Happy Thanksgiving 2015

So thankful for these two. I am abundantly blessed to have them in my life. 


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Happy Birthday!!

As I lay here while Miss Whitlee naps on me, I glanced at my watch and realize this time last year I was being prepped for my c section. I may have had my spinal by now…not entirely sure. But on November 25, 2014 at 3:40 in the afternoon, we heard the sweetest sound ever. Our girl was here. 

Now we have a smart, funny, wild one year old and she continues to amaze us every day. Happy FIRST birthday, Whitlee Alyzabeth! Momma and Daddy love you more than anything in the world!   

12 month update coming soon!

Read Whitlee’s birth story here:

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World Prematurity Day | November 17

November 17 is world prematurity day and the whole month of November is prematurity awareness month. Did you know that 1 in 10 babies are born premature? I didn’t. While daydreaming about being a mother, I never fathomed my pregnancy would end at 34 weeks. Being the mom of a premature baby is h a r d. Leaving that hospital at discharge without my baby was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It just felt sad and depressing and wrong. We had to wait nearly another month to get that momentous day of bringing home our baby. Visiting her in the NICU was both challenging and rewarding. Challenging for obvious reasons, but so rewarding to have every little milestone she accomplished celebrated with such joy. Nurses and other preemie parents cheer you on for the smallest of smalls but to you they are so big. 


I’m so proud of the smart, funny, beautiful child Whitlee has become. She keeps us on our toes but we are reminded every day, and especially today, how insanely blessed we are. Momma and Daddy love you, baby girl. You make our world go round. 

Read the beginning of our NICU journey here



Making :: plans for our next few weekends, birthday parties and family get togethers and baby showers galore

Loving :: the weather in Texas this time of year 

Waiting :: for the weekend, as hectic as it already may be – two birthday parties! 

Wondering :: what to get Whitlee for her first birthday, aside from the puppy. Like what will she open from us on her birthday.

Drinking :: sweet tea – a southern staple

Reading :: never ending work emails  

Planning :: Whitlee’s first birthday party (!) 

Wanting :: LL Bean Boots or Sperry Duck Boots, highest on my wish list currently

Looking :: like my real self – hair up, no makeup

Listening:: to the Limetown podcast, my new obsession. (waiting for season two of Serial to start. Come on already!)

Playing :: “chase” with Whitlee a lot lately. She actually RAN the other day. I’d say she has walking down. 

Enjoying :: every other Friday off with my sweet girl – this week is my Friday off

Wasting :: way too much time wondering why my child is so thin and is she eating enough/sleeping enough/playing enough

Wishing :: time would slow down a little

Marvelling :: over how much Whitlee picked up from the other kids in just two weeks at a real daycare

Needing :: to lose the rest of this baby weight 

Expecting :: some goodies in the mail  

Smelling :: a candle I was burning  

Wearing :: comfies + my new monogrammed sweatshirt tunic from Marley Lilly 

Liking :: my teeth being straight again after braces for the second time. Got them off last week. 

Noticing :: that I’m hungry

 Thinking :: about going to bed early 

Feeling :: exhausted, always

Opening :: instagram on my phone, always

 Watching:: NCIS, New Orleans

Meet Maggie

We decided to get Whitlee her first puppy for her birthday. We’re a little early, but the timing wasn’t going to work out for finding one ready near her birthday. Meet Maggie! She’s a Labrador, and is about 10 weeks old now. 


Her and Whitlee love each other most of the time. Maggie basically tackles her and Whitlee thinks it’s hilarious. 

I’m looking forward to these two growing up together and being best buddies. Whitlee already gets more excited about seeing Maggie than anything else in the world right now. So, here we go! Our venture into an almost one year old + puppy!


Whitlee | 11 Months


So I lied. 11 month post did not happen on time. But in our defense, Whitlee was running 104 fever the day she turned 11 months, so we had a rough couple of days. She’s better now though! It was the weirdest thing. We ran some errands a couple of Saturdays ago and I noticed while we were out that she felt a little warm, but was acting fairly normal. She gives “hugs” these days where she lays her head on your shoulder or chest and she was doing that a little more than normal but I wasn’t sure if she actually felt bad. I actually recorded information for a Day In The Life post that day. Anyway, we got home that afternoon and I was able to check her temp – 99 something. So I figured probably new teeth. She tends to run a low grade fever when she cuts new teeth. This time though she acted normal, played like normal, ate normal, everything. The only thing out of the ordinary was, she does this thing where she leans her face down in the bathtub and blows bubbles with her mouth and she got a little water in her mouth and started coughing, then threw up. But it wasn’t like she threw up, it was just a little bit of gag and then spit up. Didn’t think much of it. Through the night, she felt much warmer so about 2 AM I got up and checked again – 102.5. Okay, definitely not just teeth. By Sunday (the 25th), she was at 104 and still not a single additional symptom. No runny nose, no cough, no vomiting, no diarrhea, no weird rash, nothing. Just cried a lot and slept a lot. I was able to talk to the pediatrician and she said just keep her hydrated and comfortable, give her meds if she seems like she can’t sleep well or won’t eat, but otherwise try to let it run its course and bring her first thing Monday. By Monday she didn’t even have fever anymore and they tested her for everything under the sun, including cath-ing her to check urine for a UTI. Nothing. And that was it. She’s perfectly normal now.



Since we ended up going to the doctor yet again, we got another weight. She’s 18 lbs now. No idea on height, but now that she is standing really well, I’m going to start marking her height on a growth chart that will hang on the wall. I’ll probably get her first measurement on it on her birthday – which is less than a month away now!! Oh em GEE.



