6 Month Family Pictures + Giveaway!

Sometimes we laugh, and sometimes we cry,

Some days it’s hard to figure out our way in this life,

But it’s moments like this that make me wish I could freeze frame time.

 – Freeze Frame Time by Brandon Rhyder


I realized recently that the only family pictures we have of Nolan, Whitlee, and me are cell phone pictures, so I contacted the photographer we used for maternity pictures, the amazing Heather at Sophia Belle Photography and asked her to do some pictures for around Whitlee’s 6 month birthday! Even though we battled just about everything that could go wrong (forgetting wipes + a poopy diaper, pink spit up from her amoxicillin, extreme humidity, questionable weather, and a baby girl that refused to nap beforehand) these pictures are absolute p e r f e c t i o n. Heather is incredibly talented and I am so thankful to have these pictures to make time stand still for just a minute for us. Our girl is growing insanely fast, so this freezes those chunky baby thighs and that sweet little face before it grows into a teenager that hates us for a little while.



Now for the fun part! I’ve been mentioning a giveaway to celebrate our tiny little 4 lb girl turning 6 months on the 25th of May. We’re a little behind due to the picture delay and I’m so sorry to have kept anyone waiting to see what the giveaway was!

Whitlee is starting to become somewhat mobile and loves to be standing up. We have a shop (similar to a detached garage for my Northern readers) that my husband spend a lot of time in doing random projects and working on stuff and Whitlee and I try to spend a lot of time out there with him. So we have a walker and door bouncer for her, but I didn’t want her bare little feet touching the concrete, because … well it’s a shop. So this momma has been buying shoes for our little lady like crazy! It was perfect timing that I happened to catch a collaborations post from Freshly Picked! After talking a little back and forth with them, they sent Whitlee her very first pair of moccasins to try! I have seriously been dying for these since before I was pregnant. I had these Heirloom Cream and Gold moccs bookmarked on my phone and was just trying to convince myself to pull the trigger. It was a happy happy day when they showed up in the mail! Unfortunately, I misjudged the growth rate of baby feet and got a size 2 for Whitlee and they don’t quiiteee fit yet, but I for sure wanted to include them in our pictures because they are so insanely cute.

I was so impressed with the quality of these moccasins and cannot get over how soft the leather is! I love that even though they don’t quite fit Whitlee perfectly just yet, the elastic helps keep them on her.  I think my favorite thing about them though is the fact that her tiny little footprints will eventually be marked on the bottom. Here’s a picture of them with baby feet marks. LOVE!


This was my big selling point when trying to convince Nolan that she needed them. How awesome will it be to save them in her keepsake box and look back at them in 20 years?? Agh, the tears just thinking about it! And even better, until you’re ready for them to have permanent little toes on the bottom left to cry over when your baby is grown, Freshly Picked has leather cleaner wipes that are amazing! I saw this post a little while back and was super impressed. With Whitlee’s snail pace growing feet + cleaner for these cream colored beauties, she just might be able to wear these moccs for the next year!

I am so super excited to have teamed up with Freshly Picked to give you a chance to win a pair of these moccasins! You get to pick ANY color or size your heart desires!! You can visit their website here and check out all of their amazing options. I’m seriously loving the Neon Pink and Merci print. I’ll be offering you a way to gain multiple entries here on the blog, on Pinterest, and on Instagram.

*Note: You are not eligible to win if you have won any other giveaway containing a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins in the last 60 days.

  • Comment on this blog post telling me your favorite moccs from Freshly Picked —- +1 Entry
  • Request to follow me on Instagram (my username is jaimehillin) and like my giveaway post —- +1 Entry  (this counts if you are already following me, but you’ll still need to like the picture so I can count it!)
  • Follow Freshly Picked on Instagram —- +1 Entry (leave me a comment on my Instagram letting me know that you followed them!)
  • Pin this post to Pinterest using —this link –and repining —- +1 Entry

Bonus Entry – Share this post on your own blog!  —- +2 Entries

Good luck everyone!! The contest will run June 9th through June 14th. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on June 15th! If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll just let me know what size and color moccasins you want and they’ll be shipped to you! 🙂

The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone that entered! I will announce the winner tomorrow evening!

These moccasins were provided to us by Freshly Picked, but all opinions are my own.

All images property of Jaime Hillin and http://www.southernlyeverafter.wordpress.com. Please do not steal my images.


32 thoughts on “6 Month Family Pictures + Giveaway!

  1. Not sure if this is where I’m suppose to leave the comment. But… My favorite pair of Mocs are the grey camo fo from the signature collection. They would look so cute in his pictures!

  2. Those pics are awesome!! I cannot believe how big Whitlee has gotten over these last couple of months. You all look great! 🙂

    Those moccasins are super cute. I honestly have to say my favorite pair is salt water taffy but heirloom in ebony & platinum is a close 2nd.

    • Thank you! They turned out so good! She’s gotten even bigger since these pictures. I swear she’s over 15 lbs now. But I’m so glad you were able to see this and enter! Thanks for reblogging, too! 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on One Day At A Time and commented:
    Check out this post below for some super cute baby moccasins and a giveaway! Also – you should follow Jaime if you don’t already!! 🙂 She’s become one of my favorite bloggers and I love our conversations between comments about our little girls since they’re only 3 weeks apart.

  4. I think Island Sunset are my current favorite. There are SO MANY cute options though. Thanks for the great review! Your family photos are gorgeous!

  5. Wow! What a beauty you have! I love how her eyes sparkle in the second photo. My own little guy will be 6 months old in 6 days. And man…the time is just flying by!
    As for the giveaway, I love so many of the colors offered! It would be super hard to choose. But I think I would go with the salt flats from the Utah collection since they would be perfect with so many different outfits. Thanks so much for the chance!!

    • Thank you! That is my favorite picture of her. It’s the background on my phone 🙂

      You snuck in right as I was closing the giveaway but I’ll definitely count your entries since it was literally as I was hitting post on the update. Thanks again for visiting my blog!

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