Whitlee | 8 Months

Funny story. The other day, a girl I work with was asking if I had started planning Whitlee’s first birthday party. I was like, “Well yeah. Cause, I’m obsessive.” Which I have. I’ve actually had a secret Pinterest board since before she was born. Crazy, I know. But then my friend was like, “Yeah I figured you did. It’s like what.. 4 months away?” UM, WHAT? How did this happen??  



We don’t go back to the pediatrician until 9 months but if I had to guess I’d say somewhere in the neighborhood of 16.5 lbs. And tall! I feel like she’s gotten much longer in the last month or so. I can’t wait to get an official weight at the doctor next month!


Whitlee still gets a mixture of formula and baby food. She’s still eating anywhere from 4-6 ounces a bottle at a 22 calorie ratio. We did finally switch to a level 3 nipple and now she’ll suck down a bottle in like 6 minutes flat. She did start doing something weird that she’d dropped around 3 or 4 months. But I’m seriously not sure what to do about it because if she’s hungry – shes’s hungry. Anyway, she started waking in the middle of the night again to eat. So she’s eating a bottle at about 7:30/8 PM before bed, eating again about 1 or 2 AM, then again at usually about 6 AM. I’ve tried just rocking her back to sleep instead of feeding her, I’ve tried feeding her more at the last bottle, I’ve tried feeding her more baby food before the last bottle. Nothing works. Oh well. I guess night weaning is on our to-do list again.   

We’ve also moved up to Stage 3 foods that have little chunks and I’ve started giving her more solid solids lately and letting her self feed. I’ve given her kiwi, sweet potatoes, okra, squash, and bananas. Oh – and she likes bananas now. She used to hate them. That hate has been replaced by kiwis. She HATES kiwis. But she does really well with chewing and then swallowing. It makes me super proud and super nervous all at the same time. She’s also doing really well with puffs and the teething biscuit things that she previously choked on. Seems like she’s just really getting the hang of eating.


Oh sleep. We are still up a creek on this one. We did crying it out and it went okay. We even got one 12 hour stretch out of it, in her crib, no wakeups. But it was short lived. And then we reverted back to where she sleeps a couple of hours in her crib, then I bring her to bed with me. It’s just easier on me when I have to get up for work, to not be up fighting her every few hours. I’m hoping to give it another go and be more strict this time. No going back!

She has finally settled into a pretty consistent day routine for naps though. She normally has two naps that are one to two hours. She naps about 9:00 to 10:30/11 and again about 2 to 3:30/4. That’s a relief!

Medical Issues (?):

No medical issues this month. Although we did have one day where her ear swelled up and turned red and was warm to the touch, but I couldn’t figure it out. It was gone the very next day though. I’m gonna say probably a mosquito bite? 


Not many new milestones this month. She’s just really getting good at everything she was previously doing, like sitting unassisted and is getting really good at standing holding onto something. She is trying SO hard to crawl right now and it’s amusing watching her try. I’m also expecting new teeth any day. She’s mostly wearing 6 month clothing now and can fit into some 6-9 and the occasional 9 month outfit. And we’re finally in size 3 diapers. 


-Still only has eyes for her daddy 

-Her momma – she reaches for me all the time now

-Bath Time – especially now that she can sit up on her own in the tub! And because, ducks!


-Being Outside 


-Waiting for a bottle

-Diaper Changes

-Clothing Changes

-Getting her face wiped after eating


-Whitlee Bug

-Momma’s Girl

-Daddy’s Girl

-Doodle Bug


-little alligator (because diaper changes have become akin to alligator wrestling)


Whew, another month down. And as I mentioned above, it’s only 4 months until her first birthday. Cue the tears now! She is such a happy child and we absolutely love her to death. Can’t wait to see how much more she grows and learns in such a short amount of time. We love you, Whitlee Bug!



11 thoughts on “Whitlee | 8 Months

  1. Omg, so cute!!! We are in the same boat with nighttime feedings. Some days she sleeps 10-11 hours, other days she goes 6-7 and wakes up for a bottle. I’ve just decided to go with it at this point. Thankfully she goes right back to sleep in her crib once she eats.

    I’ve also been planning Mackenzie’s first birthday and have a pinterest board. I told my husband yesterday the color theme is aqua, coral and gold. Her dress is already hanging in the closet and I have my outfit figured out. Ocd? Maybe a little!

    Glad to hear things are going well for you all! 🙂 Still wish you were on facebook! I’m terrible at checking instagram!

    • Thank you!! I’m not sure what in the world is going on with these night feedings but I do know she’s growing like crazy all of the sudden so maybe it’s a growth spurt! We’re doing similar themes for their birthdays .. I’m doing light pink and gold and probably throwing some shabby chic floral print in there similar to her bedroom. I’m still debating her and my outfits though because our early winters here are really unpredictable. I’ll probably have to have two versions of it for cold and warm weather because I kid you not, until January it fluctuates here within the week. We’ve had freezing Halloween and 90 degree Halloween, we’ve had snow at Thanksgiving and gone swimming the next year, crazy crazy weather.

      Hope things are going well for you and Mackenzie too! 🙂

      • I wondered the same thing…growth spurt? It’s so random with us. Yesterday I thought she would sleep through the night as she ate a lot, nope, back up at 1:45am to eat.

        I love the pink and gold theme! I should just start a group pinterest board with you and another friend! Seems like all 3 of us have very similar ideas for our daughter’s first birthday parties.

        I’m pretty sure it will be cold here in Iowa in December. We’re actually blocking off hotel rooms as our family will all be coming from out of town for her party and either having her party at the hotel in a meeting room or at a local restaurant. At least you have the potential for nice weather! 🙂

        Things are going well. She crawled tonight! These girls are growing up way too fast!

  2. Glad she’s doing well! I haven’t given too much thought to her 1st birthday yet…..I need to get on that!

    The tub pics are adorable. We’re still using the baby tub in the bathtub. I should try sitting her up sometime and see how she does. If she takes a bath in the sink, she sits on a towel to keep from sliding.

    • Thank you! We tried a towel but then I got tired of ringing the water out lol so we actually bought a tub mat from Walmart made for babies that is textured and has suction cups on the bottom. It helped a lot and now she’s super happy to sit up and doesn’t slide at all. They prob have them at any baby store!

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