a small occasional cough, and the fever. I feel like if I hadn’t been paying close attention I could have missed it. Always go with your mommy instincts!

I’ll post again if/when we know more and I’ll definitely be posting her 4 month post soon!



9 thoughts on “Update

  1. Oh goodness, I hope she’s feeling better soon! I’m glad she doesn’t have RSV as that sounds terrible!

    I totally agree on trusting the mommy instincts! I don’t care if we end up in the doctor’s office often if I think something isn’t right!

    Take care and I hope to read soon that all is well again! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you! I was relieved about the RSV also. I’m hoping we at least know what it is soon so we know how to prevent it. It’s weird not knowing what’s wrong.

      • No kidding, I think that would make me worry even more. I don’t like not knowing! I’ll be thinking of you both and hope you get answers soon!

      • Hey random question. I know you use enfamil gentlease. Do you have hyvee stores near you? I have a $10 off coupon that I could send you if you can use it. Just let me know!

      • lol never heard of it! I’ll Google it and see where the closest place is and let you know if I can use it! that’s a good coupon. the ones we get from enfamil are at most $5 off.

      • Alrighty sounds good! Yeah I think hyvee wants me to switch lol. That’s the second good one I’ve received. First was $6. I have another friend using enfamil (not sure which one specifically) so I’ve been sending her any extras I get but thought of you with the gentlease. ๐Ÿ™‚

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