Since we’re nearing up on a year old, I’ve naturally started to stress about what she should be eating at this point. We’ve had a lot of trouble with the Stage 3 baby food and I never could put a finger on whether it was taste or texture. If you’re not familiar, Stage 3 are purees with small soft chunks of food in them. They’re basically the same flavors as Stage 2, but we were lucky if we could get her to eat more than a few bites. More times than not, we’d just end up feeding her more yogurt or cheerios because it seemed like that’s all she’d eat. After reading something another mom blogger pinned on Pinterest, (Thanks Kendra!) I got the impression that Stage 3’s are notorious for being rejected because they’re just weird with the texture. And at this point she should be eating more solids than anything, but if she’s not quite ready, to offer solids but top her off with normal purees and to thicken the purees with rice cereal. So we set that plan in motion and lo and behold – the girl can EAT. For breakfast now, she gets a variety of things. We usually give her some type of finger food solids – homemade french toast sticks, waffles, cheerios, eggs, and then she gets yogurt or oatmeal thickened with rice cereal. For lunch/dinner, we’ve started giving her whatever we’re having and then topping her off again with baby food thickened with rice cereal. She’s eating a much wider variety of things now and it seems like this will help make that transition much easier when we slowly do away with the extra purees and move to just normal food.

We’re still doing formula at 22 calories, and she takes a morning bottle, an afternoon bottle, a bedtime bottle, and unfortunately a middle of the night bottle. I’m still working on weaning the middle of the night bottle but I feel like we’re close. I just wish I knew the secret.


Food Likes:

Gerber Baby Yogurt – every flavor so far


Hot Dogs (cut super small)

Baby Goldfish

Salad Crackers

Bananas coated with graham crackers

Chicken Nuggets (cut super small)

Any bread – girl likes her some carbs

Pork Roast (cut super small)

Beans of any kind

Food Dislikes:

Plain bananas

Any kind of baby food “meat”




We are slowly making progress in this department. After she fought me a couple of times on putting her to sleep, I started putting her in her bed at night and doing again another VERY loose version of cry it out. Not a single time has she lasted more than 15 minutes of crying, and in the last week she has only whined a little and then gone right to sleep. She’s still not making it all night in her crib, but she is making it about 3 or 4 hours for the first wakeup. I still bring her to bed with me after that, but I’m about to put it to the test and see if she’ll stick it out. I almost think she would skip the night feeding if she would stay asleep in her bed. So maybe those two things will come together?

She still takes two naps – one morning nap about 9:00 and an afternoon nap about 2:00. Both are usually an hour and a half to two hours. A few times, she’s almost held out long enough that we have skipped one of the naps and I’m nervous for when we make the switch to one nap.


-Two more teeth! We’re up to 6 now. I was tickling her one day and she always throws her head back and laughs and all the sudden I saw two tiny new top teeth broke through the skin that were not there the day before.

look at those teeth!

look at those teeth!

-Goes from crawling to standing on her own now

-Is up to 7 steps now I believe. She’s getting pretty good at walking. She cruises around the furniture and then will take off on her own.

-Says “Uh Oh”

-Says “Bye Bye”

-Gives hugs on demand

-Gives sugars on demand

-Gives high fives on demand

-Points at e v e r y t h i n g

-Wears a ponytail now and pigtails…. cue Momma with big heart eyes!

So we’re up to 4 words and she’s getting smarter every day. We can ask here where something is and 9 times out of 10, she’ll point at it. We’re starting to work on faces too – like nose, eyes, mouth. Right now she’s good at pointing at daddy’s truck, lights, and other people.

She’s starting to wear more 12 month clothing and I think we’re very near swapping to size 4 diapers. We’re on a box of 3’s now, and I think I’ll try a box of 4’s that we already have waiting when we swap this next time.



-Any animals

-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

-Other children, especially her cousin Tyner.

-Being outside

-Riding the RZR

-“Driving” Daddy’s truck

-Getting her ears cleaned with baby Q-tips…seriously she can be screaming and will just go silent when I clean her ears.

-Remotes/Cell Phones

-Fascinated with the pattern on our flooring


-Did I mention pacifiers?? She wouldn’t take one to save my life when she was a tiny baby, but now that girl can spot her “bink bink” a mile away. We have them stashed everywhere so there’s always one available. I actually attribute a little bit of the sleep transition to the bink bink because she seems to self soothe a little easier with it. I hope that’s not going to be too tough a habit to break.


-Diaper Changes

-Clothing Changes

-Being told “no”

It is insane to me that it is her birthday month already and I’m working on the final details of her first birthday party. Time truly does speed up when you have kids. She’s learning something new every day and amazes us constantly with how smart she is. She’s on the move like CRAZY right now so catching a picture of her that isn’t blurry is becoming quite the task. Happy 11 months, Whitlee Bug! One more month to go!




Whitlee’s First Halloween

I’ve decided that Halloween with kiddos under the age of 1 is meant to be some kind of torture for parents. Ha! Dramatic, yes, but about 27 minutes into trying to convince Whitlee it was a great idea for me to draw a cat face on her and her fighting me off, I was ready to hang it up before it even started. I made her costume myself – Pinterest inspired of course – and my house is now covered in glitter and stray feathers from her tail. Also, in case you haven’t seen the news lately, most of Texas is under flash flood watch, including our area where on Halloween weekend it rained hard for like 48 straight. But we sucked it up, pulled it together, and braved the weather just long enough to trick or treat at nearby family. I was relieved to get a few pictures and then most of her costume was stripped off and she was more interested in the ring pop she scored and practicing her walking skills chasing Tyner, who was dressed as Daryl from The Walking Dead (my sister in law is so freaking creative!), around. Annyyway enough of my whining…here’s our little kitty cat! It really did turn out super cute if I do say so myself. 🙂




Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable evening!