So, when are you having another?

This question has been asked oh, I don’t know, half a million times since Whitlee was born, starting when she was still in the NICU. It’s something I’ve answered equally as many different ways.

The short answer is, “Maybe one day.” The long answer is so loaded I usually don’t even go into it. Most people are satisfied with my short answer.

With Whitlee I had preterm labor at 18 and 28 weeks, then high blood pressure at 33 weeks, and delivered 6 weeks early at 34 weeks via emergency c section. Not to mention I was so nauseous well into my second trimester. But ohhh, the baby kicks. Those sweet little Whitlee flutters and having her with me all. the. time and then watching my belly jump around with her in it were priceless.

My Ob/Gyn suggested we wait 18-24 months before having another, but she was also 100% encouraging that we could have another, as well as addressing issues early on that could ultimately get us a more progressive pregnancy. My worst fear is having a baby too early for viability, and followed closely by a fear of any NICU time whatsoever. It was just hard. I felt a little robbed of the birth experience because of our situations and would definitely look forward to hoping for a normal, uneventful pregnancy next time.

Some days I think yes, we’ll definitely have another. Enough time has passed that the aches and pains of pregnancy have been forgotten and I think I want to  actually be pregnant again. I also think Whitlee would love a brother or sister. Then some days, she consumes my entire life – physically (which can be exhausting) and mentally. I never knew how much we’d love her. I hashtag #obsessedmomma on instagram all the time because I am absolutely obsessed with her. I worry another child  would either take away from that, or that I’d have a favorite. I think those are normal concerns, though.



Nolan and I are both 4 1/2 to 5 years apart from our siblings so that’s a most likely ideal situation. Our best friends have been contemplating a second child too but aren’t ready yet and we’ve all talked about how fun and just freaking convenient it would be to be pregnant with our second babies at the same time. We also use doctors in th same office and would deliver at the same hospital. We’ve all loosely talked about trying again end of the year in 2017, making us potentially due fall 2018, making Whitlee almost 4. We’ll see if this old blog is still around by then. It would be pretty neat to be able to compare the two pregnancies for sure.

So there’s my long answer. It is such an amazing thing to be a mom but I’m so happy with just Whitlee for now and for probably a long time. I’m curious to see where the road leads – if we’ll stay a family of three or join the majority of the world and become a family of 4.



2 thoughts on “So, when are you having another?

  1. I’ve been getting that question, but mainly from my parents. We want another, but want time with Clara now! We both have siblings, and loved growing up with someone to play with. We’d talked about adopting our second child, but I did like being pregnant (even though I worried my way through it)

    • I have so much respect for people that adopt.. its not in our plan but I think it is such a gift to give a better life to a baby that may have had otherwise. I thought I’d be so glad to be done being pregnant and have her here but I think I loved it just enough to do it one more time one day! šŸ™‚

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