Before I was a mother…

Before I was a mother, I never knew how many conversations I’d have about poop.

I never knew how excited I would be to watch my baby learn something new.

I never knew just how tiny newborn diapers are (and preemie diapers in our case), and how fast they would outgrow them.

I never knew I could miss someone in the very next room so much, when I lay her down to sleep. 

I never knew just how important naps are.

I never knew how entertaining watching a child eat can be.

I never knew how much love I would feel when she reaches for me.

I never knew how sharp baby teeth are.

I never knew I could fill up so many GB of space from taking approximately 87,000 pictures of one tiny face.

I never knew how appealing outlets and extension cords and cell phone charges are.

I never knew just how much I’d love her. 

Motherhood is such a special thing and Whitlee has been our greatest blessing. We are so thankful for a happy and healthy little girl. Was feeling thankful and sentimental this morning and wanted to make note. Whitlee’s 8 month update coming asap!!



Whitlee | 7 Months

It seriously feels like Whitlee hit 6 months and all of the sudden decided to kick it into high gear on accomplishments! She is doing so much that just a few short weeks ago wouldn’t even attempt! I think it just gets more and more fun every month. I can’t even believe we’re closer to a year old now that we are to newborn, and that we have a 7 month old! Time flies too fast. But with milestones, comes hurdles so this 7 month update is LONG. Hence the reason it took me so long to get it up. Trying to collect my thoughts on a freakishly small amount of sleep is tough.


We don’t go back to the pediatrician until 9 months, but after an odd situation where I thought she was sick, (more about that later) I took her in and she weighed 15 lbs 6 oz – a full pound up from 6 months! I was so proud! She’s also grown a half inch in one month. I really want to get a growth chart for her and start marking her height too since she’s actually standing up now.


Whitlee gets a mixture of formula bottles and baby food now. She usually eats a 4-6 ounces 5 times a day. I mentioned in my last post what the situation was with eating and our plan for baby led weaning and the need to go ahead and start baby food instead of waiting for her to get the hang of Baby Led Weaning. So now she also eats however much baby food she wants, three times a day, basically breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes she’s still a little full from her previous bottle and doesn’t eat more than an ounce or so of baby food, but sometimes we hit it just right and man, that girl can put away some baby food. She does so good, just opens her mouth up for every bite almost immediately after the previous bite is gone. When she’s full, she just doesn’t open her mouth anymore. Pretty simple.

We’ve learned she prefers meat and starches mixed together (like turkey and sweet potatoes, chicken and rice) and most vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, green beans, zucchini) over anything sweet. Still doesn’t really care for bananas, and any time we try a new fruit (besides applesauce, she still loves applesauce) she just makes faces the whole time like I’m feeding her something AWFUL. It’s funny to me that she prefers meat and potato type foods and doesn’t really care for sweets because when I was pregnant, that’s about how I was the whole time. I couldn’t even stand to look at sweets most of the time. Her favorite so far seems to be the Beechnut “Just Zucchini, Spinach, and Peas.”

We’ve also tried little bites of whatever I happen to be eating at the time, like a little bit of spaghetti (mostly just a tiny bit of cut up noodles and some sauce) and she hated it. I also let her try some refried beans, hated those too. We gave her a tiny bit of cake icing and same story. So I guess she just likes her baby food. I think it’s mostly a texture thing. She’s really weirded out by texture right now. I’m curious to see how she does with level 3 baby foods that have tiny chunks. I’m holding off a little longer for those though because she’s not quite crawling yet. Her weight gain was inevitable though, because sometimes in the evenings, she’ll eat a 6 oz bottle, half a container of baby food, then another 6 oz bottle, all within like 4 hours. Crazy! And I thought, “Man, this is awesome! Her belly being more full might lead to sleeping through the night”… ummm.. wrong.

So. Whitlee has been swaddled since she was born. I really think the NICU situation made her super reliant on the swaddle and I’m mostly thankful, because up until this point, swaddle that girl and she will S L E E P. Especially for naps. Last month I said we’d continue the swaddle until she’s just getting crazy with the rolling. Well that happened. A few weeks ago, my dad was visiting and she suddenly rolled from her back to her belly for the first time, which we’ve been waiting on to happen. Then in the weeks following, she’s started really getting the hang of it. She’d roll completely off the play mat within seconds. She is basically mobile now because if she wants something, she can wiggle and roll (shake rattle and roll?) to get wherever she wants. Then I noticed if she woke up in the middle of the night, she’d rock really hard to one side like she was trying to roll to her belly. But she was swaddled so she didn’t make it all the way over. It made me so nervous though. Then a few nights later I decided we needed to really focus on weaning the swaddle, so I went one arm out. She slept a couple of hours then I watched her wake up and come the closest to rolling all the way over still in the swaddle that I’ve seen yet! Scared me to death! So that was it, I seam ripped the swaddle wings off the Halo Swaddle Sleep Sack cold turkey and now we only have it as a sleep sack. So far, we’ve tried a few different things, putting her down on her back, putting her down on her belly (she rolls to it from her back anyway), letting her cry it out, sleep sack, just pajamas, and so far, no luck. She doesn’t make it very long before she wakes up, rolls to her back, and cries until we go back in and help her fall back asleep. It’s kind of like the swaddle brain washed her into thinking she’s unable to roll to her belly in the crib. She finally figured out how to get back to her belly though and it helps occasionally. She still mostly sleeps in our bed, but it’s getting more and more tough. We’re currently attempting sleep training again post swaddle, but it’s not going very well at. all. So I can’t really say much else except that sleep is basically nonexistent in our house right now. She won’t sleep in her crib, won’t sleep in the bed, won’t sleep at all for longer than 30 minutes to an hour. Needless to say, this momma is DEAD tired.

