Before I was a mother…

Before I was a mother, I never knew how many conversations I’d have about poop.

I never knew how excited I would be to watch my baby learn something new.

I never knew just how tiny newborn diapers are (and preemie diapers in our case), and how fast they would outgrow them.

I never knew I could miss someone in the very next room so much, when I lay her down to sleep. 

I never knew just how important naps are.

I never knew how entertaining watching a child eat can be.

I never knew how much love I would feel when she reaches for me.

I never knew how sharp baby teeth are.

I never knew I could fill up so many GB of space from taking approximately 87,000 pictures of one tiny face.

I never knew how appealing outlets and extension cords and cell phone charges are.

I never knew just how much I’d love her. 

Motherhood is such a special thing and Whitlee has been our greatest blessing. We are so thankful for a happy and healthy little girl. Was feeling thankful and sentimental this morning and wanted to make note. Whitlee’s 8 month update coming asap!!



8 thoughts on “Before I was a mother…

  1. And you will have SO MANY more “I never knew” through out her life. You and Nolan are very blessed to be the parents of one of God’s greatest gifts!! I, for one, am so very proud of you AND Nolan. Whitlee is one lucky little girl. Love to you ALL!!!!!

  2. I love this! I’ve had oh so many poop and diaper conversations, lol. I know exactly what you mean about missing her when she’s in the next room. Every night I wish Mackenzie and I could snuggle a bit longer. Time is passing way too fast! I look forward to the 8 month update!

    • Thank you! I tell my husband every night almost “is it sad that I want to get her from her bed and let her sleep with me?” 🙂 I’m pitiful!

      • I’ve said the same thing numerous times. It makes me sad the nights she falls asleep right away in my arms and I put her down before she wakes up.

        Today I just didn’t want to leave her at daycare. I cried the first 15 minutes of my drive to work.

    • Oh man, baby nails are killer. I cut Whitlee’s like twice a week. Her newest trick is grabbing every part of our face and pinching with those little daggers. Noses, eyes, lips, teeth, and even foreheads have not been spared.

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