Home Sweet Home

When I was in the hospital for my blood pressure, we were so glad to be discharged and home in our own bed. This time around we knew Whitlee was ready to be home too.


The pediatrician for the hospital came by Thursday morning and said her bloodwork had improved and that they were watching cultures to see if any bacteria grew. He said if her fever stayed down, and the cultures didn’t show anything, we could go home on Friday.

Well Friday rolled around and we didn’t see a doctor until 6 PM! Since it was a holiday we saw the on call pediatrician and he said that while her cultures didn’t show anything at all, he wanted to repeat her bloodwork in the morning and make sure her white blood cells were still coming down closer to normal, then he’d probably let us go. That was not the news we were hoping for. So being the pushy person that I am, I asked if he could do her bloodwork right then and make a decision. He thought about it and said since her fever had been down for nearly 24 hours, and she seemed to feel better, and her cultures were good, he didn’t see why not. So they drew more blood from our poor baby and sent it down to the lab. They decided while we were waiting, they’d go ahead and get one more round of IV antibiotics in her before we left. They started her IV meds again at about 8:15 and said it’d take an hour. 30 minutes later, the nurse came back and said bloodwork was improved and we could go home!

So we finally got home late last night. Whitlee’s fever is gone, but she is still stuffy and has a pitiful little cough. She’s continuing antibiotics for another 5 days at home but she should be getting better and better!

Unfortunately, we still don’t know what was wrong with her. They’re saying now that it was some kind of viral infection but they don’t know where it came from or how to prevent it again. I’m kinda thinking it may have just been a regular ol virus, but because she’d never been sick before and was premature, maybe her immune system needed a kickstart. Who knows. Just as long as she’s getting better, I’ll take it!



6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

    • Thank you! In the hospital, they gave them to her in her IV but at home we’re supposed to give it to her in a syringe. She gags really easily though so we usually use a bottle nipple and let her suck it at her own pace. It’s slow going but better than her gagging and puking it all back up!

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