Medical Issues (?):

I mentioned above I had to take her to the doctor for some weird situation. The week before last, she cut two teeth in two days, but wasn’t just crazy fussy during that. Then that Saturday, Nolan and I went to Schlitterbahn for the day and left her with my mother in law and father in law. The traffic was terrible and the Galveston ferry took forever, so we ended up being gone for much longer than intended. That whole next week was HELL. She cried like crazy constantly. I couldn’t put her down at all without her screaming. I thought it might be her ears because she’d been pulling at them, but I got that checked out and was told it was probably teething.  I rocked her to sleep for a nap one time and laid her in her crib, where she slept for about 30 minutes. When she woke up and realized I wasn’t there she let out the most awful cry I’ve ever heard. It ranks right up there with the shot cry. It was so bad I ran to her room because I thought she’d hurt herself. As soon as she saw me, she was fine. Later that evening, even while Nolan was holding her, if she couldn’t see me it was meltdown city. My mother in law was on vacation last week so Whitlee stayed at KK’s mini daycare. By Thursday, Kaitlin text me and was like “She has cried since Nolan dropped her off.” Which was about an hour at that point. So she’d been crying for an hour straight. She said she just isn’t acting herself and she thinks she might be sick. I thought the same thing since she’d been pulling at her ears earlier in the week, plus she was just so upset. I left work to get her and when I got there she was so strange…like lethargic, teary eyed, wouldn’t smile, didn’t want any toys, and even felt warm. I was SURE she was sick. So off to the doctor we go. By the time we go to the doctor’s office – she was happy, wanted to play, smiling at everyone, babbling away to me, didn’t even feel warm anymore. Uh – what the hell? The pediatrician did a full exam, asked a ton of questions, checked everything under the sun and then hit me with it. “Physically, she’s perfect.” Okaayy…. “But she’s showing significant signs of separation anxiety.” First, there was a sigh of relief that she wasn’t sick and that it wasn’t something incredibly bad. Then came guilt and sadness and I swear I wanted to call and quit my job right then. The ped said if I could, just spend a little extra time with her over the weekend. She also said it was probably triggered by a combination of teething, cold turkey on the swaddle and being gone longer than normal that one day. I was already off that coming Friday so I took off the rest of the day Thursday, then had 3 days with her. Thursday and Friday were a little rough (I literally couldn’t leave her sight), but by Saturday we could lay her down to play and she wouldn’t just freak out. So she was improving. Monday at Kaitlin’s, she said she was back to normal. Thank goodness. I was feeling some insane mommy guilt over that one. I get another 4 day weekend with her this week, so I think that will help even more.


(Whew – milestones galore! I told you 7 months was a busy one!)
-Rolled Back to Belly (finally! I was starting to worry about this one a little)
-Said her first word – Dada (adorable video on instagram!)
-Sits up on her own, unassisted (has gotten really good at this)
-Cut her first tooth (bottom left)

-Cut her second tooth (bottom right)
-Rolls back to belly to back to belly – until she’s all the way against something in her way
-Can sort of army crawl to what she wants

-Can stand unassisted holding on to something (the couch, coffee table, etc.)

She’s still wearing 6 months clothes. She can still fit into just a couple of 3-6 month outfits but most of them are too small. We haven’t been able to move up to anything bigger than 6 months yet, except for random pieces that must be sized weird. (This tank top is 12 months!)

wpid-img_20150612_131848.jpgWe’re still in size 2 diapers, but will probably move up to size 3’s shortly.

-Still loves her daddy – she gets really excited to see him. I mean “DaDa” was her first word.

-Her momma (clearly, made herself sick over it)
-Bath Time
-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-Duke (Kynlee’s maltese puppy)

-Actually any puppy/dog; currently trying to convince Nolan she needs a dog because the laugh over a dog just looking at her is enough to make your ovaries explode.
-Food (especially meats and vegetables)

-Apple Juice (we had to give her some for some constipation issues, but she liked it a lot!)
-The Exersaucer

-The door jumper

-Waiting for a bottle

-“Big People” food

-Whitlee Bug
-Momma’s Girl
-Daddy’s Girl

-Doodle Bug
-little alligator (because diaper changes have become akin to alligator wrestling)



So that’s 7 months. It’s been entertaining to say the least, and exhausting, but oh so worth it. I love spending time with her and watching her learn new things. Just the other night she learned how to turn the faucet on in the sink. I mean how does she even know this stuff!? She is absolutely the best part of our life and I wouldn’t trade a single sleepless night. We love you, baby girl!